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Serious question: is it possible to live a happy and fulfilling life that is completely devoid of romantic relationships and intimacy? People are always acting like these are some of the greatest things in life, and I can't help but feel like there is a huge void in my life due to my inability to form connections with girls.
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It's up to you.
To me it's more difficult to live a fulfilling life without money.
for schizoid people, it is possible because they don't desire social relationships.

if you have the desire for human contact, you're normal and need relationships to function.

if you're like me and you fall somewhere in between "100% schizoid" and "normal human", you can get buy without close relationships, although it gets lonely sometimes. but you don't need it to feel fulfilled and happy.
If you don't have money you won't get a date, even if you look like Chad

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Anyone have the image of the exit bag for suicide? Was in a good place and deleted it before
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Please help, I just want the image
Just duct tape a plastic bag around your head. Its not rocket science.
Those don't work anymore. After a few news stories about people doing that the people selling helium started cutting it with oxygen, since having your product be a suicide method is bad publicity.

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How much does /r9k/ make a year?
>tfw $100k wage slave
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7.5k a year

I work part time at minimum wage. I'd end myself if i had to work full time, i'd rather sustain myself on poverty wages, it's not like i'd do much with the extra cash anyway
I'm 20 but I make 30$/hour which I think is pretty good for part time work.
112k plus bonus, as a software developer

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>tfw nazis won't return your email
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They've been dead for over 70 years, you retard. They can't reply to your mail
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no there's some in calgary, they even have a clubhouse
Mickey Mouse clubhouse :3

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Would you rather:

>live a sustainable NEET life for the rest of your days, but you can only pursue casual sex
>working a high paying job you absolutely hate, but find the love of your life and marry her

Justify your reasoning.
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>working a high paying job you absolutely hate, but find the love of your life and marry her
I choose it.
I will endure for her. I will make her happy.

Working a shit job is complete hell, and the love of your life isn't going to make up for it as the relationship will mostly likely breakdown and you're going to have to spend more time at the job than with them anyway
Define the "love of my life" because most normals who find the "loves of their lives" just find a roastie whore who reflects everything they tell her like a mirror, building up her nonexistent personality in their minds.

If I were to find the "love of my life", would it be like selecting from a build-a-gf workshop, or average, shitty women?

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At a family dinner. Do this every Sunday...I just want to post some stuff being talked about right now...
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My wife and cousin talking about breastfeeding.

>you can also freeze the milk with popsicle sticks and make popsicle. They come in really handy when they're put and getting hot, the cream will separate so shake first then pour in ice trays
if dubs you ask them to bring you one.
My mother and cousin talk

(8yo and 53yo)
>you can't say ass auntie. That's a bad work

>Well then you can just kiss my ass, is that a bad word? Go ask your daddy if that's a bad word then tell him he can kiss my ass too.

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>no fapping partner

Have you ever had a fapping partner?
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What's a fapping partner?
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Yes, I just found one recently and he is great

Go to /ftt/ on /trash/ and post your discord there, you will definitely find a horny anon to help you
Sort of. I had an online friend in Saudi Arabia who couldn't access any porn sites so I would send him some and then we would both be on cam and fap to the same porn.

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I am constantly harassed.
Coworkers make fun of me and made me the butt of jokes.
My boss in particular has this recurring gag whereby he pretends to slip and uses male pronouns in my presence just to quickly "correct" himself.

It's very depressing I don't know what to do.

Why is society so transphobic?
Cannot your average normal pansexual transwoman live their life like any other nomral joe?

Help with the sadfeels
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Fuck off to /lgbt/, you mentally ill faggot. No one wants you here.
Yea its bullshit and even if you try to stand up for yourself thell just pull the muh white/straight genocide card
what all do you do to present as a girl?
are you on hrt?

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I don't find joy in anything, people constantly treat me like shit, I have no friends, and I have no future. What keeps you robots going on?
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same, i constantly wish for an accident or cancer.
I'm too scared to kill myself, so yeah, these two posts are accurate. I'm just waiting for someone to do the job for me. Even in death I'm beta.

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I've contemplated and attempted suicide so many times when i was a kid. they get progressively funnier as i get older but i really wanna share them. here is the first one.

>be me
>two years old
>this is the first time i can recall feeling an inexplicable sadness that i could not understand.
>just start feeling really depressed
>take the little step stool i have in the bathroom to reach the sink to the second story banister.
>look down the banister and feel an irresistible call to the void.
>jump over the banister
>shatter my elbow but obviously dont die
>mom freaks the fuck out and rushes me to the emergency room.
>Told her i was playing space captain and i went up too high and fell.

my next suicide attempt was at 5 years old.
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you cannot accurately remember anything from the age of 2 though
>be 5 years old
>whole family goes to hurricane harbor
>still dont understand depression but I always felt dread and inexplicably sad
>dad takes the whole family to hurricane harbor
>i was just moping aroudn by the chairs while happy kids passed me by
"anon go in the water with your little sister look how much fun shes having"
>"I dont feel like it dad"
>he gives a sigh and goes to the bathroom
>just lie under a towel praying the day would end faster
>dad picks me up
"we're going to the wavepool anon come on"
>whine the whole way there cuz i just wanna hide away
>he plops me in the shallow part and goes to get my sister
>I see this as an opportunity and swim all the way out in the wave pool amidst the crowd of people.
>begin not being able to keep myself above water
>no body can sense i am drowning and the lifeguards cant see me
>eventually i start submerging myself
>think it's gonna work
>feel a hand yank me by the neck
>dad pulls my head up and rushes me out of the pool
>gives me a scolding about not going in the deep end without adult supervision
>break down and cry and have a tantrum becuase of a mix feelings of depressed sadness and embarrassment.

more comin
Thanks for the greentext robro. My first recollections of depression are from being six years old. I wouldn't understand it, but always be telling my mom "I feel bad". It's always been there the damn thing.

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Have you ever went full NPC
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No, but after reading this I may give it a try. I'm barely able to hold a conversation using my original thoughts. Maybe I should just use someone else's and see where it goes
>filthy creatures

>leaf here
i fucking hate geese.
they are annoying as fuck
whenever i'm trying to go somewhere they'll be on the sidewalk hissing at me like they can hurt me at all

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Considering having a haircut whens the last time you had a haircut? What styles do you have/like/suggest?
>I think last year or early this year
>thinking of getting my long bush beard shaved off, but might not as it's winter here
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about 8 months ago
the style is what the barber does
I had mine on monday. I always have them about every 2 months. Cut the sides and the back short and leave a bit more on the top, the difference between top and sides isn't as big as the trendy Hitler-youth-haircut has it. I have it for a few years now and I don't want to try something new.
depends what head shape you have mate

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I'll start

>play chess
>play classical guitar
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>poop every day
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I exist.

>watch chinese cartoons

>tfw no Lucky Chloe gf to get footjobs from
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Who is lucky Chloe and why does she have suck bad graphics
man the modelling on those feet is fucking awful

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>psychologist suggests I play guitar on the street to get over my anxiety
>play Nick Drake songs and some drunk college girls laugh at me once they see who's playing them
>Chad gives me a thumbs up then laughs with his friend
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murder that psychologist
and then yourself for listening to him
Ahahaha, that's gotta be one of the worst things to tell an anxiety patient.
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>ever listening to a psychologist

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