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A neo vagina is literally a wound that's trying to close and you have to stop it from doing that your WHOLE LIFE.
How miserable are trannies really?
Not to mention hairs also grow inside the neo vagina.
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It's actually quite alright. It doesn't hurt that much.
>How do trannies cope?

They don't, that's why so many commit suicide.
I think instead of doing this, they should just get an Orchiectomy...castration.

First of all an empty pink sack is so sexy on a tranny. sexier than a fake vagina.

plus think of the practicality, never having to pee again would be awesome.

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>be Jewish
>make a career out of bitching and moaning on the internet
>take situations out of context to fit your own agenda
>steal other comedians videos then when you get called out on it add a little shout out in the description box
>convince millions of your loyal lap dogs to harass the people you make videos about completely destroying peoples careers and lives over half truths and over exaggerations
>when people come back at you for punching them in the back of the head play the victim card and set up patreon accounts so all your loyal little goys can pay for your legal fees

Has there ever been a more stereotypical Jew in all of history?

Biggest scumbag on the internet
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yeah but hila is so hot
Skeletor woman is gross
I will never forgive this kike for copying and stealing from MDE. Sam Hyde handed his ass to him and he cried like a little bitch after getting called out. Shows his true colors. Fucking faggot. I hope that channel gets "exposed" by another faggot channel like his and he kills himself.

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>introduced to my cyborg friend's female friend
>her name is Sapphire
>"did your parents name you that because of your pretty eyes?(very light blue and sparkly)
Great. Now she knows I was staring at her eyes and thinking about them, she probably thinks I'm creepy as fuck
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If you were attractive you'd probably be banging her right now.
I'm pretty average, just socially crippled because I was homeschooled up until my junior year in highschool, god public schooling was hell for me.
That was kind of autismo, but i wouldnt say its a death sentence
I need me a blue-eyed grill

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What was your favorite era of the Internet, robots?


>1983-1994: Primitive Internet
>1995-2000: Dot-Com Bubble Era
>2001-2006: Classic Era, aka Flash Games Era
>2007-2013: Independent Media Era
>2014-present: Hashtag "Post-Ironic" Era
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Everything before web 2.0 with the fucking social media integration on every damn site.
>1995-2000: Dot-Com Bubble Era

No social media, everything was new and exciting. The beginning of ebay, AOL...

Now? youtube, which I need, and social media, which I despise cancel each other out, making the current era a wash. Twitter can suck a diseased donkey dick pulled out of a homeless cunt. Social media hashtag will be the death of us, as we saw earlier today with that beanstagrammer.
the internet was coolest during 2001 - 2006, it was the true wild west where you could do anything
it was fun during 2007 - 2013 with more creators getting involved and more unique content

the problem now is that the frontier is closing up, everything is becoming commercialized, so many things are just copies of other things, much less originality out there, plus on most major sites IE youtube you can't post just anything, there are more and more rules all a result of the corporatization

there still are free spaces but they are closing up and I fear in the next few years they will be almost entirely gone

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>tfw you're absolute shit in Dark Souls

Is there any worse feel?
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me too but I still love it. You get used to it after a while. Go grind for a bit and level up or put your sing down and get summoned by people. If you just manage to stay alive you might get to the boss and they'll usually be targeted more so just try to hang back a little while the host fights the boss and you'll get plenty of souls. Repeat this in the early levels to grind for souls and embers.
>tfw fairly decent at dark souls
>feel like shit everyday
proficiency with vidya should be the least of your worries

I love all of you drukn frens.
What are you drinking and how are you doing?
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Rolling rock cans.
I lost my wallet today.
>I lost my wallet today.
Aw man that sucks. How much cash was in it?
Come on robots I know you're drinking tonight.

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What is your philosophy of life?
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Always be honest with people. I never lie.
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I don't have one, I just go with what works (on a practical level) and if I have to make a moral decision I try to make the one most pleasing to God.
Neutrality is reality

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Happy 26th birthday to the supreme gentleman, Saint EIIiot Rodger!
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Do you think the Supreme Gentleman and the freshest member of EGS would have gotten along?
>literal transgender brony faggot LARPer
No. The sad truth is that that guy probably has a female who loves him.

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>tfw when a /pol/tard takes the ultimate redpill
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what percent of his brain do you think is now HIV
Where can I find more white boi getting blacked content btw?
Sometimes I think I'm gay or at least bi, but then I see threads like this and I remember men have ugly cocks.

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Goodbye r9k.

After a nearly a decade of posting here and this being my homeboard, I've decided to leave you for your retarded, but more entertaining cousin.

It will be a nice change of pace.

Take care of yourselves!

>t.cyborg, signing off.
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we have a cousin that's more entertaining?
I swear to god, if you're talking about Reddit...

Much more so.

But it's not just that. It was time for me to move on, anyways.

years overdue, in fact

This is the ideal female body. You CANNOT refute this.
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>You CANNOT refute this.
Elaborate, anon I want to see where you're going with this.
petite women are cool
but it would be so much better if there was a dick in those panties

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what drugs should I try /r9k/?
I don't care about the bad side effects of the drugs, I just want to feel good
I've already tried
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Heroin, it makes ya feel real goood
is there a way to take it without needles? I'm not a big fan of those
Give research chemicals a try. Also try taking a shitload of DPH (benadryll) to get a sneak peak of what Hell is like since you're already going there.

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What do a loli smell like?
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Gross kind of like how most kids smell.
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>implying you'll ever get to smell a loli without rotting in a prison cell
What the fucks wrong with you, you fucking idiot?

Kids smell great

Maybe in your fucking shithole country where everyone is brown and covered in shit and filth they smell bad. Idiot.

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>oh hey, anon would you like some coffee?
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Shhhh, no talking until i've finished my morning cup
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No, only superior beverages for me.
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Shhh roastie toasty i got my cup.
Now it's time for silence

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>tfw vaginas look absolutely disgusting
>4inch penis
>still attracted to women but will never be able to satisfy a girl

How do people eat pussy, do you just close your eyes and hold your breathe?
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you are on the worst place in the internet to ask this
>do you just close your eyes and hold your breathe?

Yes, exactly the same way I'd eat anything else.

use your tongue, focus on the clit,
don't be afraid to suck a little bit.
why? This entire board is filled with normalfags at this point, i doubt there are many robots left.

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