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For the longest time I only wanted pussy, not that I seeked it out, but it was the only valuable thing a woman could offer me cause everything else I came into my own or through actual friends and oddly me having that mindset worked in my favor. That was me at 19. Not bradlike in looks but in mindset and I wasn't drowning in pussy but I had results. Fast forward to 26 and all I can fucking think about now is how lonely I am, for fucks sake I used to be 100% content with being alone and doing shit on my own and not relying on anyone aside from my parents and a sparse handful of friends, now I'm fucking lamenting every night cause I dont have someone to call my own and wishing to meet a woman who can bring more to the table than vagina (which they almost never do). What the fuck is happening to me bros? This shit has been growing on my mind for the past 3 yrs and I'd like answers to start solving this shit.
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That post is a Very long One op
I know, I'm on mobile and spacing is shit cause it keeps backspacing by accident, sorry bout that
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i feel you doug. I'm actually no longer attracted to traditionally hot girls, I want a good personality and cute face and them not be fat that's all

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>that kid who used to run with his hands behind his back like a fucking ninja
>that kid who left a dildo at the teacher's seat
>that kid who tried to make a molotov using a plastic bottle during p.e.
>that kid who had a mental breakdown and started running around the school in the middle of a thunderstorm
>that kid who knew how to solve the rubik's cube and everyone thought he was a genius
>that kid who brought at school his sister's vibrator
>that kid who hanged a used tampon at the main hall door
>that kid who drew a giant pennis at the front wall
>that kid who left a condom between the teacher's books
>that kid who gave everyone at school a piece of paper with a specific date and time on it
>that kid who got his 125cc up in the 1st floor and got expelled
>that kid who drew swastikas everywhere
>that kid who set on fire the curtain of our classroom
>that kid who brought at school his butterfly knife and got expelled
>that kid who masturbated behind the curtain during class
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>>that kid who used to run with his hands behind his back like a fucking ninja

me irl
and on tiptoes, bc lucario
people from my old highschool (been out of it for 5 years) still remember me doing this

it was bad ass, and maybe could have gotten my fat ass to lose some weight if I didn't stop when laughed at
>TFW I did the same thing in Track.
>A few of my fellow team mates joined in
>everything went better than expected

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I want the NEET life back.
For 11 years i tried to fix my life
I took an apprenticeship in logistics so i could get a job pretty much anywhere
worked every weekend in a club for the last 5 years to get some extra money and be more social
and finnaly i moved out into my own appartment.

And now i feel like an even worse fuckup then before. I disconnected from all my old friends becouse i never had time
i am still everyones punching bag
especcialy at work and i am still no good with woman. I lost pretty much all entusiasm i had for my hobbys becouse the very thought of dealing with those hypocrite assholes at work next morning puts me into a shitty mood for the rest of the day.
I thought i was lonely misserable and pathetic before but i had no fucking idea.
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>i am still everyones punching bag

Sounds like this is your biggest problem? Could you eleborate?
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Got fired some days ago after many years trying to get better in life.

My job fucked my mental health and i spent years tired at night doing jack shit because of the next day anxiety dread.

Now i'm just waiting to get another job although i dont want it.

Neet life is fucking great, problem is the money.

Wageslave life is fucking horrible.

Life is an endless cycle of shit.

That's why men cling to their wives and childre n, to have and external stupid animal instinct purpose to their wageslave lives.
i just feel like people at work go out of their way to make things more dificult for me.
They are actually messing things up on purpose just so they have me clean up their work place. Off course not without watching me and poking fun at me for a few minutes before leaving 30 minutes earlier. They have me help out for a week in another section becouse someone calls in sick. They dont explain shit to me but then complain when i am behind. of course i am not going to do a job as good as the other guy that has been doing this shit for 15 years. Also whenever someone mixes something up in production (spices for example i work for Nestle) they always find a way to blame me for it even if i am not even in the same hall.
I dont have to tell you how working in a club surrounded by chads and stacys is going to turn out for a small nerdy guy with glasses.

I didnt give a shit for a long time becouse i thought i just had to pull through this but i can see now this is never going to end.

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at the moment my mother doesn't cook anymore like three times a week, am I a asshole for complaining? I'm not underage and not a neet. I don't know how it's in other houses but I always saw memes about especially spanish mothers cooking too much food
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yes hideo kojima
How old are you? Im also assuming you've never known the touch of a woman....

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You have 5 seconds to convince me why I should settle for chads scraps instead of MGTOW when I'm in my late 20s
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I mean, if you're already a bitter, miserable virgin, what will MGTOW offer you? Solidarity?
Nothing, besides giving you an echo chamber to maybe make you feel better about your shitty choices in life.
What will some used up whore offer me? Boring missionary sex once a month and a depletion of my financial resources? Also my shitty choices? How fucking new are you? Get real faggot.
>You have 5 seconds to convince me why I should settle for chads scraps instead of MGTOW when I'm in my late 20s
instead of MGTOW why not look into cute boys~

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How shameful is it to not know how to drive stick shift/be bad at driving stick shift?

ive only done it once on a old pickup and it shut off on me a few times and would jump when going into gears.

am i hopeless
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It doesn't matter at all.

The only people that care are faggots that have no other skill which the majority of people do not also have and they need to feel special.

If you don't feel like learning how to drive standard it matters about as much as no learning how to knit. You can go to the fucking store and buy clothes and you can drive an automatic and your life will go on all the same.
>freedom citizens who think driving stick is some fucking passage way into cool car guy culture
Dont fall for it. Grandmas on the other side of the world drive stick.
Automatics are better just like electric toothbrushes are better

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Hey bros, got any good stories about your grandpa?
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He was a right cunt
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>grandpa grappled with the penis pillory
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Damn, sorry to hear that.

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>forehead lines
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>mid-20s and notice foreheads lines
>start to moisturise and they fade away, only appear again after I wash my face

fuck moisturizing just stop worrying about shit like this, losing hair, getting wrinkles. FUCK IT nobody cares.
Fuck you

>mid 20's, still get cystic acne
>still cant grow facial hair
>still look like a 14 year old boy

Existence is torment

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How hard is it to get a girl to suck your cock?
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It's easy to tie a woman down as long as you aren't a manlet
impossible, don't even try to attemp

Not that hard senpai

So you want to be a cute girl?
Just download the app FaceApp!
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>tfw no app to make me into a cute girl irl

this app was designed to trigger trannies desu
>beard is too long for the female filter to work
>makes me into a long chinned monster
It didnt really do much sadly. I cant even be a qt girl

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Where do you hide your toys?
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Post more of that comic and I'll let you know.
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A brown box in my closet, although I live alone so I don't really need to I just started doing it in case my parents stop by

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How beta is your name?

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Beta I presume

My name is pretty simple and you cant really misspronounce it
Pretty good name actually

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Go cold turkey on entertainment.
Just stop it, or entertainment will ruin your life completely, it is the worst drug.

In practical terms, that means primary to stop using any screens, no TV, internet, smartphone.
These are the worst addictions known that make you into a zombie until you are dead.

You are here because you are extremely susceptible to this drug, therefore any kind of small reduction in dose makes no sense and will fail - you need to stop it completely, forever.

The transition will be hard, harder than quitting heroine addiction. Just like with alcoholics anonymous, you will repeatedly, again and again be tempted to use screens again for entertainment, especially in times when you are stressed, weak, hungry, horny or otherwise psychologically compromised: But know that these phases usually only last for maybe 20 minutes, if you can distract yourself and do sth. else, maybe sport, cooking or reading a book, you after that short time period can have more self control for a longer time again.
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Get real:
The entertainment drug, used for endless procrastination until death, is your most critical problem.
You may have other problems, but none of those lesser problems have any chance at being solved if you not stop the number one destructive influence in your life: Electronic entertainment - this vilest of all evils is endlessly available, cheap, ubiquitous and able to provide you endless amounts of small pleasure, destroying yourself by making you a marionette of your brain's pleasure center.

Throw out/sell/destroy all screens you have. Only temptations you have not available are sure to not catch and overpower you in phases of weakness that will surely arrive because they are part of life.

If you cognitively see the reason in stopping electronic entertainment forever, there is no reason to keep the means for it accessible - just if your really want to diet and lose weight, there is no reason to keep chocolate cake in the fridge.

You must kill what kills you, or, well, it will kill you sooner or later.
Remember how much of your life, success and potential already has been killed by electronic entertainment - it is your worst enemy. Do not keep your worst enemy around yourself, do not pay for your worst enemy - get rid of your worst enemy.
/lit/ is that way you pretentious twat
This: >>36140910

I go on reading-binges every so often. As a kid with no computer, all I did was read. Indoors.

You can claim there's more than "screens". But besides books and indoor stuff I see nothing. Socialising is good when I do it with 5% of humanity that I don't fucking despise and doesn't likewise scoff at me. But even then, it's tiring.

The best moments in my life have been with various powerful forms of entertainment, art or what have you. If you want to be a mindless slave-driven normalfaggot, then go for this goal of no screens. If it works well, good job mr. big balls extrovert non-autist.

Now get the fuck off this board.

I am half normie. I want to a very manipulative psychopath, I want to control people, I desire power over them. Where do I start, how to do that?
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plenty of books out there

machiavelli is the classic
48 laws of power

most useful is probably "influence - the art of persuasion" this shit works
What do you think power is?
Behavioural economics.

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Its about weather or not they learned in school.
>why can no americans
learn grammar you spic manlet
it's not even that big of a difference witchever you use people get the fucking point neways

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