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ITT: write the exact text you would like to receive from your oneitis. I'll start

>Let's make dinner, drink, play games together and spend the night with each other
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>Hey. I was thinking about you.
I don't have a oneitis because I have a fiance. How am I supposed to participate in this thread? It seems pretty exclusionary.
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I already had my shot. My oneitis ran into me at college and texted me afterwards
>it was cool seeing you for five seconds
I had previously confessed to her and been turned down so I just texted back
Then she texted more, eventually asked me to meet her for lunch. We met up and talked for a few hours and then I never contacted her. At this point if she texted me anything at all I'd throw away my fear and just properly ask her out, but I think I already blew my chances with her.

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if women chose to date placid betas instead of aggressive alphas, we would have world peace and no wars.

when women choose to fawn over violent, pig-headed rapists and criminals, they are propagating evil in the world. evil men and women raise evil sons, who continue the cycle.
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you see, anon, it comes down to basic evolution theory
>if women chose to date placid betas
we get more betas.
I'm not an expert but I've heard women are more drawn to savage, aggressive men, due to some basic instinct shit. There's a reason alphas are alphas. It's good to be alpha in nature, and no matter how far society advances, you probably can't kill basic instinct.
>>if women chose to date placid betas
>we get more betas.
which is a good thing for humanity. less competition, more collaboration. women fetishize evil. they cause it.
more betas is good for us. We like betas.
However, you can not fight instinct. A chill, polite, easygoing world sounds goo don papaer but there will always be that nagging voice in the back of women's head that says
>muscles are good
>he could fight to protect me with those muscles
>tall is good
>look how imposing he looks
>bigger dicks feel good
>let's find a dude with a bigger dick
Actually, now that I think of it, females are usually the selector for mates. And they select the one that fights it out. You can't control this, anon.

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she protec
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Seriously, either stop watching a kids show or off yourself.
You're allowed to have your opinion? It doesn't really effect me when it's stated openly. Sheesh. No reason to be rude. What have I ever done to you?
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Can you hurry up and make a trip code please?

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Fucking weirdo.

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gentle and loving reminder
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Bitch got so much BBC in that motel she didn't even know where she left her phone.

Had to literally ask 2 black hookers for a phone.
I can't wait for a video.

>inb4 mods ban anon.
Come on, she did nothing wrong! Just ask all the guys on Twitter. It's kinda sad seeing roasties calling her out and tearing into her, while the guys all zealously defend her actions.
If you are thinking about getting a gf get one that doesn't use social media or play video games. Better yet get one that is so technologically illiterate she can't use a smart phone or computer.


Are you afraid of death /r9k/?
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Yes, everyone is to some extent. I consider myself a total coward when I think about death. I have nothing going for me in life, but the thought of not even being able to know anything ever again is terrifying.
Not at all. I worry far more about people close to me dying.
no. I used to be. but once you live the same dull life every day, knowing that it will never change, and everything you used to love slowly goes away, you get sick of it all.

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How do we save her?
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>yes officer, i asked him if i should rob a bank, and he said yes
>okay we will arrest him for attempted robbery, thank you for your tip, you're free to go

I recently graduated with a law degree

If I took on her case pro bono and got her sentence reduced, do you think she would be my gf?

Anyone else hate how Normies like rough dominant sex? It's just so crude and animal like. I know normies are going to respond with you're gay or yass when he fucks you like an animal is sexy. But idc it's just disgusting and demeaning to act animal like to me and I know a lot of other people too. I literally can't respect girls who like this shit anymore. I just imagine all the wild nights they have had acting like total submissive trash for some prick normie and I hate them. I keep on going back to thinking a virgin 18 year old girl is the way to go even though I don't want that it seems like the only way I won't run into one of these females w are into nasty dirty sex.

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Personally, I think most porn is disgusting. I've heard that a propertion of females doesn't like it either. There were some studies that a majority of females experiences pain during sex and doesn't orgasm, but that has more to do with lack of foreplay.

Anyway that's how I rationalize my distaste for hardcore porn sex. Note I am not saying that there aren't females who enjoy that. In fact thats a problem: how do I avoid those?
Fucking hell m8
Get a grip
i was thinking the same exact thing when I saw this webm.

Fucking her that hard doesn't even look enjoyable. it's kinda fucked up because the more porn I watch, the more i notice subtle signs that they absolutely hate it.

>watching tranny porn with Christian and a tranny that doesnt pass that well
>the entire video the tranny has a concerned look on his face and making groaning sounds like he's in pain
>Christian starts fucking him harder
>tranny's face gets red, and you can see her looking to the left and right at the film crew
>jump cut to a new angle, tranny lasts 2 seconds and then starts making the groans again

it was unbearable for me to even watch. i used to love the idea of pounding a girl or tranny in the ass; but eventually it stopped appealing to me. I grew up.

especially because rough anal sex and rough sex in general is kinda dangerous and leads to long-term health conditions.

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>there's someone for everyone
Even the freakiest of people get girlfriends and then there's me, or all of us robots
We don't ever get a chance regardless of how much we try
The unfairness of dating potential makes me consider going on a rampage
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There is someone for you. All you have to do is transition.
That's the thing anon it's not about finding some one perfect for you, it's just about finding some one you could put up with forever
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Wehrmacht ree.jpg
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Fuck you degenerate faggot

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>tfw no qt white aryan gf

just end me senpai
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bitch got a vag on her neck
just start selling meth, you'll find one pretty quick
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If you think that bitch is Aryan then you're more delusional than the autists trying to find a "virgin gf"

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Alright niggas i made it to were i was going and now i have no clue what to do anyone that lives here or that least knows the place tell me whats something to do to kill time
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>decides to live in a remote area
>doesn't know what to do when alone
are you retarded
File: Snapchat-1696479756.jpg (259KB, 720x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nigga i am not living here, you cunt, i am here for a party and it does not start until Saturday i just came early to do something in this state
>posts autism shoes
lmao you seem like a faggot. And why on earth would you show up a day early for a party i bet its a family party

I'm not fucking seeing it man, am I retarded? I've been literally stuck for an hour.
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nah i figured it out
there has to be a 1 at (3x;9y)
yup thats what i had missed

good eye anon

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>she fell for the penile Jew

Femanons why don't you take the redpill and become a lesbian ?
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Lesbians are disgusting sluts who hit on every girl.
There's no such thing as a real lesbian
>implying vaginas aren't the ultimate jew

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what is it like to have a retail job robots?
i'm 18 and my parents are basically forcing me to get one for the summer.
i can't see myself lasting a week since i have awful social anxiety.
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it depends. if it's at a grocery store or clothing store I don't think it's too bad. if it's at a busy food place, usually it's shit.
Really shit. That's how all min wage jobs are.
Why the fuck are they "forcing you to get a job" at age 18? What the fuck have you been doing this entire time?
I worked in a manufacturing plant for $8 an hour at age 15.

Have some fucking self respect and start working. I can't even pull the "Christ, kids these days" card because I was born in 1997.

>waaaah, school
I worked 55 hours a week and got a 3.7 GPA, I'm in college for free on academic based scholarships.

Stop being a lazy piece of shit and be thankful your parents don't throw your ass out.

I've had it, today was the last straw, she constantly accuses me of cheating and constantly yells at me for shit I didn't do and then had the nerve to tell me she's going to see other men.

It was at that moment I snapped, I will not be disrespected like that and showed her I had women to and now we're not speaking
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>that image
>has a gf
get out you normalfag piece of trash.
She was probably cheating on you before and was projecting her guilt onto you, then tried to use the "see other people" excuse so she can take Chad's meat guilt-free
Dump her, anon. Go find someone else, preferably not as bitchy as that one. Cute psychos are all the rage these days.

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