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Should I talk to her?

I'm basically the only white guy here so I figure I have a better chance than most of these chink manlets.
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Yes, and then turn your screen around so we can say hi.
that's a dudeoriginalolni
no, dump your drink on her computer and call her a slut.

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WouId you fuck me?
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>WouId you fuck me?
I'd fuck me
>goodbye horses I'm flying over you~
i'd rub the top of your head

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>mom says where are your friends...this isn't normal for someone your age
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whats ur age
Get some friends faggot
One more year and it's too late. I think my hope at a decent, normal life ended when I was 13.
Now, I am tempted to say something like
>quick, get your shit together before it's too late!
but I know very well that in most cases if you find yourself in such a situation it means that you're already fucked.
I saw my life get destroyed in slow motion. I knew what was happening as it was happening (and to be honest I knew where I would end up as early as when I was 10 or 11) and I couldn't do anything about it, just like being a passenger in a plane that is going to crash in a mountain.
Good luck, I guess.

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>internet addiction is the source of all your problems

Think about it. Hasn't your life gotten steadily worse the more you became interested in the online world? Internet addiction is incredibly powerful. Is it too late for us?
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I came here because my life is shit, not the other way around.
I cut off the Internet and all I did was read books in my room all day like the old skool NEETs and introverts. I was still depressed and lonely af

It really doesn't matter
Born in 1987, I was molested in 1996, life ain't been the same since, my existence has been a mess ever since.

The internet has been an amazing place for me, if I didn't have it I'm not sure I'd still even be around. I don't have any friends or people to talk to besides my parents.

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2017 'girls'.jpg
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what type of 2017 girl do you like
thicc or (male)
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(Male) obviously

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The male seems to be the superior choice


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You are in fact a truefag if you can't accept the fact that the iPhone is the God tier of all phones. You can use this phone for hours every single day for years and it will not run out on performance, what can it not do? The answer is nothing. It's as if the phone contains Gods Holy Spirit of eternal power. You androidfags need to come to your common sense and go get an iPhone today.
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man it's all about the flip phone life, u don't need anything else. get a gps if u need one
>what can it not do
run for a whole day without its battery dying
run flash
use modern hardware and resolutions
sounds like a whole lotta effort for absolutely zero gain


Ok brexiters, what are you going to do with your own trash after brexit?
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Criminality among Britain's underclass has been heavily encouraged by socialist government from the nation down to the regional levels. Anyone remember the bullying victim whose parents were firebombed to death by the bully and her own parents? Case after case of these degenerates have occurred in this country due to a weakened educational system, a culture of criminality, the dead weight of the welfare system, and a constant influx of nonconformist cultures.
Dalrymple's essays have always been scathing.

Why do you have an 'underclass'? Myself, for all its flaws I feel that scandinavian welfare system produces the least amount of idiots. We, too, have white trash but I do feel that most of them are not altogether hopeless cases.
And, in Britain according to various articles they pay copious amounts of welfare to baby-factory,-mothers, immigrant or domesticcand they can pay for big flats in london city for benefits alone.

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>Anon sweetie, quit Iookin' at your picture website and drop a load in your Grammy's horny pussy.
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jesus if granny pussy looks like that i'll still pound it
Damn for an old lady her vagina still looks pretty good
know where I can get a good collection of amateur granny stuff like this?

it's my fetish

Itt we robots discuss what we hare about women and why we hate them.
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could it be that you really just hate yourself
>butthurt normalfag spotted

Get out.
i hate woman because it won't fuck me :<

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From /bant/
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let's move it to >>>/po/
off to >>>/mlp/ you go, bomb.
re rolling for horsefuckers.

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will people like me if i stop eating
i dont want to be the laughing stock of the whole world anymore
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nobody but you can like you. It's all gotta start somewhere. Become someone you wanna like, make that your mold.
chirp. thats a though one, i can only like myself if the people who know me dont hate me. they do. i ll do it. who can hate a skinny lamb???
You don't need others to feel self worth. You're gonna have to think long and hard. Reflect on who you are and who you wanna be.

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All my dreams are nightmares lately. Sleep is not even enjoyable.
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>having dreams
Get out faggot. I haven't had a dream in the last 5-7 years...
All my dreaks are happy but i wake up crying i hate it
Mine are violent. And I often don't survive them.

What do you guys think of /bant/?
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Pointless and unnecessary. Why not just add flags to /b/?
Well, one of the rules of bant is no porn dumps. There are also IDs for each thread. Personally, I think it would've been more fitting to modify r9k, but the mods probably chose not to due to r9k's culture.
Posting there right now. It's pretty fun actually.

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i worked a summer full time job last year that had a daily round trip commute of 2.5 hours.

i would basically wake up groggy and tired, not being able to eat breakfast due to no appetite and so i head off to work, come home tired and spend two hours shitposting on 4chan, then repeat for 5 days a week, and then on the weekends im too tired to do anything. you're telling me im expected to do this shit for the rest of my life? how do you not kill yourself
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It's about finding a job that suits you and achieving a good balance.
Not sure if neet bait.

But don't work full time. Try to live with parents or pay rent to friends. Get an apartment or build a mobile apartment in a van. If you do the van strategy you can live on very low income.
A lot of wagecucks are not very intelligent, so this pointless monotony does not bother them. any rational person would see such a routine as a raw deal and try to look for something else.

they are the same blue collar morons and wierdos irl

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what are you doing today lads?
Anything interesting planned?
for me its learning some stuff (not in college or anything)
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Learning to do stuff on my own is a waste of time.
I never stick with it long enough to get a real pay off.
Just waiting until I die in a horrible car accident to be quite honest with you
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Currently playing wow. Taking my thicc femdorf hunter through EM for balance of power. I kinda want the elephant gun. Later im ideally gonna go blow a guy
Please dont let this one die
you guys are the only ones I've got to talk to

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