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"what anon, you dont have a BLACKED.COM account, your not racist are you?"

what do
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Say " no but if u like 10 inch cock i cant do much for ya"
>when nowadays 7"-8" isnt enough
What website is that pic from? asking for a friend
>"I find the fetishisation of skin colour to be incredibly racists. A further extension of post-imperial colonialism that serves to devalue PoC's and, effectively, reduce them to objects in much the same way as they were reduced to farm equipment in the days of slavery."

Or some shit like that.

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I've been a NEET for 4 years now. Due to my health issues, I can't get a job besides a survey call center 2 buses away that is literally hell on earth (and also incredibly anxiety inducing and emasculating due to my vocal incompetence). Mom won't let me drive her car, so I'm stuck in the house all day. This has been hell.
I'm thinking of taking a bus from Phoenix to Salt Lake or Denver or something, and living there, in a "failure is not an option" scenario. At the very least, add some excitement to my life.
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I did this, but with a car. Can't imagine doing it without.
>taking a greyhound to Denver
Enjoy getting stabbed by niggers.
I'm in the same boat as you, OP.

This sounds like one of those things that sounds fun and exciting but you'll probably be back in a week. Not saying don't do it but just don't expect much. Being in a different state isn't gonna solve your problems.
I hear Salt Lake is the best city to be in if you're homeless.

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I'll net 31k from the sale of my house, what should I spend it on?
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did u flip it for profit? a /comfy/ car and rent a room somewhere and whatever u please i s'pose
Cheaper housing, property taxes loser.
living costs while you work to improve yourself
work part time, study something, exercise. go for a roadtrip. dunno man, it's your money.

Holy shit this looks so fucking delicious
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>you'll never eat it off the body of a naked Japanese girl
As if any of the 400lb slobs on here would eat that.
It has actual vegetables in it.

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Ask a furry bot anything.
No, I don't fursuit. No, I don't fuck animals. No, I'm not sexually attracted to animals, I'm attracted to pic related.
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I suspect this is bait. You won't be getting any admissions of furry tendencies from me, no sir.
What's wrong with being a furry? How is it different than any other fetish?
I don't think there's anything wrong with it, I just suspect you are baiting.

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I am so sick of seeing these nigger honey nut cherries commercials, stop showing me niggers
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Based niggers taking over your TV and breakfast one cereal at a time.
Stop showing white niggers in every tv show cracker.
I fucking died

My comment wasnt original

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>You open the door.
>You meet your eyes with Tyrone, your old school bully.
>He smiles and says he only bullied you because he liked you but was confused about his feelings.
>Then once he approaches you, he asks if there's anything he can do to make you forgive him and give him another change.

Wat do?
protip, his penis is still 9" and he's still stronger than you.
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I wouldn't know because thankfully my school had no niggers but I tell you what OP, last I heard of the guy who did bully me, he was in his mid thirties, married to a Stacy and in a dead end job selling office air conditioning.

If you told me that guy showed upon on my place, ditched his wife, left the job he got only thanks to his rich as fuck parents, became a tranny and told me he only made my life a miserable hell for four long years because he secretly loved me? That would be almost enough to get me to forgive him because I would die laughing but I wouldn't because I would hope the heartbreak would be enough for him to realize he threw all he had away and cause him to kill himself as a result.

But one can only hope.
poz my ass bby
I can tell you right now that looks more feminine than a lot of black women I've seen.

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Pretty sure this is a fake account. There's only one photo. I'm just a 7/10 rated on /soc/ and my cock is only 7.5 inches. Girls this hot don't usually show me interest... How do I respond?
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Be careful. If real, she is a life-ruining-tier hoe, my man
Tell her you have a 7.5 inch peepee.
Ask a specific question and if they respond with like "hey thanks! My Kik is..." Then it's fake

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Why does everyone hate when apu is posted?
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they are hecked in the head
hihi hihi hihi
hi hihi hi hi hihi
hihihihi hihi hihihi hih
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they do? I'd never seen a complaint
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Everyone loves this little retarded faggot

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Somehow society got fucked over way back and now intelligent people are forced into obscure corners of the internet. We have become unattractive to each other with no commonality beyond shitty memes and hatred for the unworthy. Our inability to organise makes us easy to control. Our women are rotting away in loneliness or degeneracy.

What is at stake here? Do we just wait for this shit to fail? Then what?
We're all getting older, time is ticking and nothing is happening.
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is this picture photoshopped?
I think its photoshopped.
Intelligent? I dropped out of college and still live at home. The only thing I did smart was get a job where I get good benefits
he should have used fill flash.

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To Steven poster, I won't be around until this weekend. Please don't worry about me as I'm fine. It's sweet that you care. Have a pleasant rest of your day <3
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you guys take this avatar thing pretty seriously.
I don't want to hear about you going ghost in a grocery store


Go to your containment threads and board, autist avatar poster.
I have her on discord >:'^)

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I nominate Kafka
>daddy issues
>Kafka was never married. According to Brod, Kafka was "tortured" by sexual desire[56] and Kafka's biographer Reiner Stach states that his life was full of "incessant womanising" and that he was filled with a fear of "sexual failure".[
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The Transformation should be oficially made robotcore reading. Really made that rainy afternoon I read it a lot more depressing.
Womanizing implies that hes fucking bitches
not depressing. it's like an extended greentext of a NEET in the 60s.

Anyone here suffering from a dui?
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How are you suffering, bitch? You were driving impaired and could have hurt people or your self. Selfish fuck
where I live the police fund themselves entirely on pulling people over and giving them tickets.
drive like a sane person and you will end up having to deal with less bullshit although it will take longer to reach your destination without speeding
Yes. Went to court, had my license suspended for 45 days, had to have a breathylyzer installed in my car for a year and go to rehab. Cost me like 3k total. The case is sealed though so that's a plus

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Why does Chad get to be tall and handsome and not me ;_;

t. 168 cm (5'6") Asian manlet who gets mistaken for a girl or a kid every day
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why don't you just like... get taller?
It's just genetics. Improve yourself in ways that will give you more power than Chad. Maybe Chad has the looks and the height, but if you worked hard enough you could get more admiration and influence than Chad ever could
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>tall like chad
>still ugly as fuck khv


I just got a date with a qt on thursday, it will be my first date ever. I'm nervous as fuck

any helpful tips robots?
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Do not be yourself.
alcohol is your friend
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Get her drunk brohemoth

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