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I'm doing it bros
Starting tomorrow, Imma get me some exercise.
Already started cutting some shitty stuff out of my diet, and tomorrow I'm gonna bike to work. It's not much, but it's a start.

Got all this anime and vidya sitting around and I can't even enjoy it. Figured I should make a change.
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Congratulations anon, keep pushin
Good stuff. Biking to work is definitely a good way to start getting fitter.

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>one life
>wasn't born into a middle class or rich family
>wasn't born a perfect twins
>wasn't born with a skinny body
>wasn't born with a tan or ability to
>wasn't given a full perfect female man boy hairline
>wasn't given perfect abs
>wasn't given a perfect hairless body

God damn it I'm becoming a typical fat sub par retard guy. Hair body shit hairline fat and out of shape poor as fuck god fucking damn it. Why did this happen and why couldn't I stop it. I lost a bunch of weight before and gained some of it back but wtf even with a good body I still have stretch marks and body hair. If I could just get rid of those I would of been perfect but oh now my hairline is going to shit. I NEED hair you don't understand I'm fat with a weird face and head shape pale as fuck and have a bulging unibrow and I mean pale in the closest to albino possible everyone always calls me albino and I never hear them say that to anyone else.

All I have to do is remove my stretch marks with laser surgery and tattoo over them or some shit and get laser treatment on my body. I don't mind some body hair but I need to think it all out or something so there's not a lot. Now I need a bunch of drugs for my hair loss and rogaine and probably a transplant when I'm older. I have to try like fuck to be vain I almost wish it was the old days like in mmorpgs and live a humble life living in a cave and training newbs how to kill rats or making some shit or something.
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Twink* not twins
>tfw not sissy black bf

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>tfw just realized everyone else in this world is nothing but an npc and I am the main character
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does not compute

>tfw I realize that as a cashier I am an npc
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>tfw i realized my brain made the entirety of reality and no one can perceive the lovecraftian horror that is "base reality"

>discouraged from dating/associating with the opposite sex from a young age because it will "negatively affect your studies"
>20 and kissless virgin
>uni GPA 0.48

anyone know this feel? i have no idea why people think not having sex is synonymous with doing well academically
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Probably because it is dude.
How many wealthy single parents you know?
How many deadbeat bachelors who eschew women are you aware of?
>anyone know this feel?
Yeah I know it pretty well.
When I was a child, my parents told me not to get a GF until I was 18.
So of course, I didn't. And when I was 18 I had no idea what to do.
Currently 23.

>knowing people
Didn't have the balls to go for girls out of high school. Getting more and more miserable and lonely and worry about having it not ever work out.

>Asked out three girls this year
>All of them had bfs


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>People still talking about an /r9k/ mansion
What we really need is a Tendie-mobile.
It's my dream to open a Tendie-mobile, I would get so many GBP points. Pic is an artist's rendition of a tendiemobile
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>vomitted the laste of my weed all over the carpet
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Were they in candy, drink or brownie form?
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>sprinkled about 2 grams over a cracker
>put cheese on top
>microwaved it until the cheese melted
>tried eating it
>it tasted so foul I threw it up
currently researching painless suicide methods
>trying to make edibles in the microwave


I feel stressed out for no reason. I'm a NEET (living with mummy). Mummy has not shown any signs of kicking me out yet and is actually nice to me.
But I have this really bad headache and feel really stressed out for no reason. It's pissing me off a lot and I can't watch my anime in peace without being stressed out for no reason.

Someone help me!
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I'm the same but I feel I deserve it for being NEET for 3 years.
It's probably because your life is getting away from you and you feel like you're making the lives of those you care for worse by existing

The answer is to grow up and get a job.

I have little to no empathy or compassion for human beings (absolutely none for strangers) but feel awful if I accidentally kill a bug or see some kind of animal dead on the road.

Am I autistic?
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You're just going through a phase.
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ugh no mom you dont understand. this isnt a phase, i am broken on the inside and nothing can fix it. im a shell of a man walking.

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would you attend a public mass suicide rally?
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As long as I don't have to commit suicide in with all the normies there. I would just watch and soak it all in, become an hero in the privacy of my bedroom. What would be the public suicide method? Guns? Kool-aid?
Only with fellow robots. Or cute girls.
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I have zero reaaon to kill myself though

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Spider Wizard.jpg
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Hey /r9k/ im gonna go amke some taquitos and when i get back there better be chill dudes in this thread talking about chill things. plz dont dissapoint
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im dissapointed guys
i'm planning to go on an autistic camp/out/ with a tolkin theme with my robo friend, we gon b hobbits n shiet, how dumb am i?

what's it like to have a loving/supportive family?
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It's depressing knowing that I'll never be what they believe I am
I feel like shit because I'm such a loser and I don't even have an excuse as to why
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wow, I'm so sorry you have a loving/supportive family.

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I have to fill this in for a psychology appoint i have in a day from now. I've had it for about 2 weeks and I still haven't got it. I sort of know what I want to say but now how to say it.
Any help is appreciated.
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Part 2 of the form I need to fill out
>abbreviate appointment
>don't abbreviate psychology
you're all kinds of fucked up
Well, what the hell do you want to fix? What are your goals?

Since this is r9k, I'm guess ing you are jobless, no or few friends, and never been in an intimate relationship or dated. So write down you want to solve those things if those are bothering you.

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>be heroin addict
>come somewhat close to dying as a result
>vow to never do it again
>worst pain of my life for weeks
>7 months clean
>never had the urge since
>on a bus yesterday morning
>overhear guy talking to his friend about being in hospital
>starts talking about getting administered morphine
>starts talking about that warm feeling, like nothing matters
>start to get urges again

What did God mean by this?
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your past becomes part of you. so you should probably make better choices.
There is no God, idiot.

Anyway, it's a pretty clear sign you should start taking heroin again. You saif yourself you had urges, think how great it feels. Just do it a few more times, it can't do you any harm to get a proper send off before finally becoming clean.
God isn't real, its a coincidence

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how do I stop caring about what everyone thinks about me? usually the act of trying to stop and make a mental effort makes it worse
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i more or less forced myself to do things that i knew other people wouldn't want me doing (like trying to talk to this girl i had a crush on that wanted nothing to do with me) many times over until i eventually stopped caring what others thought about me
unless they think positive things about me, then i care and call them fucking idiots because they are

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How do I become a police officer?
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You need to get specialized education, take like 1 or 2 years of special classes that train you for that kind of thing.
>How do I become a police officer?
Are you a complete fucking moron who barely graduated high school?
Then just apply
sorry all the complete idiot normalshits and chads have taken those positions.

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