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>king of hawks
>no feathers
how does it feel to be lied to by the media?
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No, dummy, its Hawking, meaning he's the present tense of hawk
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>wind of hawks
>no feather
what if its present participle? is he "hawk"ing?

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thicc wendy.jpg
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Hey fucknuggets, my sugar daddy is taking me out to Wendy's tonight. I haven't been to one in years. What's the best combo meal to get there?

Also, what's your favorite shit from fast food places?
>McDonalds: Double Quarter Pounder meal
>Burger King: BBQ Bacon King meal w/ cherry/vanilla coke
>Taco Bell: Spicy Triple Double Crunchwrap (RIP), habanero quesarito (also RIP), chicken quesarito
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#1 combo with a chocolate Frosty
Are their burgers closer to McD's quarter pounder beef or their thin cheeseburger shit?
1/4 pounder I guess, but McDonald's best doesn't compare to Wendy's worst

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hey robots, let's see your desktops. i will start
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It's not very interesting, sorry.
what the hell are those spec
Are you one of those tiling wm weirdos or just using a one colour background?

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who here /cant/ relate
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Now post the hitler edit
He's got a head of fiery hair and a turbocharged backpack
His genius sisters use him like a lab rat
A neat-freak dad at home, a super-busy mom
But the boy's best friend is a talking dog
Three extreme teens and an air-breathing shark
Mega-action game controller, skating in the park
Phero-booster, Bling-Bling, what do we make of this?
Johnny Test
Johnny Test
This is the life of a boy named Johnny Test

Scary that someone thinks these gave him innate human qualities.

The corporations are winning. Android: netrunner when?

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Ban the frog
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u couldn't live without me u purple bish
>Ban the frog
This 2bh
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Pepe is the life and soul of this board

Bots who were abused at any phase of life, how was it? How is your life now?

Please only actual abuse, your parents being mean sometimes doesn't count
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t. Ex abuse victim
your fault for being passive and/or allowing it. Also your fault for being with a person like that
And I could of changed the world with my accomplishments
I'm currently in a very abusive relationship, it's not good. I want to die everyday. Normie ree I know I know.

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Wtf is the reason behind the hapa shit? Even when I used to browse this board and hated everything and didn't pull for shit being hapa never even occured to me on the list of reasons I couldn't get laid. What are the origins behind this meme? Take it from me, even a hapa can become a chad
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Just white losers being mad sexy hapas

This. Hapas are sex. With exceptions of course.
Being a mentally stable hapa depends on if you are a product of a dysfunctional WMAF pairing, or a product of a well adjusted AMWF pairing. It's that simple.

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>this is how people drive

Glad I never leave the house.
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not clicking that but you don't even have a car dumbfuck
Just watching that is making me nervous, and I've never even been behind the wheel. How do people manage to drive and not just freak out like these people are? It seems terrifying.
Because you do it so much that you stop freaking out. Sorta like doing drugs. At first you might be scared but after a few times it seems k.

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The eternal troll

interracial porn
interracial porn
manlets / height
traps and trannies
traps and trannies

What else is there?
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interracial porn
generally gay
Mac OS, Windows, BSD, Linux (in order of replies generated)

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Right arm feels numb lads, sorry but I'm skipping the line. See you on the other side
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Godspeed, Anon. Let us know what it's like.
Haunt this website and tells us how the afterlife is. hope you make it though op you didn du nuthin
Make sure to watch Ghost Hunters on Syfy every Thursday at 10:30 am, available on lots of cables.

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What's with all the NEET meme-ing here? Yeah, I work at a mcdonalds and it's not the most glamorous job in the world, but it's an opportunity to do something with my life and maybe I'll get to be supervisor or manager one day. NEET is a dead end, it's nothing to be proud of.
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The master race is being employed BUT not paying rent
>tfw can't live with grandma anymore so became roomatecuck
Wagecuck here and I would definitely rather work my easy boring office job to support myself and buy shit, rather than living with my parents or on the budget you have on disability. However, I will readily admit that I'm jealous as fuck of anyone who legitimately doesn't have to work and can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.
McJobs suck, they're for teens. Don't sell yourself short and get a job worth a shit. Being a janitor is more valuable than that garbage.

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Hi /r9k/, my mom has been air bnbing out the house from Thursday to Sunday every week this summer. I have no place to stay on the weekends besides my aunt and uncles houses, and it sucks. Today I smeared by cock and balls all over the food we left, spat in it, and wiped my butthole all over the pillows so the guests get pinkeye. But I've ran out of ideas, Im thinking of ordering 30 live cockroaches for the guests to stumble upon next weekend. Ideas?
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I hope /r9k/ is not this low.
>Im thinking of ordering 30 live cockroaches
don t do it because you ll have to eliminate them afterwards.
I've never been in you position so i dunno what you can do.
Is your mom that desperate for money? Instead of being a bastard, maybe you could help by getting a job or something?

Just a thought.

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Max Rebo.jpg
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What's it like to be a Jew? Are there any Jews on r9k/?
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max rebo is one of my favourite star wars characters second only to salacious crumb
Same. Another good one was Rapertunie
The actual question is: are there any non-jews on /r9k/?

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How did your 4chan posting career start out?

>be me
>start getting interested in getting fit
>friend recommends me to check out /fit/ for tips and laughs
>also recommends /sp/
>occasionally browse
>one day accidentally click /r9k/

And the rest is history. Been here for 6 years now I think. I still browse the other boards by /r9k/ is my main board. I don't even talk to the friend anymore. When I mentioned /r9k/ he warned me not to come here. I should have listened.
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I don't really remember. I just know I've been here for a long time.
Hard to remember. I guess I can come up with an approximation.
>Join on /b/, sometime around 08'
>Go to /pol/, Around the time of the Fappening
>/fit/, when they still worshiped zyzz (last time I checked they only had one thread)
>/po/, only for a little while
>/a/, /r9k/, /sp/ I frequent now
That's about it.
When I mentioned /r9k/ he warned me not to come here. I should have listened.


But I don't really post here at all anymore. This whole place / website is kind of bunk. Real life is much, much, much more better.

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Why do girls do this? Is this just because my town is full of uneducated inbred hicks?

Like, I've noticed a lot of girls just speak in one word responses or sentence fragments.

For example, in this picture, she just says "toxic" What does that mean? Why not say "It is toxic," or "The squid is toxic." You know, like actually use real language and sentence structure.

It just kind of blows my mind.
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Tons of guys do it here and on facebook too. Don't act like you didn't already know that. Also, that's an octopus, dumbass
Because people make assumptions based on what they believe to be general knowledge.
As someone who hates typing, I get that. But if the girls on your town actually talk with single words, yeah, maybe it's because they're inbred.

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