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So anon what phrases do you yell at yourself when you're alone and wallowing in self-hatred?

>shut up SHUT UP
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I want to fucking kill myself so bad.
>I need to mill myself, I NEED to kill myself

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>send her a photo as requested
>All of a sudden silence
>No response
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haha it's because you've spent so much time with pepe that you look alike
Surprised you aren't the poster boy for pepe, in that case.
why are you so ugly op?

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When did you first realize life is shit?
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When I was very young, I had a shirt that said "life is good" and I wrote "not" between is and good.

I was always pretty edgy. Guess I was born fucked.
Twice. At 12 when I was bullied and friendless. At 17 when I realized I was still friendless and couldn't make contact. How come that normal ways of behavior are embedded within us to make us happy if we cannot use them.
I was already depressed and wanted to die during childhood because of feeling like I was supposed to be female and all the things that are expected of males felt too brutal and unnatural to me.

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gu morning
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It's 1:31 pm motherfucker.
ohaio anonie-kuuuuuuuuuuun~~
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wauna say that again

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Is play fighting with a girl a good idea to get physically close?
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webm related

The kid there like fucking nigger let me watch cartoons in peace.
is there some sort of story to this?

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>tfw my boyfriend caught Chad and I having sex, then Chad beat my boyfriend up just to prove that he could

Any other fembots know this feel?
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Lol ur bf got rekt
For the love of god end your life in a slow and painful way
Zero larp thirty

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>I just voted for his policies. I promise.
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at first i felt ashamed of my giant ghetto badonkadonk, but now that trump is president i feel like i can do anything!
damn Trump's butt looks like THAT??
I voted for him because I thought he was going to kill all the Mexicans.

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I have worked part time for 2 years and full time for 1 year and I have never done my taxes.

Nobody has ever taught me how and I don't know how to do it. In Australia I have to do it through their government website and I have to supply them a bunch of information I don't know such as my superannuation number.

I try every year and just give up because nothing works.

They tax me and make a system so complicated that I can't file to get any refunds.

I have no adult family to ask for help.
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if only you had some way to just type up your questions and find out the answers within a few clicks of a button
Just take your shit into a tax agent like ITP.
I'll do your taxes just transfer all your money to me so I can transfer it to your new tax optimized account

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>there are disgusting trannies browsing this board RIGHT NOW
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original good feel
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There aren't enough of them.
>tfw no tranny gf(male)

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Going to taco Bell, you guys want anything while im out?
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Let me get uhhhhhhhhh boneless chalupa
I'll get a taco
Get me some Powsi with extra cheese, Poosy with roast beef and V-gina with some barbeque sauce.

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>be at friends house
>he collects "fine art"
>see this painting on his wall
>ask him about it
>he says it cost him 200$ at a flea market
>I tell him I've seen the painting before
>he asks me where I saw it
>I don't remember, but I'm pretty sure it was an anime, video game, or something
> he asks me to prove it or to stop being friends because I insulted his art tastes

Can someone tell me where this painting is from?
I really don't want to lose my only friend over a stupid painting.
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Reminds me of the paintings during the boss fight in Ocarina of Time.
Pretty accurate tbqh..
It's from a Zelda game.
I saved your friendship
I just googled it, it's literally the painting from that boss fight.

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>Be looking at an old baby photo book of me from '96
>I looked so happy and naive
>Feels like Im looking at a completely different toddler
>My (dead) mom had so much hope for me from her description in those photos
>"Maybe his face is common like the rest of the kids his age..."
>"...but his smile makes him completely different from the rest."
>"His smile is genuine and spontaneous. My baby is filled with love and joy...it brings me to tears when I see him smile"
>Break down crying hard
>I wish that toddler would never go through the hardships and losses I went through in my life
>Lonliness, isolation, empitness, and depression
>...but he did
>beginning at the age of 6 when his own mother died of cancer
>Never got along with anyone because he was shy and outspoken
>Only then he realized that the only person that would ever unconditionally love him was his mother...
>...the only person who gave him that genuine and spontaneous smile.
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fuck you OP i didn't come here to feel. now i'm sad thanks.
This story hit me with feels hard, my mother died right before I turned six, it's something that most people will never understand anon. You're strong for surviving all that and still being here, a lot of robots would have killed themselves already
>attention whores on r9k and expects empathy
Fuck off bitch

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>nobody comments on your doujin translation this time for some reason
>the last bit of human interaction you had is now gone
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Literally looks like the main char from the manga i read today.
Video has had a rough time.
people barely ever commented on doujinshi translations outside of a thanks and then they make a joke or two and it gets upvoted. mainly story heavy ntr gets lots of people talking about the plot.

pity bump

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Is there a way to get it back somehow? Maybe if I move to thailand..
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> Eight-TEEN / Nine-TEEN
Hahaha, is this real? I live and Boston and never seen this. Also, I got plenty of teen pussy. Lost my virginity at 13 to the new girl in town, who for what ever reason toon interest in me. I also got the titcow at age 14.
I went to Thailand and got a 20 year old pretty easily (I was a 25 year old khv before I went there).
With more time it should have been possible to get a teen girl.

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>Going on a date with QT Latina from Compton

See you later vigins
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shes gonna pull a long beach jack move on u , sucka lmao

Nah, she likes me. I'll move her out of the hood and into the suburbs
>dating outside of your race

the worst kind of degenerate

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