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>you text her
>3 word answers or yes/no

It's time to give up on her isn't it?
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Yes, before you make yourself look like a dumbass who can't take a hint.
>she texts you first
>reply and add something to develop conversation further
>one line basic reply and nothing else
you can't win either way man

always go for arranging meet up otherwise its not worth it
>2 word answers
>keeps inviting me to go do shit with her (various festivals)
>don't have to buy her anything
What the fuck is happening? does she think I'm her gay friend? I enjoy hanging out with her but I also want to fuck the life out of her and she knows. We had a thing a few years back...

Write anything down and I will read it out for you!

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"i'm a roastie slut who should leave /r9k/ forever"
are you in an /x/ discord server per chance?


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When are you finally going to learn like the lad in pic related
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5'8", should I do it? what's even the point of living as an inferior male?
Height seems like a bad excuse. He was probably depressed over his closet homosexuality.
It's the right thing to do. If you truly can't just an hero Atleast get a vesectomyw

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How do I get 30 dollars by tomorrow? Pls halp
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Sell your boipussy
Sell your time machine.

Does anyone else have violent desires but no way to ever be able to act them out?
Especially to run and chase and fight others with blunt weapons. Both to spar with equals, and to enforce my will on those below me.
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my ultimate fantasy would be to rush a group of other people with maybe 5 or so others and beat them into submission with clubs. that would be really fun 2bh.
I have OCD and the main obsession js mutilating and killing other people then violating their bodies. I dwell on this involuntary every single hour of every single day with no relief. I used to be able to wrestle, do martial arts and BDSM stuff to relieve the compulsions a little but I have an old injury that keeps me from even that now. Drinking helps a little
damn that's pretty straight up. I'm more interested in the thrill of the combat than any brutality honestly. I don't really like hurting others, but I want to be aggressive to others if that makes sense.

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>syndicate-like group tries to pry out any information involving you
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I have no idea what you are talking about but it sounds fucked. Good luck anon
>you get stalked by a syndicate like group
>chad fucks her in her place of poop

Not too serious, but strangers who hear it for the first time will find it revolting.

Which is the best Disney princess , r9k?
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She's not on your shitty picture.
I'd post Elsa but she's not a princess technically.
it's obviously fucking mulan. it's always gonna be mulan.
Where's the half fish one?

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>any male incel would gladly date a female incel if given the chance
>female incels refuse to date a male incel
>females still claim to be incel

How can women truly be incel?
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retardation comes in many ways
Male "incels" won't even consider fucking ugly dudes. It's the same thing.
female incels who are shut-in neets expect a bare minimum of their bf to have a job despite them not having one

meanwhile even a normie guy doesnt give a shit if his gf doesnt work

imagine for a moment, a normie woman, actually being with a jobless man.......just imagine that, you cant. lmao

Does anyone here have a disgusting, bulbous nose? Or has anyone here gotten rhinoplasty to fix your disgusting nose?

I'm seriously looking into it, I can easily afford a Korea trip to get it done. Whenever I look at my photos I see my giant negro nose (I'm fucking white) and not only despise myself, but also my Italian heritage.
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> white
> 'italian heritage'
no one likes a liar anon. Be proud of your nose or no one else will
It's hard when it's literally the most disgusting nose I've seen on a person and the one thing keeping my face from being attractive

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1. Use a name in the namefield. If you don't, I will not be able to connect your posts and will quickly lose track.

2. Share your problems, ask questions.

3. Be listened to and cared for.

4. Keep in mind that I may miss posts every now and then; should this happen, kindly link me back to what I missed. Also keep in mind that sometimes I can be up to an hour behind in responding, if there is a lot of activity in the thread. I respond in chronological order; if the last post I responded to was posted before yours, I just haven't reached you yet.

5. Here's a link to all the archives (they don't include unofficial threads opened by regulars when I was away, though): https://pastebin.com/wN72Ke0V

6. Here are some of the usual resources I recommend reading:





7. Here's a video you may want to consider if you suffer from anxiety/depression and relationships or lack thereof cause you intense emotional pain:


8. Regulars use tripcodes, which I heavily recommend, so that no one may try to impersonate you.
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Hey Nick, glad to see the thread again. Hopefully I don't make a mess of this thread with my presence again.

Oh my, it's COATS!

Pic related.

A simple way to solve our communication issue is to exchange e-mails, but the problem with that is that it isn't public, and that's a requirement, because it helps others too, and it keeps both of us at higher standards.

Let's try to keep things tight today!

I'm sure we can make it. How are you?>>38430689

Spilling them spaghetti all over the place already! That's fine, I love you Coats.
Hey, we are all messing up today! You forgot the pic!

Indeed, I would concur with that. With Dan sharing many of my problems alone, it is best that I be visible.

Indeed, I hope to not be 4 hours behind today!

I am doing quite well. Weekends I tend to sleep a lot, so I missed these threads entirely. A shame indeed, glad to be back.

Indeed, glad I got the issue fixed. Now we are in business. At least until I get overwhelmed with them responses.

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What's your excuse for not having a gf when Tinder exists?
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i'm too busy watching k-on
Those apps are made so as many women as possible can get dicked by the chads which aren't that easy to find. A short and ugly male can't get anything there, just like in real life unless he enjoys getting his confidence crushed even further. I have had women match me only to make fun of me when i talk to them.
Didn't you say you have never tried tinder? Or that you never got matches? You can't even keep track of all the things you make up.

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Why dont you start riding a motorcycle? Im sure girls love it.
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Don't want to fall off and die, literally the only reason. I'd love one if it wasn't for this
I'd rather ride a dick
I do. It's an 85 450 Honda. It doesn't accelerate very fast, but it goes up to about 90mph. It gets 55mpg roughly. My biggest problem is dealing with the weather and winter. It gets cold here and I can't afford good gear

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For the first time in a while I have a few bucks I can actually spend on something that I dont need to survive, 80 or so bucks, and I was trying to think of something to spend it on when I realised, nothing interests me anymore.

It wasnt so much as not knowing what to spend the money on as it is the feeling that I literally have nothing interesting in my life. I was going to spend it on vidya, but then I thought about all the times in the past months where i've booted up a game, played for 10 or so minutes and then gotten bored and not felt like playing, even when I've torrented a different game to see if maybe it was my steam library getting stale, I ran into the same issue.

I sometimes play music, so every now and then I might pick up my guitar, ill fiddle around with it for a bit, play something sounding pretty much indifferent from everything else ive ever played, get bored and put the guitar down.

Now I find myself doing nothing but watching youtube and shitposting on 4chan, fuck I cant even sit down to watch a TV show because it gets boring or I get tired of watching after an episode or two.

Wtf am I supposed to do with my time /r9k/? (and less importantly money, I still havent spent it, if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them) Wtf is wrong with me, because honestly I dont know. Nothing I used to like doing makes me happy anymore, and trying anything new gets boring or makes me hate myself after 10 or 20 minutes.
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buy a cheap bike
buy medication or illegal drugs for your depression
what for? I never even enjoyed biking as a kid, I wasn't very good at it back then and I doubt I will be very good at it now.

I'm not that worried about my health, I've been blessed with good genes and seemingly no matter how much i eat i stay skinny, its the one thing I have going for me.

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I want to make life a living hell for the property management company that is my landlord.

Obviously, I'd like to cause them as much pain without being detected.
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cum on his anime figurines
is electricity included in your rent? if so start mining cryptos
watch pacific heights.

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>16 years old sister literally is dating a different guy every 2 weeks and permanently glued to her iphone because her notification sounds don't stop for more than 30 seconds despise not having hobbies or skills in anything besides Netflix

>i never receive IMs or notifications besides YouTube in my rooted and riced android with xposed. No gf or friends when i code, do gardening and guitar almost every day

What i am doing wrong? why girls always say that they have it hard? Why life is so unfair? I can't pretend anymore.
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The problem is you still haven't got a tattoo, maybe something cool like this

Did you know that 80% of tattooed people regret it after 5 years? Fuck off degenerate.
Anon, we know you're not really an anime girl.

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