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Why do Robots have such an unhealthy view on sex? Is it like a sour grapes thing?
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Which unhealthy view are you referring to?
>unhealthy view on sex
>Why do Robots
R9k is not one person
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My opinion is that because /R9k regulars are constantly online , their views of sexuality and anatomy are filtered through pop culture ideas of sex and body image . All they know is what they see in porn and pop culture, and if they can't get that/be that , then they obsess and become depressed and then come here to vent. If they just got their ass outside and into actual society from time to time without being so insecure about it their lives would change in a matter of months. That is just my opinion , doesn't make it true.

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this just happened
>start to smell my own foul smell
>that's a sign for me to take a shower
>get in shower
>normie brother bought a new shampoo
>i usually use my mother's shampoo
>decide to try it
>it's menthol
>says it refreshes the scalp
>pour it all over head
>shit starts fucking burning
>start blasting water on it
>the pain won't go away
>it feels like someone is rubbing mint all over my head
>after a couple minutes of flailing it goes away
>decide to masturbate
>might as well use a shampoo as lube
>have a genius idea
>what if i use my normie brother's shampoo as lube?
>being an M i thought the burning feel would make me even harder
>pour some on hand
>start rubbing shampoo on the head and balls
>first minute nothing happens
>i just continue masturbating
>couple seconds later it hits and boy does it fucking hit hard
>it feels like someone is pouring lava on my dick and balls but it's ice lava
>i'm on the ground trying to rub the pain away
>dick gets harder cause of pain
>the burning area increases
>it just won't go away
>decide to continue masturbating with the cool dick
>i feel like i'm cumming ice shards
>my dick comes back to it's senses
>i finish up and leave

7/10 would try it again. How did your last shower go?
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My last shower was around 4 years ago living in a homeless hostel thing (I have baths now because no shower so...).

It was pretty shit. I had to use the disabled one because the other was being used. They did not like me using the disabled one despite there being no handicapped people whatsoever living there. They came knocking on the door shouting at me. I was very new to the area and couldn't make out what they were saying. I had also forgot to take a towel so I had to get dressed while soaking wet to receive a bollocking about being in there in the first place.
Last shower was this afternoon. Was pretty meh. I can't stay in for long because of the third level water restrictions my country is going through. Also your story reminded me of the anon that shoved mints up his ass trying to improve the smell of his farts but he just shat mint goo in the end.
>shoved mints up his ass trying to improve the smell of his farts

That's a twisted kind of genius. I might try that...

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What would you do if you could easily keep your dick flaccid while feeling as horny as possible?
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I find that kind of a bizarre question OP. I'm not even sure what kind of possibilities that situation would entail.
Come on guys.

I know you have ideas.
I would awkwardly try to touch a hooker after paying 200 bucks

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>you will never be in a romantic relationship with your childhood friend who you've watched develop into a mature and beautiful women over the years and have always been close to
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this is so many men

>tfw i was a beautiful young girl but i'm even more beautifuler and better than ever and i bet they are so proud because i'm the best!
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I didn't mean to use the plural, god fucking damn it. Just end my stupid life.

What did Anon mean by this?
it means i, as a girl, thought about op's thought before

like they loved me and i was the coolest kid ever as a child, but i'm now even cooler but still cool than before and i bet they're so proud bc i became a thousand million times even beautifuler yknow?

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serb feel.png
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>ywn be a Serb riding through Krajina on a T-72
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>starts playing
>ywn be a serb who hangs out at a wholesome kolo dance club on weekends
This is now a Serb war music thread

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Every day someone makes a thread here about how you have to leave /r9k/ because of how toxic it is. But it's actually nothing compared to how vile nu/shit/ is. Nu/garbage/ was populated by /r9k/ and /v/ after gaymercancer, so it has the same user "type", but now it's also overflowing with lying fucks who do nothing but post fake right wing news propaganda that is disprovable with a 10 second google search. It's like an insane asylum where everyone is also severely mentally retarded. I just can't go there anymore. The oppressive weight of the lies and stupidity there just fucking strains my brain to even see at this point.
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I agree, I was one of the posters from /new/ since /pol/'s beginning, and it's completely gone down the shitter. Never do they talk about the elite ruling the world and the jews ruining white countries, it's all "LE DONALD GENERALE!!! PRAISE KEK! TOP KIKKITY KEKKLES MY EBIN KEKISTANI! REEEE NORMIES GET OUT OF MY BOARD! XD." /pol/ is dead, and /v/ is getting to the point where it's also becoming shit, but not quite yet. The effects of gamergate seemed to have worn off from /v/ but with the new surge of summerfags it's getting bad. Every fucking thread devolves into a console war thread, a completely off topic from video games thread, or "le go back to /pol/ dumb bigot!" he says as he posts pepe for the 46th time today. /r9k/, /pol/ and soon /v/ will be dead, and 4chan will die with it if we don't get rid of the newfags somehow or force them to go to newfag college boards like /b/ or get banned for newfaggotry.
>he takes the politics meme seriously
>he doesn't realize this was just the logical progression of the meme
it's no different than getting mad at someone for posting doge
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I know. They're mentally ill and cognitively dissonant. The disparity between intelligence levels shocked me coming from /pol/ to here.

/pol/s favorite line: that's different though.

Pol: fuck jews! Day of the rope now!
Me: Trump's family and cabinet are jewish bankers.
Pol: that's different tho.

Pol: the left wing uses paid protesters!
Me: source? Meanwhile here's Alex Jones paying protesters. https://youtu.be/gI9_O1Qn3XY
Pol: that's different tho.

Pol: fuck muslims and fuck Israel.
Me: "our greatest allies" "saudi peacekeepers."
Pol: shill! Cuck!


Why, you ask, does it suck? Well, have a seat. I will enlighten you.

>1. Childbirth
>2. We give up our last names.
>3. Periods.
>4. Birth Control.
>5. Promiscuity. (guys can sleep with multiple girls but if a girl does the same she's a slut)
>6. Unequal pay. (females make less for every dollar a male makes)
>7. Makeup (time consuming, expensive, unecessary)
>8. Shoes (men must have invented female shoes; a woman wouldn't voluntarily give herself scoliosis.)
>9. Pants and pants size (It's completely arbitrary)
>10. Everything PMS-related
>11. Assertion of an opinion (anytime we get forceful, we're either a bitch or a feminist)
>12. Mechanics think we're idiots (as if I don't know how to fill up a car)
>13. Bodily functions (girls can't *in hell* fart or burp)
>14. Harder to lose weight
>15. Shaving.
>16. Swimsuits (they're too expensive)
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That's very hard. Make sure to put mayo on my sammich.
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serves you right roast
>wagegap meme
Nice bait, stopped reading there, saged.

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For me it's my dream of commissioning into the military. I'm two years away from a Bachelors and I'm already burnt out on college.
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Politics. Sir Oswald Moseley speaches
gene editing. It's the only reason I'm trying to become wealthy and stay alive
Shipping out to BCT late next month. That's all I've got pretty much.

Ban women from /r9k/ already, is the only way to stop the cancer
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>Ban women from /r9k/ already, is the only way to stop the cancer
honestly I agree

mentioning you are a girl (female) should be a ban. Women who don't do this are fine.
mods will never do it though
You're going to make people confirm their gender with a literal Penis Inspection Day?
There is a minority of women who post without telling everybody they're female.
Ban the ones who say that they're female just for attention.
how about you ban all the pathetic faggots that spam women and give them attention at the slightest mention they're a woman instead. They only come here because they get attention from attention starved betas who put vaginas on a pedestal and treat them like they're some sort of god because they have a vagina.

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I'd like to have some casual talk here, please.
I feel like I'm gonna crumble.
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What do you want to talk about m8?
How is it going anonymous?
Just some small chit-chat. Topic doesn't matter

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>Saw a Mexican loli In the bathroom, then a grown-up shows up
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Why is that a high-stress situation OP?
stop referring to weird life people as lolis it creeps me out almost as much as the pedophilia does
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>bathroom at restaurant
>scanning area for open latrine mac style
>lock eyes with kid peeing at urinal
>feel creepy rest of meal

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How do the Japanese feel about black people? I might try and live there for a while.
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>How do the Japanese feel about black people? I might try and live there for a while.

they love black people

just don't go to okinawa, they hate black people
Cool as individuals, horrible as a group.

So reverse Asians.
File: IMG_1958.jpg (73KB, 367x550px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There are Japanese people who wish they were black and they think it's cool. So you could go chill with them and get a lot of dark Japanese pussy.

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J aded
A nxiety
M isery
E nd my life
S uffering
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sex offender

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Who else here /wontgiveup/?
>still hopeful about women in general, realize many are bad and not worth the trouble but still feel like a good number of them aren't terrible
>still hopeful that I can get along well with normies and learn to adjust to their way of thinking or at least cohabitate with them
>still hopeful that one day, even if I'm not crazy successful, I can lead a happy life
The world may suck but I won't let the motherfucker take me down
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im gonna blow up and act like i dont know nobody
also build michael angelo's david out of heroin and od
There are some gems of people around, but you either search them out at your own risk or you avoid even the chance of finding them.
I can't give up, because my brain always strives to do whatever will make me happy, and giving up won't make me happy.
Even if I have to play life on hard mode, I'll just have to survive it somehow.

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REAL MEN don't know how hard it is to get your butt plug in for the first time.
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That's correct. I'm not a sissy homo fagboy and I have no idea how hard it is.
>it makes you manly to take something up the ass
no, painful things that you are forced to do make you manly. Putting something up your ass is entirely optional in life and therefore doesn't make you manly, it makes you gay.
so you are a real man then?

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