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>decide to go on morning walks and spend time outside
>walk near my apartment
>some black dude at the bus stop engages me in conversation
>frequently comments on how attractive I am and how I'm such a "pretty girl"
>asks if i'm a hooker because of the shady street I'm walking on
>asks me questions about whether or not i have a boyfriend and if i'm a virgin
>answer so as not to seem rude to this guy
God damn it, the last time a guy near my own age noticed me it was a dude yelling "hey homegirl" at me from across the street.
If I were the average female I'd have taken to facebook or tumblr and written a five-paragraph essay about misogyny and how I was verbally raped.
Have you had some weird experiences with strangers, /r9k/?
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some black dude asked me for smokes, i said i stole my roommates so this is the only 1 i got and he said hes a black prophet and some nice black girl will want vanilla dick and ill deliver, thats aboit the most recent one
are you into lolis OP

why do u have that picture.
Asking that of a stranger is rude, so it would hardly be rude not to answer. Hope you told him you have a boyfriend so he'll leave you alone.

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randy stair.jpg
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Now that the dust has settled, how did he stack up?
Rate him in terms of aesthetics, effectiveness, and sheer autism.
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low tier trash
He's a brony, so the autism levels are off the charts.
It was interesting because we had the cartoon rantings on youtube, I'm not aware of something similar for any other previous shooter

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I fucking hate short people-

We live in a world made for genetic dead-end manlets and I fucking hate it. I'm sure you subhuman scum will be quick to point out how women don't like you (thank god, hopefully you can be bred out of existence) and the ultra-rich are all tall people (because short people can never be successful, and thank god for that)
But the reality is the vast majority of tall people aren't insanely successful either, and if you live in the middle class or lower class world, everything is made for fucking manlets.
I wish men 5'8" (170cm~ for you Euro fucks) and under would just die so we could build our world around the ergonomics of the superior male (5'11" (180cm~) or taller)
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You can't fly a fighter jet at a tall height though. So the country with Manley would have a superior airforce to the one without it. Checkmate faggot

For real I'm getting fucking SICK of always having to reach things on the high shelves for you stupid faggots

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Basic MBTI tests

(More accurate) MBTI cognitive function tests

Useful for further learning

Other assorted tests
>http://test.mensa.no/ - (Potentially) reliable IQ test
>http://personality-testing.info/tests/LSRP.php - Primary and secondary psychopathy test
>http://www.celebritytypes.com/dark-triad/test.php - Dark triad test
>http://www.rdos.net/eng/Aspie-quiz.php - Aspergers/Autism test
>http://www.afifthofnothing.com/gendertest.html - Gender traits masculinity/femininity test

Come on in and take a seat, you know the routine.
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>/b/ - ENTP
>/c/ - ENFP
>/ic/ - ISTJ
>/k/ - ISTP
>/lit/ - INTJ
>/mlp/ - ENTP
>/mu/ - INFJ
>/pol/ - ISTJ
>/r9k/ - INFP
>/s4s/ - ESFP
>/sci/ - INTP
>/soc/ - ESTP
>/v/ - ESTJ
>/x/ - INFJ

Trying to come up with types for boards. Help me come up with some more.
>>/soc/ - ESTP
that's ESFP, ESTP would be /sp/
I re-watched Ghost in the Shell, the 1995 movie again last night. The Major, Motoko Kusanagi struck me as a female INTJ, but most places I looked said ISTP.

Am I just a brainlet? What are you guys' thoughts?

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If you decided to give up on women and go gay, how many men do you think you could fuck off grinder by the end of the year?

It's probably a high number. This might be the path to victory for us robots.
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you can't just magically become attracted to men faggot
A lot because gays are sluts and they go through an unhealthy amount of sexual partners to the point where they will get diseased
>If you decided to give up on women and go gay

Would never happen in a million years. I honestly find men totally unattractive. I think if I ever tried to suck a dick I'd vomit and my asshole is tight as hell. I'd never let a cock in there, I'd feel like absolute shit. I'd rather kill myself than fuck a guy. I'm just not a faggot and I don't want smelly ass juice all over my cock and I don't wanna catch AIDS.

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Anyone here /costco/?

I fucking love their pizza and chicken bakes. What's your go to order there?
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Just the Pizza, mostly. And a courtesy cup of water.
Crap I need to go there today. I'm out of applesauce.
That pizza looks disgusting.

Soemone have already said that sentence so i was muted for two seconds.

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Is it just me or does being in the Dark Souls/Bloodborne universe sound attractive? I've always loved those stories and worlds that are so far away from reality you sort of feel numb. You kind of have a deep sense of melancholy and dread to the point of madness with the Lovecraftian beasts and extremely intricate worlds, but it's almost comfy in a way...
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>it's comfy to be living in fear of indescribable horrors lurking around to kill you for no reason
Whatever you say.

But you would be Undead, anyway.
Even worse, having my memories and life fade away until I'm no more than a husk of my former self?

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It's not fair that some people are born ugly and only a minority are attractive. Does God exist?
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Life in general just isn't fair. If it was, it'd be kinda boring desu.

being attractive is actually a problem, because you have zero incentive to develop sensibility and intelligence.

example: Chads, Stacies
What about people who are both intelligent and attractive?

Is that just uber easy mode?

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>roommate in college is a trap
>keeps making "jokes" on how he wants to be raped

How do I tell if this is in invitation or not? I don't want to misread it, fuck him, then get arrested for rape.
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Is that the guy?
when i saw this image i thought that was a cute girl but then i saw the dangle and man thighs/butt
yes, he's also into amateur pornography

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Why haven't you made your own portapotty yet?
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Because I have a toilet in my house?
Because shit jugs exist?
Because the toilet is much more comfortable

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>there are """men""" in 2017 that dont use their prostate for sexual pleasure
literally why? it is:
>almost as good as some drugs
>no health issues if you use lots of lube and care about hygene
>all natural
>can orgasm multiple times in one session
>no feeling of guilt or disgust after orgasm. instead you are unironically euphoric

you dont even have to be gay. you dont even need to buy a dildo. just wrap your finger or a cucumber with a cheap condom, lube up, and enjoy yourself.
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I've put my finger and my girlfriend's dildo in my ass several times and only felt like I had to take a shit. Is prostate orgasm a meme, or am I doing something wrong?
It makes me feel like im actually shitting

>2017, the Feminine Prostate meme

I love pigeons they love me too they don't judge me and they're nice to me.
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Pigeons are a monogamous species, they always have the same partner for their whole life and some animal etologists agree that they can "love" only their partner.
In my garden I feed the pigeons, I have named and befriended them, I am also friends with the crows.
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I'm trying to train a carrier pigeon to deliver drugs. Any tips?

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Who else /superoldfagthatshouldhavegivenuoponthiswebsiteyearsagobutstillcan'tescapethisfuckingplace/ here?

I was born in '87 and have been posting here since 2004
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Was born in 89 myself, but did not have interweb access during childhood, not proper access anyway.. I've been here more and more frequently since about 09, though I've known about the place ever sense Oprah got my attention to it when I put two and two together about what kids were talking about in HS, this place, and who sent the email to her.
So whenever that aired is when I found out but couldn't actually visit, whenever that was. *
2006. I have always lurked. I hate myself.

> tfw talk with a person
> seems friendly enough
> play games together
> write long messages that the person enjoys
> eventually stops responding for whatever reason
> feel like an idiot for even trying, investing my time and actually caring
> feel like an idiot for staying up and talking with the person when during their bad and hard periods in life
> feel like an idiot for supporting the person, being there for them
> just another disappointment and abandonment, when you give yourself up, let yourself feel warmth and care towards someone, when the person keeps repeating how they want to be with you, but then end up destroying it all for no reason and yanking the bait from under your nose

How do I stop caring and becoming attached to people?
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Don't ever stop caring anon. Don't give the world what it wants. Don't let them rob you of your warmth. Its important to care.

Just care for the right people..
>How do I stop caring and becoming attached to people?
By having mentality that people come and go and believing that you're going to meet even more friends.
Why not enjoy the friendship while it lasts? Nothing is meant to last forever.

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I'm in really good mood today. Life is great, for no particular reason.
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Me too, anon. I'm in a great mood as well. Today must be one of those days.
Post pictures of your butts so I too can be in a good mood.
Glad to hear it anon. Enjoy your day, do something fun.

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