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Was he right ?

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please return to reddit
Oh man, I remember when I watched egoraptor. and gamegrumps when jontron was there

I miss when Egoraptor had a soul

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Hi I'm a fembot and am intersted in a robot boyfriend. Could you please submit applications with your height/stats/weight/etc, job, and other information and contact info? thank you.
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I liked Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide too.
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wow thats a 10 if I ever saw one

I wrote this
Its the same song, one acoustic one electric.
Which is better?
was ned a robot?

poor kid had to go through all sorts of hijinks in school

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I always read here how western dating scene is bad, how? And why is arranged marriage to a qt pure virgin girl good
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there's a 50/50 that she will be ugly to your standards

at least you know her?
If you're attractive and/or have a social status you can get married to a woman/man of your liking.

Women: married off to old and possibly ugly/old as fuck men that have social power. That is if the girl is lucky and doesn't end up alone and virgin until her humiliating and lonely death.

Men: good luck getting laid unless your parents are rich. Even so you're not getting married before 30 and it's usually not your choice.

In essense: arranged marriage would NOT solve your problems, nothing will.
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Do you hate nature? That's how you know it failed you. Burn and kill everything you see specially normals.

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dating stories, they dont need to have satisfying conclusions or anything. what's your romantic life like?

>work with this cute 18 year old depressed girl
>genuinely like her to some degree
>go on a date with someone else
>see work girl there, leaving as i arrive
>"hi anon!!"
>she goes in for the hug
>"oh uh i guess we hug now lol?"
>make a few jokes, conversation is fluid and natural
>"see you friday, femanon"
>date goes poorly, make awkward smalltalk about the paintings on the wall, studies, etc
>leave early because i dont actually like the girl im on a date with
>she hadnt even finished her coffee

Discovering I look like a chad but I have the charisma of a turnip.
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that was hard to read and sounds like you completely fucked it up

>meet girl at event
>ask her out
>bar hop around city one night
>she comes back after date, just casually hook up and dont fugg
>second date we go for drink, she comes back and is all over me, no condom so no fugg again
>comes over next night for dat neetflix n chill
>gets super awkward and she leaves halfway through movie without saying why
>gives some generic excuse
>go out next night with friends and her friends
>kinda awkward, felt like she was being distant
>later on im wasted and she asks if she can stay at mine that night
>i say no for some completely fucked up reason, just wasnt thinking
>next day she tells me i was the one acting weird
>now she wont text me back

i knew i was gonna fuck it up but how did i do it so quickly fml fellas
I shouldnt have ever been on that date desu. The coworker is a friend's niece and is sort of off limits even though shes really cool.

Props for resisting the satan taco sorcery though
no one is off limits just blow her back out

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day


day 69 you know what that means...
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>you know what that means...

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>day instantly gets better after seeing this thread
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kakyoin brings happiness

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> Women completely do not give a fuck that the average height is 5'10.
> 6 foot is just okay to them and 5'8, just two inches below average height, is too short.
> 4'11 woman to 5'11 woman are all attractive and have no problem finding dates.
How is this okay?
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>How is this okay?

Because the majority of mammals, humans included, operate through female-gated sexual selection

It's l i t e r a l l y basic biology, get used to it
I'm bi and hate to break it to you lads, but roasties are right on this. Think of being short as the same as being ugly for women.
it's not your height dude. nobody really cares that much about height and if there's a girl who is obsessed with height there's gonna be another one who just doesn't mind.
it's your personality you need to work on. most of all you just need to start trying instead of avoiding rejection by any means possible or rejecting yourself before you have even tried.

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You fuckers bored?
I have a permanent invite for a discord server for d.va mains. Wouldn't mind if you guys spammed gore or what not.
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I'm a D.Va main. Link that shit so I can live among my brethren
I got kicked outta there for being too "negative". The mods are ass.
Overwatch is lame
>Blizzard nerfing Roadhog
so glad I didn't buy after free weekend

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Post your charts et al.
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Hahaha! I am finally the first in one of these threads!
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your chart is better than mine
Don't stop the bump

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Seriously fucking pisses me off that a word to bridge the fondness between father and child has been corrupted into having a dirty meaning.
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people calling others "racist" when they clearly arent

takes power away from the word from real racists like me
I can't get the words senpai, thot, and based out of my head.
>things normies ruined


Why do normies consistently get upset when I show a distaste or dislike for card giving? Birthday cards, christmas cards etc.

It seems like a completely pointless endeavor to me, their only value is sentimental but saying what you want rather than spending half a dollar on a pre-made card feels like it has far more sentiment to me.

Yet when I say anything negative about the concept of card giving, even if it's telling people not to get them for me, people act like they're offended by it. What's worse is when I ask why they feel it's so important, they just show frustration and say "because that's what everybody does".
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most people have very rigid approach to how things should be done.

my mom cleans the floor every morning with a vacuum cleaner even tho a mop would be more effective, this is not something i can debate with logic
Card giving is a tradition and we all know what happens to those who go against tradition. It's also considered just the polite thing to do.

>Nice trips
yeah i sort of learned that from my parents
doing what people want you to do > logic apparently

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>This has no price
>heh... it must be free!

Retail cucks get in here
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>you got some more in the back?
>can you check behind the shit all the way at the top
>I'm retarded and can't read pricetags, please tell me why this expensive item isn't dirt cheap
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i've actually made that joke once before

i'm sorry
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>Read that wagies hate this joke
>Tell wagies this joke on purpose any opportunity I get

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>Foolish little brother, if you want to kill me, despise me, hate me. Run, run.. cling to live and survive in an unsightly way. Then someday, when you have these same eyes, come to me"
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I finally got the same eyes b-brother....
>tfw ur clan of qts is ded

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Well lads...I'm going into walgreens tmrw for a job. Got to finish some part of my application or something. Fuck if I know. Guess I can't be a neet anymore. Was fun while it lasted. Any other robots work at the 'greens?
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May you find peace on your journey.
I've worked at Walgreens once, it's really not that bad.

The work isn't hard, it's a bit boring most of the time but it's money and the job is simple. It's also good customer service experience to handle normies.

Good luck, anon.
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Thanks. Hopefully my journey will be fun and exciting for once,
Good. I worked at Academy for a while, and the place was so damn hectic in footwear. Ready for a job that isn't so rapidfire all the time.

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Did this anon handle his situation well?
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yeah they were just fucking with him and he joined in the joke instead of being desperate
This. If he'd ventured out to meet them somewhere they for sure would have stood him up or otherwise found a way to humiliate them.

I think he handled the situation really well.
What if the girls really were lonely and all wanted him?

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20 years ago this cute 23 year old was railed on camera multiple times by an old pervert twice her age.

What do you think she's doing now?
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living her life, because females literally live a life of no consequences.

Dead from drug use.
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>23 year old
Jesus christ, I know the legal age is 18 but it never fails to make me just stop and think about shit when I see that. I'm 23 and despite thinking of myself as young, I still look at people younger than me as like... little kids or something. I can't personally fathom doing porn in any sense at my age, much less when I was 18, so I always just feel weird whenever I see someone my age or younger doing that.
I know people live different lives and have different values but still, it's just one of those things I can't really wrap my head around like doing heroin some shit.

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