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>tfw just took the biggest shit in my life after having a constipated stomach for 1,5 weeks
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1.5 weeks is a bit much, I'd have bought some laxative after 4 days or so
So are you gay for niggers now queer?
How does your asshole feel?


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>havent brushed my teeth yet in 2017
uhh, this got out of hand
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fake and unhygienic
how do your teeth look
I love seeing posts like these. I'm a dentist

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Anon I'm disappointed in you. You should keep those thoughts to yourself.
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They don't get better than these, lads.
nice feet
>look at face
>boner is kill
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I'm interested in a girl who is a kv. She doesn't know how to flirt and is extremely awkward when it comes to anything romantic or sexual. Has anyone dated a girl like this? Is it annoying to hate to teach someone everything basically?
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How do you know she's kv? Being awkward is not a guarantee when it's a woman.
She told me. We talk.
Are you also kv? I think loser women should pair up with loser guys. That would be nice for everyone.

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just found out I have autism.
>im 22
>always had emotional disorders

I want to discuss autism. how do you deal with this? when your brain.just.wont.stop.

i go to work, dont have a need for neetbux yet, does autism get worse with age? also does it make anyone else dyslexic? my mind reads faster than my eyes and it jumbles thngs. i didnt know where else to go.

pic unrelated
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I don't know how they do it but find out how to get NEETbux ASAP then quit your job, you'll never have to work a day in your life with your tism. I envy you.
Do you have autism proper, or autistic traits coupled with that other stuff?
how did you get diagnosed?
I've always had social issues and depression, but my doctor just prescribes ssri lexapro welbutrin and sometimes benozs
nothing really helped me except cannabis mushrooms and mdma, but he thinks I'm an addict because I told him I tried those and they helped

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>brush teeth
>eat breakfast
>food tastes of toothpaste
Why are normies so fucking stupid?
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Do you not like the taste of toothpaste? It comes in more flavors than mint, you know?
Because normalfags are king
>don't brush teeth
>food tastes like bacteria and garbage
why not brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with water to get the remaining toothpaste out?

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>15yo cousin is a model
>tfw her instagram is full of bikini and swimsuit pics
>tfw she wears swimsuits in thong style
>lots of images in high class hotel rooms and beaches
>selfies galore with tied tops and midriff
>friends galore praising her and being tagged in photos

Why are they allowed to this?
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Lets see that instagram, anon.
Post a picture of her, she's probably an ugly roastie whore with pounds of make up and a complete lack of natural beauty.

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>be a pathetic piece of shit
>come on r9k to read about other pathetic pieces of shit to dull the pain

pathetic confessions, I'll start

>30 y/o virgin
>browse photos of girls I used to know and fap as I pretend I'm her bf and experiencing all the memories captured in the photos with her
>mutter things like "yeaah you like that? just like that time i fucked you in malibu?" as I'm scrolling through her vacation photos
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hey nothin wrong with that
This has to be a joke
>girls I used to know
what's strange about that? org

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Why did she ghost you?
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Does it matter? She did, shows how little she cared.
Anything else is only relevant for either fixing it or asking pity about it.
Piss off you tart
Because she was DTF and I was too nervous and beta to whip my dick out. I hate myself so much.

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>gonna start a thread
>file too big
>give up
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>save image from 4chan
>try to upload it to other 4chan thread
>file too big
>try to save gif off 4chan
>can't repost it again
>want to start a thread to make discord friends
>too nervous
>feel sad

>tfw newfag who doesn't understand 4chan but wants to fit in.
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Leave this website for your own good.
Just do what you want as long as you aren't breaking rules or being an asshole.

If someone tells you you're doing it wrong, ignore them.

This never has been and hopefully never will be a site where everyone has to act exactly the same.
Stroke of luck. You two can figure it out together.

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I'm gonna have sex with my gf tonight and you can have it vicariously through me. What are some things you always wanted to do? I'll do them for you and report back on how it was.

Retard answers will be ignored.
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suck her feminine bennis
Wait til marriage to have sex.

>Aren't you going to take your shirt off broskie? We're at the pool yah' now.

What do?
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>being at the pool
>being outside
>being with other people
What the shit? Who would do that? All three of these are garbage.
Dont forget
>talking to humans
It's implied, but yes.

Simple question, /r9k/:
If you were the CEO of a company, and you were asked to hire one employee, would you hire a Male employee or a female employee?
You don't know ANYTHING about them other than their gender. Which one would you choose?
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Women are useless outside of sex
Male, of course

It'd be in my interest as CEO to hire the better worker
I'd choose the one who's actually fit to be a worker or an employee.
So yeah, male.

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Does smoking help with depression?
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No, but smoking feels nice and it kinda relaxes you, though it may be just a placebo meme.
nope not at all. get some real help, being addicted to cigarettes only makes life harder

t. depressed nicotine addicted retard
It might but it's a fucking stupid way of consuming nicotine.

We have nicotine lozenges. We have snus. We have patches, gum, whatever the fuck.

Smoking is the MOST toxic way to consume nicotine.

If you smoke, you may as well pour vodka up your ass when you want a drink, and smoke your coffee and tea instead of drinking them.

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