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>be born
>I am born in a white small town in Rhode Island
>father's a humble travel salesman
>has untreated syphilis
>he slowly went mad when I was in infancy
>ends up in the nuthouse
>mentally unstable mother raises me
>aunts contribute when she goes batshit crazy
>only person I have in life is grandfather
>taught me how to read, how to write
>encourages me to do so, in fact
>he is all I have
>grow up reading the works of great minds
>Edgar Allan Poe, Homer, Lord Dunsany
>what wonderful minds
>I looked up to them
>and in my own light, made abhorrent versions that I replicated from their work
>as terrible as my writings may be, they come from their inspiration
>look at works of astronomy that the great ancient Greeks peered at
>grandfather is a successful American buisnessman
>I am a white American; these are my people
>they inspired me immeasurably
>still, I lead a lonely existence
>mother told me often that I was "grotesque"
>I had to stay inside
>I could not expose myself
>and so I didn't
>I remained a robot and a lonesome misfit
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When you said you'd do Lovecraft yesterday I was decided I had waken up too late to catch the thread, but thankfully here we are
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>for years I made excuses
>well, I always did
>my father died from "paralysis due to nervous exhaustion"
>my mother is unstable "because of me"
>my grandfather only cares because I wrote a few articles
>he only wishes to exploit me
>these were all proven to be wrong, but enough of that
>go through high school with aspirations of being an astronaut
>sciences and astronomy had always fascinated me
>there was something remarkable about it
>but my sickly frame and condition did not let me
>this interruption halts my progress up until high school
>my condition wears off, but I remain bitter
>I am bullied relentlessly
>there are no friends for one like me
>for I am an outsider, bound by fate to live lonesome
>the love-hate relationship with my mother does not change
>grandfather is very sickly, I am worried for him
>never had anyone cared for me in this world as much as he did
>each day that passes moves faster and faster
>it doesn't matter where you are, it's all the same
>one day, come home from school (which I fail to succeed in)
>mother is crying
>she is having an unstable episode again, it seems
>I think this, but I notice my aunts are there as well
>they are crying as well
>what's happened?
"Your grandfather, he has passed."
>in this stage of my life, where I remain isolated
>I have no friends, no significant other to love
>my grandfather was the only one to educate me
>to teach me what it is like to feel loved, and how to love
>my only companion
>he has gone
>the wind howls like a hungry wolf to a sunken moon
>and my 14 year old soul is crushed at the news of my grandfather's death
>everyone else has gone
>I am alone with her again
>mother begins to take this sadness out on me
>"It is not my fault this happened."
>I try to reason with her
>but at the same time I cannot reason with myself
>head back into the cramped, small little room
>feel the pale moonlight hit my face that night
>I have no one, there is no one in this world for me
>my dream of becoming an astronaut is lacking
>it is hollow and devoid of any reality
>there's no one but me, and the room
>and the paper
>crushed, I pick it up once more
>write a story about a lonesome soul
>wandering for eternity through the woodlands
>he once had a wife and children but they were taken from him
>they were sent to the nuthouse
>this lead him to suicide, and an eternally miserable afterlife
>I can't do this anymore
>I can hear mother crying
>I can hear the wind shrieking
>and I wish I could hear my grandfather laugh again
>locking away my thoughts, I crawl into my tiny bed and lie down
>rest, as it's the only thing my young, destroyed spirit can do
>the only thing I could accomplish aside from mediocre writings

Wow she took it pretty well

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A bunch of neckbeards attempt to pseudo-analyize a girl they wish they could sleep with but would never give them a second glance
One even pretends to be her ex
The faint picture of their dick bursting at the idea
>huhuh we really got to her
>she's gonna think about this forever
>shallow bitch got destroyed
>fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

While she gets a nice dicking from Thundercock and keeps living her life
>goes on a website dedicated to making fun of someone
>thinks the neckbeards are gonna swoon all over her and instead flood her with compliments and praises
>gets butthurt when she gets made fun of by said neckbeards
Really her own fault
>Wow she took it pretty well

that's all she's good for.

The Alt Right seems to have a "we wuz" relationship with ancient Greece and Rome. Just three days ago there was an Estonian seeing them as his people and ancestors. The Alt Right even goes as so far as drawing parallels between ancient Spartans and themselves. But this shit doesn't even make any sense. There was an Arab from modern day Jordan that was a roman Emperor. And there are still Greek Orthodox Christians living in Syria today. How can an Estonian for instance, compete with that?
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>The Alt Right seems to have a "we wuz" relationship with ancient Greece and Rome.

The difference here being that white people actually were those things, and it was impressive.

Nigs just pretend they were Egyptians, and that being the "king" of a primitive tribe is impressive.

White people in what sense? They where genetically closer to Assad than Trump.
Assad is white.

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Is there a reliable way to get a deadly disease?
I want to check ou, but I also don't want to upset my parents with suicide, it needs to look like a plausible, natural accident
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idk, buy some anthrax?

Fuck a hooker and get AIDS?
Eat a whol lot of poop.

It will be extremely painscusting
arsenic is always reliable just take some and you'll probably be dead within 24 hours. If you inject it the suffering would only last 2.

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>tfw21 y/o NEET who lives with single mom

>Never had a job because I fuck up literally everything I try to do, mentally and physically

>Dropped out of HS 1st year and never did anything else school related

>Just try to keep my needs to a minimum and stay out of the way

>Never gotten close to having a gf but don't care, irl humans are disgusting

>Only jack to 2D furry porn mainly traps/femboys

>Really want to be a cute fox boi and wear skirts and take giant cocks up the butt

>Haven't left the house in 3 years

>Plan on committing suicide soon
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I've come to the conclusion that if I find my self in a situation where I want to end it... why not just empty the bank account and fucking leave?

I got nothing to lose, so why not just leave everything behind and just go...
Join the military. At least you might die for a good cause.
i'm almost the same
>19 years old
>stopped going to school after the fifth grade, not sure how i even made it that far with how bad i was at math and how much work i didn't turn in
>just stay in my room on the computer all day, like i have for the past 8 years
>no friends, only outside contact is my brother's friends when they come over to smoke weed with him
>super insecure about my entire body, no chance of ever having a relationship
>sexuality changes with the tide, but not sure if i'd fuck a guy for real
i worked for about nine months total but ive been unemployed for the past three or so. it sucks because i know this is the most relaxed i'll ever be, and i still hate my fucking life. the only thing that can make me function is opiates. i was getting heroin from a co-worker at my last job and was doing it almost every day. every week i spent my entire ~$310 paycheck on heroin and food.

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Nick's Missing Edition

1. Use a name in the namefield

2. Share your problemes, ask questions.

3. Be listened to, cared for.

4. Join in group therapy by interacting with the others.

5. I'll be here, hopefully more qualified individuals show up for this thread. But I'm great at listening.
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where is Nick?
No idea. Been trying to contact him, got no response yet.
Good on you for starting the thread. I have tried contacting him to no avail as well. Concerned, but hopefully he'll be alright tomorrow.

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Came from anal for the first time
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Why would I ever touch my wee wee again?
What did you use?

>Came from anal for the first time
Any tips?

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>everyone compliments me on my dick
>i feel like i have a micropenis
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Hey that's a beautiful micro penis you have!
Wow, nice penis! How do you make it so small??
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here's me with my nintendo switch

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Your girlfriend says dinner is ready, wagecuck.
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>be wage buck
>tfw no neet fuck
Hold on im getting a trim. You know us neets another day another haircut
File: smugwojak4v2.png (32KB, 640x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This reply is written by a girl cuter than wagecuck's girlfriend :3.

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Is /straight but only attracted to traps/ the most patrician sexuality?
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Only fap to solo girls, solo traps and lesbian porn.
Literally can't get straighter than that.
It's gay as fuck. You're sexually attracted to men, that is gay. You are gay if you like traps, you may as well fuck bears.

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I miss ciara

She really understood this board's culture and was loyal to it

Why did everyone have to sperg the fuck out at her?

I miss her comfy presence and videos

Does anyone know what she's up to?
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Then let me entertain you for a few minutes, you fucker.

Look at this smug cunt who let his daughter become a piece of shit degenerate. All because he couldn't control her internet addiction. Let's not forget he was kissing his daughter on the forehead while she streamed in a sweaty tanktop for men on twitch. He had no idea and still believes his whore daughter is doing "better."
File: 1493592090053.png (770KB, 629x870px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Now here we have her fat mom who buys her daughter junk food. All that terrible food that will give her daughter cholesterol and diabetes at a young age. No wonder she has a pimple problem and they keep enabling her instead of helping. Take a good look at what Ciara will look like in her 30s. Hip hip hooray!

The servant asked him, "What if the woman is unwilling to come back with me to this land? Shall I then take your son back to the country you came from?"
File: 1494125553683.jpg (178KB, 960x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Now we come to her siblings, who no doubt think of Ciara as a black sheep in her family. Even the oldest sister, the hat wearing tumblerina, isn't a disappointment and goes to college. The second oldest, the one on the far left, has her life together, and the smallest one just does her own thing and actually has friends her own age. Imagine being the mom and having to carry around a soon to be abomination for 9 months. Then you shit out the little turd and deep down you wish it was a stillborn child, so your life wouldn't be so stressful. The dad probably wishes he convinced the mom to swallow his load in 1999 so Ciara wouldn't make his life a living Hell.

Having a daughter like Ciara has to be worse than the potato famine and Jews dying in WW2 for her dad and mom. Yes, her dad is a Jew Mick and her Mom is from fucking Dublin.
FYI: She is still in discord and has another twitter account. Black sheep of the family.

"Make sure that you do not take my son back there," Abraham said.

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Hey guys, can someone tell me what this board is about? Do i have a place here eventho i have grill?
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File: 1494263235328s.jpg (6KB, 250x221px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Do i have a place here eventho i have gri...
Okay go away
You dont know how this works to other board please
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>Have a grill

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>Waiter walks over and begins refilling my water
>Thank you
>Waiter still pouring
>Should I say "thank you" again as a way to signify that is enough water?
>Thank you
>waiter keeps pouring
>waiter finally finishes
Thank you

Why am I so beta
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It should be one long thaaaaaaaaaank and then dropping a dank you just as the waiter stops pouring.
I think they just fill the glass till it's full and deal with the rest you don't drink. Better have it full then half-empty and decide you actually want more water. Idk op
'that's good, thanks'

is that too hard for you

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>4 months since Donald Trump became president
>still a Virgin
you know, now that I think about it, I don't know why I thought things would be different
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>2018 is upon us
>last year's new years felt like a few months ago
>still a virgin
Every year I tell myself it will be different...
You seriously think that because a shitty politician becomes president it will affect your sexual and affective life?

>shitty politician
LIBKEK GET OUT, we're making america great again by redpilling all the normies. if you don't like it go complain about it your wife's boyfriend (black)

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>work up courage to go use the bathroom
>Nervous but do it anyways
>get back to room
>5 minutes later
>have to take a shit

what the fuck am I supposed to do now
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Time to break out the poop pestle
>>work up courage to go use the bathroom

>>work up courage to go use the bathroom

why would u need courage to use a bathroom

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