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Write a letter to someone who may (or may not) read it. Include initials but only if desired.
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Dear S,
Thanks for fucking me up completely.
Sincerely, you know who.
Dear Blake,

I love you forever, always have and always will. Everything will be over for me soon. Hope you find happiness.

Sincerely, your pal.

PS: If you replace me I'm going to haunt and spook the shit out of you.
dear world,
never asked you for much. would be nice if i could get a hand here. promise you won't regret it.

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Hug your family thread. Cute edition
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Hug your family thread
>What is this thread about?
Talking about and improving relationships with your sister/family
>Can i talk about/vent about my relationship with my family
>I don't like this thread!
Hide it, problem solved
>I'm going to start drama
You'll probably be ignored

>1 - Tell them you love them
>2 - Hug them as tight as you can
>3 - Keep hugging until they tell you to stop
>4 - Ask about what they've been doing lately
>5 - Ask how their day has been
>6 - Spend an hour with them
>7 - Ask what they're doing tomorrow
>8 - Try to pick them up or ask them to cuddle
>9 - Kiss them on the head
>0 - Tell them that you want to hang out with them more
>69- Ask them to do something lewd with you or let you watch them do something lewd

Dubs trips and quads must do whatever the first person to reply to them says.
Car accident/sister with depression dude here

Managed to sleep with her for a couple hours last night. I held her from behind and she held the back of my hand and put it against her chest. It was nice and she seemed to appreciate the affection. Regardless she's been quietly playing game in her room all day. Hasn't even left once since this morning.

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Didn't see one in the cataIog, you know the drill by now...
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n-no one? ok maybe tomorrow
Try again next year nigga, will be turning 24 soon enough this month.
27 here, every day is more depressing than the last. Wage slavery is hell, all my co-workers are pissing me off more and more every day. I do absolutely nothing outside of work other than go home, watch TV/movies, play vidya and get drunk and smoke pot. All of my friends have moved on, either had kids and got married, or moved away, or just became lame. Also living at home for the last 3 years after being moved out is kind of shitty as well.

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>be 35 year old kissless virgin
>visited parents for the first time in a couple months
>things were quiet and they were noticeably pissed at me
>I ask them why they're so distant towards me today
>parents say they've had it with me
>I'm confused because I've always tried to be a good son
>parents say they want grandchildren and want me to start a family already
>they're ashamed of talking about me with their friends
>they said they pretend like they don't have a son most of the time
>they guilt me about being unmarried and childless
>dad says it was my time to grow up and be a man years ago and yet I'm still acting like a kid
>I tell him it's not that simple and I'm just having a hard time
>he tells me he's tired of all my excuses and says I'm 35
>he says by the time he was my age, he was married and I was in middle school
>I tell him I'm not him
>he says I'm damn right I'm not and says he has a hard time believing I'm his son
>dad says he wishes he had another son and says I'm just one big disappointment
Why do they have to be like that, /r9k/? Why do they have to make me feel like shit on top of everything?
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cut them off

then if you have kids never let them near them
Baby boomers think life is as easy as it was for them, OP. Don't listen to them.
>Why do they have to be like that
because they're fucking normies. they don't understand, they just don't.

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mbti political.jpg
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Its been awhile since I made a thread (The ENTP). Anyway you know the drill, its MBTI time and for those who don't know what it is. Also try to post useful info and anything else MBTI related.
Also funnily enough a guy I know is doing some surveys and NF's are more likely to be lefty while NT's are righty.
(pic is not related, just found it some random thread)
Discord: z8ECRQ
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mbti morph.jpg
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Apparently a chart regarding what physique people of each personality typically have.
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daily reminder ISTP are shitposters
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political compass..png
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It appears I'm a proud INTJ

>tfw no fat gf to squeeze
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>tfw no chunky gf to grope
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a dab of egg.png
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>tfw no normie egg to crack
>tfw when corpulent gf I lack

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What's his problem?
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Ignorant and/or sadistic creator.
Gnostics believe that his creator is a good god (aeon) but aeon is most like evil as he created the demiurge despite knowing what the demiurge would do
True. Very fuccing true.
it's backwards,

and the thing at the Bottom LOL

and in the shape of a pussy lol

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Why don't you just fuck boys instead, /r9k/? They're cute!
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I'd fuck a cute boy in a heartbeat but there aren't any that would fuck me.
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I think if you worked out and dressed nice enough you could definitely find a cute boy to give copious amounts of dick to
Because all cute boys are size queens who don't want my pathetically average 5 inch cock, they want Chad's 8 inch really thick cock pounding their boipucci.

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Redpill me on veganism, /r9k/. Is it worth doing for health reasons? I have a family history of beetus so i want to prevent that even though im skinny
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was vegan for two years. I'm definitely healthier than I was before, but I could have achieved that vegan or not. these days I eat fish, still no dairy though

just eat more vegetables, less dairy and red meat
I have been vegan for 3 months and i really feel better than ever , my energy levels are going trough the roof.
I dont miss diary or meat at all , fruits and vegetables are fucking delicious , its like discovering food for the first time, there is so many combinations of things and recipes i want to try.
Veganism is a may may that should only be done for health reasons, it's still retarded.

Been diabets for 4 years now able to get my sugar levels under control with it, but even then I still eat eggs and honey. No wheat though that shit is gay.

Besides, veganism has such a negative stigma towards it your best bet is to say you're on a "plant-based" diet.

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Will he and Jay ever make up?
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(((jay z))) is a illuminati now
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>Kanye will never make up with Jay and make Watch the Throne 2
>Kanye will never make up with Drake and finish their collab either

At least TurboGrafx 16 is S O O N
What did Kanye do to Jay Z?

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i want to buy a synthesizer, my budget is around 500

i was thinking about a microkorg or a minilogue, should i buy a reverb pedal to go along with it?
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What music do you want to make?

i want to make stuff more on the ambient side
just pirate serum my guy

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"Ooh! I think I've had a bit too much to eat, hehe... getting a bit heavy!"

"Mmmm.. I'm hungry! Got any carrots?"
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"You... you haven't seen any carrots lying around, have you? ...I could sure go for some, hehe!"
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"Got any carrots? Man, I'm so hungry! Mmmm, carrots..."

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why matrix aesthetics is so appealing to losers ?
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Because black clothing and sunglasses are cool.

Also goths existed at the time and had an easily borrowed fashion to use all over hollywood.
The good guys dressed in black is super common and edgy fedoratards wanna seem...edgy due to the fact that they're social retards. They think they're edginess is why they're alone. Those are the losers attracted to it yeah?
people dress like what they see in pop culture

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>it's another youtube in bed day
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This hit close to home
>spend so much time listening to youtubers to pretend you have friends that you run out of things to listen to
>It's another watch Koreaboos do K-Pop dance covers day

could be worse, yeah?


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>tfw erectile dysfunction

No the image isn't a mistake
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Care to elabotate?
Explain yourself
Erectile dysfunction ruined my life.

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