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I finally got the chance to lose my virginity with a roastie (pic related) but my dick didn't get hard for shit!!! What the fuck is going on with me? I had her delicious ass all over my face but I couldn't get hard for shit, WHAT THE FUCK!!!
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She looks 16 anon.
Maybe you need superior experienced woman meme. You are a meme
nigg a u gay

u a gay BOY
that chick is actually disgusting dude

How do i get an asian gf?
I want to stop being a robot and get a gf
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People aren't romantic anymore, they just spew memes at eachother and call it a relationship.
go to some kind of asian place start flirting with girls.
how do you even get a girlfriend period?

how do you pretend to be interested in her long enough to get her in bed?

all my hobbies are weird and third party, i usually run out of things to ask a girl about 10 minutes in

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How long were you an underage poster on 4chan?

I was for 8 years grew up on this site, I'm 22 now.
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i was 18 before this site existed lol
whenever these posts pop up i wish the mods would ban you for an equal amount of time to the length you claim just so we don't have to listen to your shit for a while. your posts are bad and you should feel bad.
sage goes in all fields
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>started browsing ironically in the 8th grade on a Nintendo dsI
>Years later, be 20 and still browsing >unironically

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>using shaving cream for the first time

I don't hate this.
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What did you do before?

I hope you didnt shave your face raw
It makes a world of difference. I stopped getting ingrowns when I started using it.
the fuck did you do before? just cut your face up with a dry razor? dumbass.

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>I really like being called good girl in a sexual setting. Because my father never calls me a good kid anymore.
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We'd have fun OP, I love saying that to girls. It's sorta demeaning, all dominant and I fucking love their reaction to it.
Does that even make sense at all?
Are you male or female?
>I really just want someone to care because I'm going to die and I have no one at all

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if you post in this thread you will die instantly
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lolol i dont believe y-
please work please work please work
yeah, sure thing fa-

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chill out bro jeez just be yourself or something
this is what pussy depravation does to a man... such a sad sight to see
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>tfw no bf to impregnate me
h-how does being filled with cum feel

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Is it weird to bring your PC to college?
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not really.
It is totally fine for laptops - you'd be weird not too! For desktops, it's not weird to take them to your dorm/on campus housing, but it is weird to have them around with you while on campus, unless you're going to a LAN party on an engineering section.
it was pretty common at my college

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How does anyone live with this? I would fuck a hole through a concrete wall right now, I can smell every pussy within a six mile radius, when I look at a 280x160 picture of some random girl on 4chan I have involuntary mystical hallucinations of what it would be like to squeeze her ass and have the fat press between my fingers. I can HEAR women's breasts right now. I want to fuck the Old Milwaukee girl so bad. I can't take it anymore. Every time I think about women, my prostate instantly reacts and it takes 20 minutes for it to feel normal again.

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Anon you fool, prepare for your own personal Hell of temptation.
>falling for rhe NoFap meme

I've been at it for almost three months and I can safely say that there are no benefits to doing it.
Masturbation feels good.

You are deliberately stopping yourself from masturbating. You are giving up one of the most pleasurable things you can do.

Serious question: what evidence is there, that stopping fapping will get you laid?

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ITT: Post you're waifu and explain why she is your waifu.

I've never been able to decide on a waifu but I think pic related may be the one: Esna, the water spirit from Ever Oasis for 3DS.

>Kindly and sweet
>Devoted to helping others
>Doesn't age
>Stupid thicc
>You can literally drown in her ass

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>short red hair
>strong but also pretty cute
>perfect blue eyes
>cute china dress
>tfw /r9k/ is mostly waifuless normies now
>tfw you had a waifu but normies go a hold of her and now she is just a basic bitch waifu
It was Hex Maniac.

>dark hair
>eye circles
>possible crazy

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What species of pokemon do you think you'd be? I'd have to go with with Bulbasaur--pretty okay but no one picks him or gives a shit about him.
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Gardervoir, so I can finally be a cute girl
I'd probably go Sandshrew because then, whenever I feel my social anxiety coming on, I could curl up into a ball or burrow myself underground - never to be seen again.
Duskull because I sometimes disappear from social events and other things without saying goodbye, which duskull can turn invisible. Duskull is also nocturnal like me, and the skull to represent me being a metalhead.

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>get job
>unemployed mother literally begging for money every fucking day
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don't worry about it m8 I've got a job for yer mam :^)
Pay her because she gives you a place to live you ungrateful child
no she doesnt shes unemployed, my grandma pays our rent, my mom doesn't cook, clean or do the dishes. she sits on facebook and goes to the casino.

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the red pill.jpg
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What is your opinion on the Red Pill subreddit?
Is it a good place for betas to learn how to improve themselves as people and become more successful in life and romance?
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>Is it a good place for betas to learn how to improve themselves as people and become more successful in life and romance?

Nah its actually a place for betas to blame all of their trouble on women and how to order sex dolls discreetly.
nice try you flapping roastie skank whore
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bluepilled to shit. its entirely cope they believe confidence makes you attractive or that these retarded techniques will get them laid. face is all that matters.

Sometimes my neighbors have sex with their windows open.

Why do they do this? Are they trying to tell me something?
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what the fuck

this comment is oregano
Sex is degrading to women
You realize you can call the cops on them and have then arrested for indecent exposure.

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I just finished taking a walk around the city for four hours. Just recently I took a walk in a forested area of my neighborhood. Anyone else like doing this? I like to go for walks alone, especially when there are few people around, and just observe my surroundings. It's very calming and nice, and I think many robots here could benefit from going outside and taking in your surroundings.
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I do the same for exercise/fresh air. Its a good 2 hour route that takes me to uni and back. Minimal traffic and nice way to listen to podcasts on my backlog.

pic related last winter
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I like to walk but where I live its hard not to pass by people. Shit makes me anxious.
I walked for 5 hrs last night for tue purpose of finding something to eat. It rained on me twice.
I was harassed by drink normies enjoying there Friday night out on the town.
I jumped into 8 different garbage dumps hoping to find some sandwhiches that the walmart deli threw out because they were a few days old.
All I found was mostly paper, cardboard boxes and plastic bags. Nothing even remotely edible.
Eventually i managed to find a box of bananas. They had to have been at least 3 days old at best bit were probably thrown out that evening.
I decided this was good enough and threw in the towel for the night. Walked back to the safer part of town. Feet were killimg me at this point.
Came upon a group of black teens
Decided to cross the other side of the street. They laughed and mocked me as I crossed but they probably would have lynched me if i stayed on that same path.

You comfy fags that do this for fun make me want to puke.

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