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>A father and stepmother in the US have lost custody of two of their five children after playing pranks on them in a series of YouTube videos.

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>only losing custody of 2/5
Wtf so they're partially responsible parents?
no idea why they only took two away
The women is only step-mother for 2 of the kids they went with their birth mom

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How are your finals coming along robots?

I have to leave for my Philosophy final in 20 minutes... then I've got a Mathematical Proofs final tomorrow and a Statistics final the day after. Thank god next semester is my last.
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Finals don't happen at my school until mid-June.

Midterm season instead.

Not in uni but got one of my exams back at a grade which I need to start my uni course


Is philosophy one of those things americans are forced to pick as a general ed?
What's the best way to downplay my academic underperformance? I think I failed two classes this semester and last semester I failed three... should I just act retarded?

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What was the Black Pill that irreverisbly changed your life, r9k?
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Fuck off


Shut the fuck up, you're not in the matrix.
Bluepill as fuck
I had a chick try to get pregnant from me because I made a decent check . She admitted to it afterward and everything. I already had trust issues and that just cemented them for life.

That was literally the only time in my life a woman had shown interest in me. I Will never trust a woman.

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Post your most effective bait and the board you use it on. Can be images or text.

I'll start with a classic (used on pol)
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That one is always guaranteed 300 replies, there is also a black girl one with the same kind of stats that just came out and /pol/ hates that one too.
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The one with the harvard girl?
>post that I'm a tranny
>am actually a tranny
>only mention it when it's actually relevant to the thread
>tons of replies

My existence is bait

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Well robots, I think I'm ready to become an hero. It's been a long run, but it's time to put that to an end. So here's my question, robots: if you were to an hero, what would you listen to while doing it, and why? I'll go first


I choose this song because it inspires a sense of awe, a sense of innocence and contentness that I haven't felt in a long time. And when I look around, all I see is the world descending into madness. I don't see that same feeling in the world around me, and if I'm going to die, I want to die feeling as peaceful as possible.The ride must end sometime, so it might as well end now.

Now, it's your turn.
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This is gonna be it.

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Welcome to the Frog and Feels Tavern, fellow anons! Pull up a chair, enjoy the fire, and remember - it's afternoon somewhere!

Feel free to share a feel, just have a drink, or just enjoy the ambience. We've got a jukebox in the corner or if you're into it, we've got a piano I can unlock on request.

As always, dubs are a free drink.

Let me start the jukebox off:

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A cold whiskey, on the rocks.
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An iced whiskey, for you.
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its been 85 years.png
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How do I get a gf, lads?

I matched with a qt on tinder but then she ignored me.

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>you get a decent job and start moving up the ranks
>it's replaced by a robot and you're let go

What will you do?
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>study WARNS

nigga we should be excited for this
robots should do all of the shitty stuff we don't want to and we should be left to become the race of NEETS who do whatever they want we deserve to be
you mean you expect someone else to keep paying for your lifestyle after all the jobs go? like corporations who specifically made robots to spend less money on hiring people will suddenly be okay with paying you for doing nothing?
The existential ennui is already palpable in society, I'll just kill myself like thousands of others will do when they realize they're superfluous

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Come and chat my fellow rabbits.
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TFW rabbits wont even befriend you.
>chat with guy on omegle
>pretend I'm girl
>talk for a while
>guy is very desperate
>asks for pic
>find imgur dick pic from reddit
>send it to him
>guy is very sad
>I'm even more pathetic than he is
someone talk to me with the r9k tag please

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How well does this image describe you?
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spot on :^(
(original story)
Same, do I get antidepressants now?
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well fugck

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For ten years, there have been several /b/ threads where people debate whether traps are gay, share trap porn, and post pictures of their shaved legs. Please use them instead.

Trap threads manage to be considerably more obnoxious than regular porn threads, because people spam boypussy and girl (male), abuse spoilertext, punctuate with tildes, and ERP with one another. As far as OC to traffic ratios are concerned, they're terrible threads. They're cancer in the classic sense, something that spreads despite being generally considered awful (trap threads are not successful because most people like traps threads, they're successful because you don't need that many dedicated posters to camwhore or dump images).

Every NSFW random board slowly becomes porn, and trap spam is kicking /r9k/'s slovenly ass into the abyss.

They're also full of camwhoring and /soc/ content. A nontrivial number of the people behind them are moral lepers who get off on convincing seventeen year old weebs that if they don't take HRT they will spend the rest of their lives alone. Transitioning is not a solution to social isolation and pornography addiction, the five or ten years of free attention and affection before your looks fade don't make up for everything that comes after that.

/r9k/ has not been a good board in a long time. After deletion, it was nearest to decent when blogposting was pervasive enough that you could always find a thread full of people greentexting about the worst things that happened in their life. It was still mostly garbage, but it still had a unique culture that produced some interesting things.

Trap threads never produce anything other than dating drama, gender dysphoria, and leg pics. Trannies, traps, and chasers are the most cancerous bunch on 4chan, and had a significant role in ruining /b/, g, and /r9k/, as well as continually lowering the quality of several other media boards. No other fetishists have killed boards like you guys.
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This board is /reddit9k/ now. We're hip to the current year, transphobe.
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I want to marry a transgirl!
File: gf.jpg (77KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want a trans girl to love me :)

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How do we defeat racism?
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Just ignore racists. Dont pretend racism doesn't exist but dont give those fucks your attention when they start spouting stupid shit.

Remember, a racist's biggest goal is to get their voice heard.
This picture is disgusting.
Support your local antifa group

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right, which one of you fuckers was it!!! I'm fucking serious this isn't funny!!! I'm scared

Right I'll greentext I suppose

>Be minimum McWagecuck
>Working last night on drive through
>Upsate new York, not giving exact location becasue you know where the fuck it was
>It's a chill night, not much going on
>About 10.30
>Car pulls into drive through
>Welcome to McDonald's can I take your order etc
>hear two young boys laughing
>Yer I'll have a mcmeme please you dumb wagie
>Yer I'll have that please you cuck
>I'm sorry, what?
>Hahah fucking wagecuck, hope you sucking Mr shekelstiens cock good tonight
>At this point I start to get sweaty and panic
>The boys pull around to the window
>Haha he looks like he goes on r9k as well haha fucking beta
>They both call me a cuck once more before driving off


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Because I won't answers
That's what you get for being a filthy McWagie, they could smell the r9k on you
hahahhahaha i wish that really happened.

It probably was real neets too because they didnt have any money for food

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Fembots, do you think it's fair for an anon to out a girl who has started doing porn who I know to her parents?

I know some of you have done porn so I'm curious.
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what do you intend to achieve by doing that

Are you just mad she won't date you?
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I want her parents to help sort her out.

I have found the true way to distract yourself from all stresses and thats to starve
if I still think about them ill get the panic attacks
but at least my minds occupied
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:( gfd)cc
Hang in there, buddy. Actually replacing the stresses you can with other meaningful things will eventually work out if you do it
If i can get by the disabling anxiety i have every hour
its why i wanted to die

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>walk into room

>See this on bed

How do you react?
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turn 720 degrees and waIk away
Literally press my tongue deep inside the anal cavity
turn 360 * and walk away desu

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