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Does anyone else feels like hate is just caused by ignorance?

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Maybe. I think a lot of hate does come from people who have little knowledge on what they hate and only think of the few instances they came into contact with it
the more you know about something the more you hate it
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Yes. I believe anger is caused by misunderstanding. An event occurs that makes someone angry, yet they don't know what lead that event to occur. You can assume what made it so, you may even see it all happen right in person, but we know what occurs locally is affected by nonlocal events too. In short just try to be empathetic. Use your energy on something else besides frustration.

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What strange / unconventional hobbies do you have? Is it something that girls may get attracted to?
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>metal casting
>chemical engineering
A few times
>antique textbook collecting
They'll think they're interested at first, but get bored the same day
>chronic masturbation
>bowfishing invasive species
>automotive restoration
Just hamplanets and lesbians


Only the BBC can please this goddess
Archery and judo
Maybe my love for outdoor camping and building random mounds and dolmens in the countryside

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ITT: Robot musicians and discussion of their music
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art threads = best threads.

i make ears bleed, what about you, op?
I just bleed, senpai. I just bleed.
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Loving you was like loving the dead

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>tfw vidya became fun again after few month hiatus
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I can only enjoy it when I'm high. Otherwise it's just guilt at not doing something more productive when I know damn well that I'm not going to be doing anything productive
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helbful bost.jpg
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>stopped playing multiplayer games last month
>only played singleplayer games since
>having an absolute blast

feels like being a kid again
its weird
you hate playing multiplayer because you feel you are bad
but you keep playing to git gud
but that only leads to more frustration and you end up hating vidya

playing single player may be the best thing of gaming

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Write a letter to someone who might read it. Include initials.

Dear Anon,
I saw you was in panic in the other thread, don't worry anymore.
I know you wanted it so here I am, gifting for you this comfy letter thread.
- S
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You wouldn't let this thread die so soon, right?
Dear who ever the fuck.
I fucking hate everyone in my family and every person I meet.
I just want my own place and a job to pay bills.
Just leave me the fuck alone everyone.
Im fucking angry.
you are too good to be true. i'll never see you again but thank you for being part of my reality. i'm happy with the way things are but sometimes the sadness is overwhelming. i still think you are worth it.
you don't lurk here and you'll never read this, and even if you did you wouldn't know this is for you. but writing these useless notes makes me feel closer.

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In all seriousness though, why don't YOU have a girlfriend, /r9k/?
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I've never bothered trying to get one.

I didn't even give a shit until I came here and saw everybody raving about how important it is.

Now I want one.
What could I possibly add to their life? Why would they go for me instead of anyone else?
choose one faggot

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>"the sex was great but oh boy was she crazy. never stick your dick into crazy, anon"
>"sex isn't everything in life, anon"
>"a girlfriend won't make you automatically make you happy, anon"
>"btw I'm chad and I had tons of girlfriends and sex but trust me, I know what it's like to be lonely"
I hate these people the most on /r9k/
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But bro, i had a gf and i know what its like to be lonely. One thing doesn't exclude the other
you'll never know the feeling of permanent solitude
as such, i welcome you to leave
Seriously. Never stick your dick in crazy. Sex is amazing but the amount of bullshit and apoplexy-inducing rage moments was too much to handle. I've shaved at least three months off my life dealing with that bullshit.

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Is he the Anti-Normie? Discuss based Jake Paul in this thread
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his fans are like 8 years old lol
he's just a cunt, plain and simple
The Alpha Chad.
Fuck Jake Paul, such a niggerfaggot.

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Anyone else suffer with it?
I feel like my whole life is in slow motion.
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>Anyone else suffer with it?
>I feel like my whole life is in slow motion.
Stop using the computer and eating shitty food and go to sleep earlier

Worked for me.
Yeah it fucked me up, not sure if it was brought a out by stress or too much waknkng but it made me fail uni. Try

>regular sleep
>zinc tablets
>vaping (no memeing, take nicotine gum or patches or some shit, it sharpens you up, its worked for me for the last 5 months plus I'm not addicted, I take a week or two break every now and then)
>nofap, again not memeing, this fits in with the zinc pils

Try all this then you can complain

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final boss gf.png
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The time has come. You know what to do robros.
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here's the template
and some final boss ost
Nice dubs boiiii
I got a few to post to help you out op

Do you dress like a robot? I never leave the house without my gym shorts, wife beater and birkenstocks. Combined with my baby-face and tall skinyfat frame mummy says I'm quite the looker.

Watch out roasties!
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>solid color (usually gray) plain t shirt with pocket
>I own 1 pair of jeans (gray Levi's, athletic fit for my muscular ass)
>black, white, and gray Puma's. Flat with big black laces
File: 1494035324684.png (64KB, 507x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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whenever I go anywhere its the same black hoodie and sweatpants. usually commando also.
Well yes, it takes just one glance at me and it's visible that I'm a robot. I just wear whatever...

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my friend is loudly fucking my little sister in the other room, please someone give me reasons not to end it all.
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Why don't you join in on the fun, OP?
how the fuck is he your friend? and how can you tolerate that of your sister? if you have ANY honour as a man, you'd go and kill both of them, and then kill yourself for having allowed it to happen
This is your punishment for not fucking your little sister sooner.

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When you post spitefull things here, you're not lashing out against Normies... Normies don't come here, they see this place as "That weird racist shit hole."

You're lashing out against other robots and people like you, I'm starting to think you hate fellow robots more than Stacys, normies and Chads

>Obligatory /r9k/ is one person post.
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That's the whole point, that's why I come here, to wallow in the collective energy and remind myself that there are people as pathetic as I am.
>they see this place as "That weird racist shit hole."
>implying true normies even know that 4chan exists

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I can't have a waifu. My mind rejects it with the thought that no one would ever be able to like me. Anons what to do?
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If you lose your sanity.
Your mind is right, just accept that fact and try to have fun, nothing to gain, nothing to lose, i don't really care anymore about those things.
jesus freaks all have the same husbando and coagulate around that fancy

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Well as the title suggests I'm a lonely, depressed Robot looking for someone to chat with. The people I've talked to from here always seem to stop responding after a while even though the conversation was always going pretty good.
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File: 1500950621366.gif (95KB, 500x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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im always available as long as im not sleeping.
We can talk about whatever really. Any sort of conversation would be nice right now. But here's a bit about me
>20 years old
>obviously virgin
>NEET for over a year now
>no real plans in life
>depressed for about 5 years or so
>generally low self esteem/self hate issues
>don't really do much except playing bass and writing lyrics
I'd have to search for my discord login first but thanks

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