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>Favorite band comes to play near my town
>No friends to go with
What are times when you've missed out on something you'd love because of being a social outcast? Should I just go alone or something?
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Nigga just go, no one cares. Ive gone to two concerts by myself and going to a 3rd soon.
Yeah man, I go to concerts alone all the time. Ain't nothing wrong with it.
Where do you live? I'm going to book a plane

>tfw no qt loner girl to talk to and hang out together
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You're a gay fag you know that
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life is not your animu jimmy, but that doesn't mean it has to suck
Those don't exist I'm afraid. And if they do they'll probably won't like you

All girls are THOTS!
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and like 80% of girls can be made attractive enough with makeup so it sucks to be us doesn't it
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What the fuck is on the face of the girl on the right?
You could always wear makeup yourself

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>some faggots invite me to a trip
>would go as far as to call them friends
>say I don't want to join their trip
>they set up all up as if I was going to come with them
>think I'm just joking when I say that I'm not comming
>they rent a house, plan the roadtrip etc.
>already said I'm not comming so really don't care and it's not like I ever talk to these people
>just now one of the guys asks me if I'm serious about comming or not
>say that I've already said no many times
> says I now "owe" him $300 because he had already booked us space on a cruise ship something I never even agreed to

seriously wtf?
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I'd tell you to just go but you sound like a real party pooper so it's probably best for all parties involved if you stay home
If you're going to blow $300 either way, you may as well go.
Why the fuck would I go on a weeks trip with 11 people I barely even know? I know one of the guys well enough to consider him a friend but the rest are people I jsut know of, and some of them are friend of them so I haven't even seen them before.

I'm not gonna pay him $300 when I already told him and everyone else many times that I'm not going

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>tfw you're only 22 but your hairline is starting to recede and everyone is starting to notice and make jokes about it
>tfw it's your biggest insecurity
>tfw both men and women will see you as beta and inferior for the rest of your life no matter what you do
>tfw painful procedures like hair plugs are the only "cure" though they still look obvious and abnormal in the end
>tfw you cut your hair super short to see (approximately) what you would look like bald, and you look horrible and disgusting because your face is shaped like an egg
>tfw you're 5'7 and have essentially no redeeming qualities to make up for your terrible hair genes

honestly thinking of killing myself. when i look into my future, all i see is this balding, ugly, short, creep who lives alone and has never had a single relationship. i KNOW i will never fully be the MAN i want to be. i KNOW i will never, ever date the women i want to date.

i guess the point of this post is to ask those who are balding, how do you deal with it? how do you get over the fact that men and women will probably forever view you as inferior, especially over something as stupid as your looks? am i a moron for focusing so much on this?
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>tfw both men and women will see you as beta and inferior for the rest of your life no matter what you do

I guarantee you that is not the case. The only people who will judge you are other losers like you, so you have nothing to fear.
Time to join the hair club for men
It's ridiculous that premature balding isn't considered a disease.

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i wanted to ask here because /fit/ is just a bunch of bullied manlets who want me to set up a full comprehensive training program instead of giving some simple advice.
what is a good home workout for a NEET?, (arms mostly because my legs are already jacked from cycling and being overweight).
i feel like i could easily dedicate hours a day to lifting weights while sitting and listening to podcasts and browsing 4chan.
should i just lift some bricks or something like a prisoner? or should i use those cheap plastic dumbbells?
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Push ups - as many as you can
Fill piss bottle with sand if you got it for home made dumbbell
If you wanna get toned, just do stuff like squats, push ups, pull ups, sit ups, etc. You can also try shadowboxing to get cardio in too. I'm not a fitness expert or anything, but 100 pushups, 100 sit ups, and 100 squats toned me well. Try planking too, that helps your core. Remember to work in reps, like 5 lifts a rep or something. Just lift anything that you can get a good hold on, I used ammunition as weights before.
Pushups + Leg Raises
Pullups + Squats
Handstand Pushups + Bridges

Also download "convict conditioning"

This nigga has 4 kids with 3 different women while most of us will die alone. Why aren't there more Elliot Rodgers out there?
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Because most people don't compare themselves to the literal top 0.0000000001% of male

Plenty of jobless welfare leeches have multiple mothers of their children, compare yourself to them instead.

>comparing yourself to Cristiano Ronaldo

it's like the people on this board are actively trying to make themselves depressed
>4 child support checks to 3 different women + alimony payments
nah I'm pretty happy with how my life's going thanks

Would you fuck a dragon?
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Who wouldn't fuck a powerful and noble creature of legend?
everyone here would fuck just about anything, so yes op, i would fuck a dragon
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if the dragon looked like this, in a milisecond.

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i've got 14x45mg and 3x30mg pills of mirtazapine. is this enough to end me? that's the max doses and equals 720mg, surely that would be enough combined with alcohol? please tell me this is enough
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It's not, the LD50 is 600-720mg/kg, which is 50x+ times more than you have. You'd just have a deliriant like hallucinatory trip and fall asleep for a half a day at that dosage.
No, you need a few GRAMS of those pills to even have a chance of killing you, and even then you might just vomit it up anyway. Drug overdose is the least successful way to commit suicide due to people not knowing how to do it correctly, as well as being affected by many other factors that make it not work. Best to hang yourself OP, full suspension, not partial.

If you still want to overdoes, you need to get your hands on either between 50-100mg fentanyl/couple of grams of high quality heroin which you can inject intravenously, as well as drinking some alcohol (high alcholol
percentage - 40%+)along with it to seal the deal. Also include a few hundred mg of Benzos if you want to be certain you will die.
Overdose* fuck, makes me want to accelerate my plan to kill myself

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>class mates used to mock my voice
"Ha ha, you talk so strange anon"
>they invited me just to make me say funny stuff
I thought I was just being funny. Then I realised I got a very nasal voice. Realised it while listening to a recording of my own voice for the first time. Wow it is a hard thing to remember
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That is devastating. How do you even recover from that?
I watched a lot of movies and learned to talk like movie stars. And I don't talk much.
I used to have a terribly nasal voice. But you can change that somewhat by talking out of your throat rather than the nose. Like singing it takes a while of practice to stretch out your vocal chords. With the nasal voice your throat is more closed and the air mostly comes through the nasal passages. If you open your throat up more and train your throat to stretch like that then your voice will get much nasally. Try opening your throat like you're trying to imitate a REALLY deep voice - that's kind of how you do it, but do it in moderation. It'll become natural over time. I can't even do my old obnoxiously nasal voice anymore.

My name is Adolf Hitler.
I am still alive.
Ask me anything you want.
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Why did you kill the Jews papa

Why did you support the Neo-Staendestaat?
If you don't pursue your dreams they may never come true.

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>After 3000 hours in google translate
You can trick it by typing "call".
I always fuck with the captcha by slightly misspelling the words on purpose.
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I know what you mean pal.

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I broke my 3 month nofap streak, dunno how but I screwed up. Now I'm on day 2. I ended up on some really deviant shit I thought i was over, like sex chat rooms and trap threads or whatever.

Maybe this time it'll be over for good.
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What's the benefit of nofap?
>I ended up on some really deviant shit I thought i was over, like sex chat rooms and trap threads or whatever.
this just debunks that nofapping can cure degeneracy like jerking off to traps.

Nothing, but some anons do recommend it to "re-wire" your brain, and jerk off to normal porn again.
I find myself in this Situation right now.
'normal' porn doesn't excite me at all
It's all about those bestiality, mooning, public humiliation and 'best friends masturbating together' shit now
>inb4 those are normal porn

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Can't find them anywhere
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check tumblr
Judgmental Drawings on Facebook

>inb4 normie
Fucking normies pieces of trash that use question marks out of context give me cancer

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I don't know why im still trying to make things better.
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Because you are winner, anon. I wish you all the best
Don't see that kind of positivity here very often. Yeah fuck em' up boi
I don't even have motivation to make things better. I was given such a shitty hand from the genetic lottery that any changes I made wouldn't make a single difference to my situation in general.

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