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post songs you put on repeat for hours

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good taste, are you actually a Shiite?
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Christian, tho I still like Ali

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Post your Waifu or my waifu will shoot you dead.
and your dog too
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best girl
no questions asked
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Oogie Boogie-tan is my waifu, I love her very much
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I think my waifu will be doing the shooting here

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A society arises from the rubble or /r9k/
A band of misfits and their daring leaders
Join the resistance on discord HERE

Meet the true leaders of the rebellion
try your hand at close quarters btfo-ing
go undercover!

>No Normals
>No Roasties
>No Traps
>No Faggots
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Bumped and supported.
A discord like no other.
This is the only true robot server.
but discord is for nomries anon don't try to fool us

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This is a dire situation, please do something robots.
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Can I get some sauce on this girl(male) qt
Seconding that. I really wish the guys who run BLACKED would do a site with similar production values, but for cute girly boys being fucked by BBC.
you don't

black guys are all over white bois and white girls (male) in that scene from what i hear

Do you constantly steal money from your parents or trick them into giving it to you and feel really bad afterwards or is it just me?
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I just have a Findom sub for that sort of stuff, my parents would kill me if I tried that.
It's time to stop the heroin
you're not alone op
steal because too afraid to ask
feel awful every single time

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When I was in High school

>be me, quiet and top student in the 9th class but no friends
>see thin qt brunette troublemaker with a big ass
>fall in love instantly
>she sits next to me, jokes with me and we become friends
>only month into our friendship she is taking full advantage of me, I do her hw and buy her lunch
>she is always texting her Chad bf from another school
>she tells me all her intimate secrets, she lost her virginity to him the week they meant, and he loves anal and "he is so hot"
>she pinches and slaps me around alot and is always making fun of me
>always greets me with "hey,loer" "bye,loser"
>after two years of being basically her slave, i tell her I love her
>she laughs and says she knew all along
>"I dont think of you that way,anon, Im not attracted to you, youre free to stop talking to me you dont have to be my friend"
>she spends all of grade 11-12 being extra super mean to me all day and laughing at me for still being her friend
>at the end of the year she tells me "anon, oh my god I was always so mean to you hoping you would stop loving me but you kept putting up with everything I did to you so I kept getting meaner and meaner and you still followed me around all day"
>She literally cries and hugs me and says shes going to miss me and she wants to stay friends even after HS
>tfw I shouldve never talked to her and shouldve told her to leave me alone the first day we met
>tfw I still think about her everyday, 10 years
>tfw she ruined me for other women

How do I recover?
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stop being a loser

no one owes you anything in this life. what if Shaniqua had fallen in love with you, describing you the way you describe this girl? wld that obligate u to date her or fuck her or fall in love with her?

u put urself in this position, get urself out of it

>she ruined other women for me

fuck u retard, u ruined other women for urself, take some responsibility for ur actions
never really gets easier man.
I had a similar situation only it was w/ a co worker a few years back. still think about her daily and makes me hate women. hopefully one day we can stop being faggots and develop some emotional connection with a woman again
the worst part about it is the utter humiliation of knowing you werent good enough for thr girl you loved. being nothing to someone who is your everything. its soul-breaking

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Who else /fascist/ here?

Fashbots are genuine. Fashbots are the only true robots.
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Real robots wouldn't survive in a fascist society.
Antisocials got sterilized so they couldn't pass their "bad behavior genes" to the gene pool.

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>Reply to a post
>Nobody posts in the thread after me
>Thread gets archieved
>I was the thread killer
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how do you know the thread wasnt already dead before you posted in it?
>reply to thread
>nobody else replies, thread gets archived
It's because everyone is trying to avoid me. I know you know who I am, even though it appears I am "anonymous" I am not. Watch now this ones gonna die too
This happens to me too many times to count

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biggest lies They ever told you
>it's not a popularity contest
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>the kind of man women want, is a gentleman who isnt afraid of being himself

like pottery
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>if you ignore them, they will stop bothering you
>if you press B quickly, you'll have a better chance of catching it

Has anyone else been in a situation similar where an outsider suddenly enters your life and cries crocodile tears to your real friends or people you know accusing you of going out of your way to hurt them resulting in your friends viewing you differently and as a bad person?
I've never directed hatred to this 'outsider', I just feel we were never naturally, socially-compatible.
Is there a name for these kind of people, are they going out of their way to hurt me, is it just targeted callousness, or am I simply overthinking the whole situation?
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pack your bags and gtfo
thanks for the bump
Forgot where I am, I should've specified they're not irl friends
>I just feel we were never naturally, socially-compatible

so someone who never knew you...

There's no use trying to prove your innocence when your gang suddenly turns on you bc of that.

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>Become a trap
>Have all the sex you want

What's stopping you from transitioning?
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This trap is my favorite. Anyone have more pics or a name?
Then buy me the tittie skittles you fucking jew
It's not that easy.

I'm 6'4" with a masculine face, shoulder-hip ration, bone structure.

Even with hormones and surgery i'd never be 'cute'.

So fuck off.

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i hope all your dreams come true anonbros
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Why so smug? What are you hiding?
me dreams already did

now I wish I could just find a gf
Thanks friend


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I just heard that a lack of human touch can impair your cognitive functions over time; is this legit or was I being memed? They said it had to do with oxytocin or some shit. That's scary because I literally never touch or get touched by other human beings in any way and I feel like I'm slowly getting retarded. How often do you make physical contact with other people? Do normal people regularly get touched? (even platonically)
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Literally google. You're on the internet right now.
thank goodness i ERPed all those dudes in high school, who knows how bad off i'd be otherwise
Just go for a quick walk outside everyday and greet people you meet with a handshake. You get human contact and if you walk for long enough, you might start slimming down, this has been my trick for 2 years now.

Texas Johnfag here,

Its that time again, gents. Time to get you KHVs laid. Don't level up to Wizard, post ITT today!

ITT we:
>Share tips
>Ask questions
>Post pics & stories
>Robots chime in to ask if it was worth it

Quick guide:
Trim your pubes, take a shower, use mouthwash and you'll be fine
You don't gotta Bee yourself but you Doo gotta have $200
Yes, they will indulge your cuddling fetishes and pretty much everything you'd see in normie porn (except bareback)

To answer the question- yes, totally worth it. I dropped that guilt like a sack of bricks and now I'm free.
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I'd feel so bad about it. I have little sisters, I just imagine them doing stuff like that and it makes me feel bad.
Don't fall for the meme guys. A hooker I visited a while back called up and said she tested positive for herpes and when I was fucking her one time the condom broke. apparently she was clean in December and I have had condoms break with other ones, so I'm hoping I'm clean.

I'm done with escorts, don't be like me. Ignore these threads and just keep trying to land a girl online or irl. It's not worth the money, stress or potential health risks. I think I'll just kill myself if I'm positive

lmao fag

>not fagging while imagining a threesome with your sister and mom

Gondola And Comfy Thread
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Oreganoli papricoli
oreganoli Gondoloni

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