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>kids randomly try to fuck with me in school
>I barely even feel their attacks because my juggernaut of a father ragdolls me daily when I spill a glass of milk or forget my chores, they can not compete with his hamfists
>I freak out and attack then on the spot every time and pummel them until adults strong enough to pull me away come to break it up, sometimes this takes minutes
>am considered a discipline case for frequent violence
>teachers afraid of me, except for those who openly hate me
>I have to get a booklet signed and written in by every teacher every day
>junor high! things will be different
>kid I knew from elementary kicks me in the face when I am bent down at my locker even though I havent spoken to him in over a year
>I chase him down and kick his head into the wall and throw him over the stairwell
>principal corners me while the police (and ambulance!) come
>he starts hitting me and spit is flying from his mouth onto my face
>I rabbit punch him in the mouth and ribs and run away as he is curled up on the floor with his arms over his head
>behavior adaptation time, no more normal school! I am now only allowed in the basement of the school that BA is in
>I talk to nobody, do nothing but work
>gang fucks with me for no reason at the bus stop as I try to read a book
>I am surrounded and a knife is pointed at me while people kick me
>I pull out mine and start slashing

>Prison time! Probation officer cant protect me this time
>No prisoners ever bother me, 2 years without incident, everybody is helpful and friendly
>teachers are nice to me and let me work at my own pace
>highschool diploma at age 16, 10's 20's 30's all completed

Society is fucking backwards
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>don't want to wank too much

>normally spend an hour or two every day masturbating
>tfw been a compulsive wanker since I was a kid

>abstained from jerking since yesterday afternoon
>penis rises up at the slightest provocation

>have had an erection for ten minutes

>haven't had sex in seven and a half months

What do I do????
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also pic related, I can't turn it off
keep masturbating because it's normal faggot
give up on masturbating
you'll note it never accomplished anything
it's extremely unproductive use of time
you could as easily not masturbate as masturbate and if you aren't then you can be writing dissertations and studying the behavior of spiders in high pressure environments in that valuable space of time

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> tfw get horny
> manage to get a girl to fuck easy every single time
> as I finish, my confidence finishes aswell
> it all falls apart
> continue being a useless NEET
> get horny again
> the cycle repeats
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An 11 year old girl said to an older boy in the school I work at "you don't get no girls, you have a foot fetish!"

How do they even know about this shit?
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>"no, dear. it's a futa fetish."
The same way that Trump got into office, OP.
>Social media.

It will be the downfall of the generations to come.

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what does r9k think about babs palvin?
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but I saved her anyway. She better have a decent personality.
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I want to enter into a loving, long-term relationship with her.

I mean, I wouldn't because she's a coal-burner and a beiber-fucker, and would never look twice at me, but she's still pretty hot.

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itt Weird shit you do

>I collect images of women wearing (black) sleeveless tops for future fap material
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Can someone pretend to be Ayafag for me in this thread?
can they be mean to me sort of. please reward me with a hug and treat me like a child
im crying and i want to feel better
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im crying for some reason
i dont know why tears are coming down my face
Why do you call Aya ayafag

Is there a difference between the two

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When I wanted to go to vocational school instead of high school, my mom told me to go to the high school so I can get higher education later.
When I wanted to study stuff I genuinely had interest for (history, economics, public administration), mom told me to study law, because it was supposed to provide better job opportunities and is somehow related to my interests.
None of those are true-job market has a surplus of lawyers here and courses on my subjects of interests were a fucking joke.
I will most likely fail my exams and drop out. I wasted 4 years of my life, doing stuff I hate because I was told to carry on, ironically, so the years I previously spent studying don't go into the trash. It is a 5-years master's degree in my country, so I don't even have a bachelor's right now.
And the loop closes here. I'm 23, still with no diploma, still not being qualified for a job other than retail. The only bright side is that I have no debt (as higher education here is free of charge) and grandpa told me I can move to his place in case dad tells me to gtfo.
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Hahahahahahahah you're like me but I don't have a grand pa anymore and if I fail my exam this year I G T F O the house and I have now re to go to.

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>tfw no femdom gf who likes M A S C U L I N E men and B I G cocks
>tfw tons of roasties and none for me

I HATE this world
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No you don't. You're just sad cause no one has played fetch with you for a while.
What did he mean by that? Original toppings only

Most robot instruments? Literally autist at my school was forced by his parents to play the piano for about 8 years.
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A robot instrument would be the voila.

Its like the violin, but everyone picks the violin over it
>my parents forced me to do something as a kid. therefore, i have autism

It sounds nicer imo, not sure why it gets picked on so much

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is it wrong to try being an alpha chad
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sorta. its wrong because chads are born and not made but its not wrong to aspire to be better than you are now

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How do I get student housing?
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Be a student? Ask your school, jackass. You usually sign up for a dorm at orientation

Tie a brick to your dick and throw it off a balcony.

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>be me white american youth
>that kid who smokes weed then hyperventilates and wish it would stop
>do anyway
>smoke weed everyday for years
>freak out all the time
>sometimes feel like god tho
>is this massochism?
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maybe you should make edibles
maybe you should kill yourself


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If satellites orbit the earth, why can I listen to SiriusXM from the same spot all day?
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If jet fuel can't melt steal beams, then why did chiru.no do pearl harbor?

something about bandwidth and available signal strength or some shit. There's a hard cap imposed on how much data these things can pump. Blame your government or something, idk.

Orbits, how do they work?

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After listening to that song, do you life or cry at this? The song pretty much sums up my anxiousness and depressed thoughts about living. I don't know if I'm fit for life. It's too grating and I can't just stop giving a fuck.
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