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How do I stop crying, /r9k/?
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I wish I can cry
listen to this

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I am exactly like you.

What do you do for fun when you finally have the time and money to do something ?
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travel to a faraway country!

You find a hot escort and pay to fuck her.

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As if people call sex holders "condoms"
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It's called a dink sling
Fuck both of you, It's a banana balaclava.
Those are obviously milk bags

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What reason do female sluts have to browse /r9k/? There are women that come here because they think they are being socially outcasted due to their promiscuity. I have talked to them on here and seen them on the omegle /r9k/ video section. On what basis do these women have to believe that them being sluts is why people don't like them? It sounds like made up self persecution.
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I come here to fucking laugha nd torture myself because I would never interact with this type of scum in real life, seeing them be degenerate is kind of therapeautic because I'm like wow. These are the lowest of the low. LMAO.

But do you think that people hate you because you're a slut? I find that a very strange assertion female sluts on /r9k/ make. They believe that this alleged persecution qualifies them to be a part of this board.
No, because I'm not a slut :) Jokes on you bitch! :DDDDDDDDDDDD YOU THOTLMAOOOOOOO

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I dont believe that there are "bad" personalities, only different ones. Some personalities a great deal of people can appreciate while others are much more niche. Its like saying which is the better genre in games, rougelikes or rpgs? Ones not better or worse than the other, only difference is that more people like rpgs more
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Yeah but then there's totally spies for the GameCube
You are right, but there's not much to discuss so this thread I guarantee will get little replies.
There are definitely bad personalities. Mine is shit. A lot of the people I interact with are shitty too. Some have nice personalities but to be honest most are fucking crap.

>Nearly 21
>Still have horrible acne all over my chest and back
What do?
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Accutane, only thing that cleared up my bacne
Age ten years.
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Slice your throat open with a boxcutter, because the only people who want clear skin are normies.

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>Be me
>Brother died 3 years ago
>He was my best friend.
>get clinical memepression
>eventually get girlfriend 2 years later
>became religious
>started to feel better
>girlfriend said she doesn't love me anymore
>tried to find someone else but i cant talk to women for shit.
>became extremely redpilled on jews and right winged shit
>the redpills are taking over my life, i see a shitty world where my people and the white people will be race mixed mutts eventually.
>sad because i'm not white and i know i will have to go back during the day of the rope
>all of a sudden started thinking about my brother again
>cry, i want to die now
>considering turning on the car in my garage and taking a nice nap in it.
My life went to shit all of a sudden. I can't stop thinking about redpills, my brother, my ex etc.
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Be strong man, we're in this shit together.
Keep going, even if it sucks, it's what your brother would want.
It's really hard. i feel like i will never be loved, i only have 2 friends who are trying to help me but they are making shit worse because they have other people who care about them. I have a little brother who i fucking hate with a passion, and i do not talk to my parents at all. i cannot believe it would come to this, asking /r9k/ of all places for help.
I understand you thinking about your ex and brother constantly, but redpills, really? FFS anon almost every "redpill" out there is the most obvious shit that everybody already knows deep down but is too scared of group mentality to acknowledge.
The world is shit, billions of people have had horrible lives filled ONLY with suffering, luck decides 95% of how your life will be. Get a hobby and get over it.

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Black Metal Pepe.jpg
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there is this edgy goth girl in my college class that i am thinking of attempting to asking out; however, she is like 22-23 and im 19. is it worth trying?
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Unless you're also goth or a metalhead (especially metal dudes) she will likely want nothing to do with you.
Don't, if someone is past the age of 20 and still a goth there is something wrong with them. Not that there is nothing wrong with you but still don't try.
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Varg in the Brush.jpg
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I listen to Burzum if that counts.

Alrighty boys! I got something a bit...special.

>Be me.
>Standing in kitchen.
>Making Homemade Mac N' Cheese and Kolbasa.
>Talking to fellow autismo via discord.
>Ask him what he'd do if he got to meet a perfect copy of himself.
>Short conversation ensues.
>He tells me what he'd do if he met himself.
>I tell him what I'd do if I met myself.
>He asks me what I'd do if I met a rule 63 version of myself.
>Another short conversation.
>I say I'd either fuck R63 me or fight R63 me to the death to establish dominance and prove that I am the best version of myself.
>He doesn't really say much about what he'd do.
>Just asks me if he should draw R63 version of himself.
>Think he could be joking but he could also be serious.
>Tokyo drift my ass around answering the question.
>Talk about Wolfenstein a bit.
>He asks again.
>He doesn't like questions to go unanswered.
>Hokuto Secret Technique: Twisting Fingertip Diversion.
>It's relatively ineffective.
>He asks again.
>Tell him to do a coin toss.
>He does it.
>Coin toss dictates that he has to draw R63 version of himself.
>I never expected him to do it.
>30 minutes later he sends me this picture.
>He says some shit like "Anon delivers."
>Institutionally save the picture.
>He meant for it to be funny in a sort of disgusting Chris-Chan kind of way.
>He immediately regrets his actions.
>I regret his actions.
>Says he doesn't want to become an anime poster.
>Says he is disgusted with himself, joke about posting it on /r9k/
>So self hating at this point, he tells me to do it and he will keep it as a reminder to not fuck up, as well as a traced version.

So how are my fellow robots doing tonight? Are you enjoying yourself? Are you regretting some shit you've done in the past? What do you think of this?
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Im regretting posting in a thread with satanic dubs
I'm not Heldor anymore
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No fucking way, this has to be bullshit.
My sides.
Not bad drawing though, better than I can do.
It's a keeper!

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>when your neighbors move because of you
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>>when your neighbors move because of you

Quality post and great numbers. Congratulations.
what did you do to get your neighbours to move OP
File: B1dq76ICcAExXYY.jpg (11KB, 250x366px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw lowering neighbor's property value with my existence

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Has anyone here dated a black girl before? Like not some mulatto but full African.

There's this super cute girl, a touch thick (nice ass and boobs) that comes into work every couple of weeks or so (nightclub bartender) and she always smiles and occasionally winks at me when I serve her. I given her a couple of free drinks and even have done some shots with her so I understand she might be doing that just for drinks.

Thing is, I've never seen her go home with someone else except for her girlfriends so at the very least, she's not with any of the nightclub dudes.

I think she told me she's from Somalia and Muslim but obviously not a very devout one.

I've only been with white and the occasional Asian girl.

Should I /robotos/?
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go to /adv/
Seems like you'd get better advice on /adv/. Asking this place for dating advice is really not a good idea

interesting question.

here's one of my own.


it's generally ok to laugh at incels because everyone knows it's all in your heads; either you're too negative, your standards are just too high, or you're fucking lazy. none of those things deserve pity.

i only feel pity for the truly unfortunate incels, and none of you are them. so stop with the "woe is me" bullshit and go out and get laid
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no part of me wants to get laid.

youre right about all that other stuff tho. i dont deserve pity. my issues are of my own design. ill handle them how i see fit.
>tfw not even ugly, just too autistic to get laid regularly

I've had sex with one girl and got head from another. Both of them I met using phone apps. Nobody knows I exist in my day to day life. I feel like a ghost.
THis. Only you normies are all about GETTING LAID DUDE

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Hey Anon, Stacy told me that you like feet.
It's so hot today, and my feet have been sweating like crazy.
You should lick my feet clean. They could really use a nice, relaxing tongue bath.
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Bumping for CBF
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gawd i was licking a girls feet a few years ago. She said that it felt so good and that she had been walking around all day and her feet were sweaty. I nearly creamed right there when she said that
Yo virgin here, how hot was it?

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who else /loves women/? i love everything about them. i think it is ok to be a robot but a mistake to be a pathetic woman hating MGTOW dropout. if you are a man with normal brain chemistry women are the key to all happiness, do not push them out of your mind they are there for you to love even if just from afar i love their bodies their faces the way they talk the way they act i love women i fall in love with most women i meet i want to cum inside them all they are god's greatest gifts to man
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I love women but I really hate how easily they are controlled by mass media and social trends

women were probably much better 100 years ago
In my country they are still pure. I love women. They are far more considerate and selfless than men. They have about the same emotional complexity as men. Anyone who says that women are shallow is retarded or has spent too much time here.
women are terrible self centered narcissistic creatures that believe men are subhuman emotional automatons meant to be used by them.

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don't fall for the jungle fever meme folks
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too late senpai a lam
those gummy teeth, must give good blowjobs.

Also why the fuck do comedians never have children. 90% of them are in their 40s
After listening to their podcast together they do seem like a decent couple, they just argue about dumb shit and then make up, it's perfect for Bill.

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