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These threads are usually interesting.
Femanons, share stories.
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It's so degenerate but so sexy at the same time. I hate how that is.

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>tfw have depression
>tfw occassionally think "i wanna kill myself"
>tfw never actually serious
>tfw you know you could never do it
>tfw you do wish you weren't alive to deal with it
>tfw you know its worth waiting
>tfw the wait hurts
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>tfw you have methods determined
>tfw a final bit of planning left
>tfw you browse for materials
>tfw you never thought it was actually serious

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Summer was you.
It is so hot and I want to get in your white jeep
Your white jeep was totaled and crushed in a car lot (2012)
I am so bored and I want to go to our beautiful house
We moved out of our beautiful house(2012) and they tore down our tree with the tire swing (2016)
I want to jump on your trampoline where we kissed
You were unable to move it with you (2008) and it was sent to a junkyard
I am so drunk can we go get some of the best pho in town
The best pho in town moved locations (2013) it is considerably more expensive and less intimate
I should have told you
You killed yourself (2014)
I should have told you I loved you
You killed yourself (2014)
I still love you
You killed yourself (2014)
How long am I going to be in pain?
You killed yourself (2014)
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stay strong we love u

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>mom refuses to change my diapers
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>Wife's son walks into the shed while I'm watching anime
>grandma wont empty the piss bottles and the poo pool

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>walking down the street
>group of kids with tracksuits
>women with hardly any clothing on
>all on bikes
>making a racket
>go to other side of the street
>make eye contact with one of them
>he sneers at me
>maintain eye contact
>it's not just looking at one another
>he's challenging me
>stare him down for 5 minutes
>start to get scared
>look away and walk off, head bowed
>get really scared and think they're going to follow me

holocaust now, kill all benefit stealing chavs
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>5 minutes.

So you stood there looking into each others eyes silently for 5 minutes?

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>mfw r/incels is unironically better than this normie infested shit hole
You faggots disgust me
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You're right, let's merge.
As a great who once said, "Feel free to leave anytime."

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>normie female cousin talking on phone on speaker mode with friend while im in the room
>talking about how their old highschool friends are doing now
>"oh my god, this girl got weird, let's look at her profile"
>"her profile says 'dont call me daddy, call me senpai'. what the fuck. she's so fucking weird"
>I watch anime and play videogames all day long

should i kill myself
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obviously you should date senpai girl

give 'er those sweet cummies
Oh god, listening to this conversation makes me realize how far I've strayed from normie life. I'm too deep now. I willl never be normie

>talking about sex so casually
>talking bad about everyone they know
>talking about partying and drinking and going to concerts
You should only kill yourself if you're like senpai girl, who is an open weeb and post weeb shit on Facebook. You're fine if you keep it to yourself and a couple friends who do the same.

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I just want a qt white gf.
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Want mine?

>Be black, 114lbs, ~5'4"
>White girlfriend is 225 lbs,~5'0"

I'm on the verge of leaving her primarily because (1) she talks about losing weight, but makes decisions that don't help; (2) complains about her boss, yet refuses to stand up for herself; and (3) I realize I don't really want a gf after all, especially once I feel so annoyed about sometimes. Pretty sure when/before I start law school next month I'm going to end it.
Please. Does she have skype? I promise I'll love her. What I lack in penis I make up for in neediness.

The thing is you can't focus on wanting one. If you want a girlfriend, and that's your primary goal, you won't get one. That's the frustrating thing.

You have to focus on other things: getting an education, getting a job, making friends, etc, and then the girlfriend will come along.

That's the honest to God truth 95% of robots don't understand.

>cocklust keeps coming back, each time stronger than the last

I...I don't know how much longer I can fight it...
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Let me guess. Watched too much porn, not very good with girls, now you crave cock in all holes.
>Have great cocklust.
>Finally give in and jack off to solo guy porn.
>Do quite a lot within 2 days.
>Cocklust goes away almost completely.


WTF, now these NBA players are trying to BLACKED Scarlett Johansson
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good give the jews a taste of their own cuckolding medcine
This is a joke referencing Kevin Durant from like 6 years ago lol

I'm in love with Morrigan Aensland, /r9k/. What do I do? She will never be real.
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>Stop worshiping women
>Stop watching pornography because this makes you crave a woman's body and companionship.
Your body is capable of being turned off sexually if you do this and you'll feel more free and happy.
>Stop making threads about women and their beauty
You are a beta if you do this and it makes you pathetic
>Stop complimenting women this gives them attention and energy that feed their ego and themselves.
You encourage their narcissism and harlotry by this because by praising them you are basically saying they are fine how they are.

If men did this everywhere, women would pay for their own actions and learn that they need to change and they are out of control.
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>Your body is capable of being turned off sexually

can confirm this, i had a bad illness when i was 17/18 and stopped fapping for well over a year, even after i was recovered and pretty healthy i still didnt fap for two months or so, then when i finally did fap it felt like someone had kicked me in the balls really hard
yes, if only people of r9k would listen to me. But the truth has always been suppressed in this world. They never listen.
It's true man, different anon here. I've done nofap before and it works wonders, but honestly I am literally physically addicted to masturbation. If I don't do it then I can't sleep period, it doesn't even feel good when I masturbate any more.
I'm starting to think I need to stop and get a gf

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>be 6'1
>say I'm 5'10 when I'm around guys shorter than me
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Omg like totally

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I have a big dick in rust.
Me > You
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le funny frog meme XDDD
Random pick i chose. Sue me.
dont say make excuses for posting pepe fuck this is /r9k/ not /qa/ fuck this anime posting fag

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