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Autistic people can't tell what she is saying
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She's puts on extra makeup even though she's just going to work as a cashier
congrats, normieposter
It's because she's talking about makeup. You're not autistic because you don't know about makeup. I don't think most guys do

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Everybody masturbates. It's nothing to be embarrassed about.

What's embarrassing is WHAT you fap to. So what do you fap to, robots?
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My pocket pussy.
two hours of dry bating and this silicon hole does it in half a minute with everything shaky.
Came to http://hentai2read.com/after_playing_house/ about a half hour ago.
I fap to the pic in the OP, routinely.

How do circumcised men interact with women without exploding with rage and jealousy?

Especially women that know you are mutilated like family and exes. I couldn't imagine carrying on a conversation knowing that the most sensitive part of your dick was sliced off for no reason while she got to remain intact. Knowing that you will never truly experience sex or an orgasm, while her genitals are protected by federal law.

It just seems so unjust and barbaric. I can barely live with my jealousy of the female orgasm with an intact penis, but for you guys it must be utterly soul crushing.
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I don't understand this meme. My dick looks gooooood. Size is all that matters.

size is all that matters TO HER but sensitivity is what matters to you, how good it feels to fuck and cum. The foreskin and frenulum are significantly more sensitive and pleasurable than the glans. Circumcised men have lost the majority of nerves in their penis.
It feels good to me.

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Post in this thread if you're 100% positive you will die a virgin.

What makes you unfuckable, anon?
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I don't go out in public. In the rare event I do people look at me weird.
my ugly face and lack of confidence
Ugly. Unbearably disgusting to look at, never mind be intimate with.
Boring. No charisma whatsoever.
Small penis.
I hate myself.

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hi are nine kay, i have sex pretty regularly. it's all right. how has your day been?
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everyone on r9k has sex on the daily you fucking nerd, get out of here OP
op here, lmao, disregard that, i suck cocks
S'been pretty good m8 pretty good

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Tonight's Vin Diesel thread

What does everyone think of his surprise music debut?

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I have a negative opinion of it

Thats some edge you got
You fucking edgy kids

You stupid fucking edgy kids

This man is giving you his fucking life. Do you know how much time and energy a movie takes? Let alone a whole franchise? Let alone a whole fucking career of franchises? And even when the filming's done, the publicity has just fucking started. You have to tour round the world every goddamn day and night doing bullshit reviews, all while calls from your agent and your manager and the publicist and your acting coach and your accountant and your financial planner, because apparently its too fucking difficult to just have one person manage your own life, and now while you're doing all this and have no fucking free time you still agree to do a song

And you know what, this is new to you, and most actors, once they're successful, stop trying new things. They've found their niche and they fucking stick in it.
But you decide to branch out, you decide to try something new, because even though youre swamped and even though your career is killing you, you know the fans want more, and you want to give it to them

Then your pour your fucking heart and soul into learning this shit, into getting the rhythm down and the beat down and your voice down, and you go out there and give it your fucking all

And these internet trolls just shit on it

Because they've never done anything with their life, theyve never worked half as hard as you do every fucking night, so they all they have is this endless fucking negativity, because they just dont get it. They dont understand what its like to fucking try for once in their life

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I just did something deplorable and heinous, and I don't feel anything. I've desensitized myself to degeneracy and violence to the point of becoming emotionless. A literal robot.
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onset sociopathy.

Being good because of feefees is for women and children.
Being good because of pure morality is the way of men.
But why have morals, other than because they make you feel good? I guess I'm a hedonist, I do as I please.

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Any anons here trying to quit smoking? This is about my 1000th time I am trying to quit smoking. I tried patches, sunflower seeds, and lollipops and it never worked. Nicotine gum helped me kick my habit of dipping and chewing 3 years ago. Out of desperation I just bought a vape and 12mg of the nicotine liquid. While I was looking through youtube to find about how to work my vape and figure out the whole ohms, watts, and amps thing, I came across hipster elitist vaper #yoloswag kid videos. How do I smoke this in public without looking like a faggot? I feel like if I smoke this in public I'll be some type of attention whore blowing smoke up peoples asses.
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Vape is worse for you than just fucking smoking. Do people actually have trouble quitting smoking? Just smoke weed instead
Psychedelics helped me stop smoking
>just smoke weed instead
I would love to. I remember when I was in high school I would never smoke a cigarette when I was high. The feeling of feeling the smoke go down my cotton mouth throat was yucky to me.

I only went as far as cocaine and marijuana in my life. Can't do those things now.

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>one chance at life
>be born socially retarded
Is there anything worse?
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being a frogposter
being ugly is the worst.
being an ugly frogposter

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Do you think when Arabs reintroduce monotheism and socially conservative family values to atheistic Europe, it will put an end to sexual degeneracy and female degeneracy?
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We can only hope. Only Islam can save Europe now.
Either Europe is forcibly converted to Islam, or they have a nationalistic uprising and drive them out. Either way Europe becomes less degenerate, so it's pretty much a win-win situation.
Right up until there is an ultra-nationalist uprising and they get purged from Europe. 4th Reich when?

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fembots have feels
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Fembots, do you pass or fail the beauty test?
Too many feels if you ask me.
t. INTP master race


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>ask a girl who knows i like her to hang out
>to my surprise she said yes
>see her tommorow and call it a date
>"date? Anon your a cool guy but I have a boyfriend, I still really wanna hang out though"
>be autistic and say yes
>"it can be a friend date hehe"

The fuck do I do robots. I'm too beta to call it off so I'm just going to have to go through it like the cuck I am.
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Go you fucking autist. She's clearly unhappy with her current Chad. Lick up his cummies
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have fun with your oneitis and Jamal

he's a "friend" of hers too
Just because there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score?

You can also test the limits of this friend date by going to a strip club or lingerie shopping. See if it freaks her out. Bonus points if you go to a butcher or kill shelter

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what do you INTJ's do all day
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go back to /lolg/ shyvfag
enjoy their superiority to INTPs
Drugs. Morphine, mostly.

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If you're smaller than an E cup kill yourself. We only want healthy fertile women to raise our kids. With the amount of hormones in your food there is no excuse for not being a full busty/curvy women with well displaced fat. You're not real women.

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Big tits is important.
I like small tits though
Most guys don't care about tits, it's just a nice bonus, no a dealmaker/breaker. If you've got a gay face or ass, then you're fucked

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I have a gf and I want someone to talk to that I can relate those experiences to. Problem is, I don't want to talk to Chads who fuck strangers, because I can't relate to that. What do?
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there are a lotta cyborgs on r9k who have experience with gfs, myself included. you can post here and just disregard the hate you'll get from the bots.
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Wanna talk about our feelings?
Me and my wife's been together since we were thirteen. I'm passing out soon tho so you can kik Cbtcpl if you want something

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