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>unironically using the word "nigga"
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>making threads whining about normies
>caring about normies at all

I think you are either a normie or want to be a normie
>initiates conversation
>regularly wears big name clothing
Do you think her voice is a normie or robot?


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How do we stop the Jews? Why are they so evil?
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Sam, stop posting.
You literally cant or it would have happend already. They have an alien intelligence compared to the gentile nations i'm convinced.

Jews are what white supremacists think they are with the foresight and cunning to keep quiet about it.

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As a straight edge cunt I must ask: am I missing anything ? Is alcohol really as good as normalfaggots and apparently you guys would imply? If I am,what is something good I can start off with? Been 22 years doing this and I got to thinking maybe one drink won't hurt.
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I've never tried it but I think you have to be an extravert normie to get anything out of it

It's all about being social and shit from the looks of it
It releases you inhibitions so you can feel the rain on your skin
As a straight edge I recommend you not to do it. It's all about willpower and you're letting it slide.

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Do you have a spirit animal, r9k?
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What the fuck is a spirit animal? some furry autism?
Yes, it's a tapeworm because tapeworms are disgusting parasites.
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/r9k/'s spirit animal is the capybara. This is not debatable.

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>take a massive shit
>look at toilet paper
>see this

what do you do?
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>current year
>NOT wiping your ass with your hand
You are like little baby
If you bother to wipe your ass you're not a real robot
Replace the toilet paper roll, because I obviously didn't shit in public and always keep a stock of toilet paper near the toilet.

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What kind of sports did /r9k/ grow up with?

Everyone incorrectly assumed I was a faggot in a speedo surrounded by other faggots in speedos. In reality, it was just a bunch of girls in tight one pieces. Basically, you'd stare at their ass and wait in line.
Went for four years, quit when I was twelve at blue belt. I've always been a heavy hitter.
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You CANNOT be a robot if you played sports as a child.

My parents didn't push me to partake in any sports, and this is at least one of the reasons why I grew up to be an autistic kissless virgin.

I fucking wish I had played sports as a kid. But no one encouraged me to.

Fuck off normalfag.
My mom forcefully enrolled me in basketball and it was really a traumatic experience.
I did soccer for awhile, then swimming, then karate for half a year, and then stopped doing sports and also got fat.

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russian snake.jpg
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My boyfriend and I want to start trying oral sex, but I'm too scared of doing it because I don't know how. He has a friend that's willing to help us out and she's asking me if it's okay for her to give him a blowjob in front of me or if I would prefer that she demonstrate on a dildo. If I say dildo that wold make me look insecure, but I say it's okay for her to blow him in front of me that would make me look like a cuck. What a conundrum!
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The only real rule is don't use your teeth
tell him to fuck off because you're not his toy

But I want to give him oral sex. I just don't know how to give good head and I don't want to look at porn.

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r9k irl.jpg
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Is this the average robot irl?
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>tfw living in a 60% white neighborhood.
>tfw your car would be destroyed if "people" saw anime related stickers on your car.
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2 servals.jpg
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>Kaban and Serval
At least he has some good taste in anime
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I want that sticker as a patch.

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>be me 20 yrs old
>start watching bbc/sissy porn
>get into it
>start to feel shame and disgust
>anxious to the point of crying now

>(I was never into cuck/cuckold or literal gay porn)
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Are you still into immediately after jerking off op? If not then it's just your porn habits
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>Are you still into immediately after jerking off op?


>If not then it's just your porn habits

Would you say the same thing to me after this story? :

>few days ago
>its night, smoking weed outside my window
>(people never really see me up there)
>see a black guy walking on the streets
>dont think or feel anything
>come up with the idea "lets focus on the black guy while at the same time thinking of bbc/sissy stuff
>knew i would probably feel bad about it afterwards, but dont give a shit cause i'm high.
>start concentrating/focusing/thinking
>it turned me on
>not for long, but it turned me on

I could have always told myself "its just fantasy, its not applied in the real world" but after I did this I feel like I crossed a line. And I hate myself for it and feel disgusted about myself.
I have OCD btw. At least strongly think I do.

If someone can help me out here? pls. Maybe some people experienced similiar things and did you manage to solve it and not FEEL BAD about it?

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Have you realized your life lacks purpose? Do you wish to bring some true meaning to your life? Do you want to learn how the world truly is? We can show you. Contact midnightsocietydawn on kik with your name, age, and a photo of yourself holding a sign that reads "The Midnight Society" to be considered for membership. Those who cannot follow direction need not apply.
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Why would someone join a club full of people who'd just criticize everything I'd do
I'm interested but i dont need other people to say what i need to do with my life.
a matchstick exists as a matchstick and then it burns and is no longer a matchstick
we call it a matchstick because its purpose was to burn itself away
if the purpose of a man is to produce light do you suppose they die once they've done so

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>tfw i look like dylann roof
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How do you have a shitty bowlcut in this day and age?
/fa/ unironically worships dylann roof

its not all bad, hes a qt according to most
>tfw the bowl haircut is now associated with mass shooters thanks to Dylan Klebold, Adam Lanza, Dylann Roof, and Randy Stair

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>marrying my practice gf in a week
>still fap to tranny porn 3 times a day
I'm gonna lose everything, right?
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marrying a 'practice' GF is a mistake. the tranny porn doesn't really matter in light of your pressing situation. I hope she's not too disgusting.

how old are you both? how long have you two been together? how many sexual partners did you have before her?
We are both virgins. I am 28 and she is 23. We have been together for 3 years and no other women have showed interest in me.

Amber Heard thread
Post your rare/fav Heards
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Turbo stacey gold digging whore

into the trash she goes
Yes whore is right listen to her


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>too miserable to masturbate
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im the opposite I masturbate over 5 times a day that I have no cum left in my balls
>watching porn
>"you will never experience any of this"
>boner dies
>turn it off
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fuck this one hits too close to home

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>select all vehicles
>select all street signs
>select all spice racks
>select all bridges

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i think they just want free labor

you could do it correct and it would keep telling you try again since it knows you'll do it
Settings -> Posting -> Legacy Captcha
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when you discover this

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