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Have you seen the latest CWC interview?
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>chris chan in high definition
god hes so fucking depressing

Interview is cringe, not because of Chris, but it's obvious the person doing the Interview is doing it for the sole purpose of publicly shaming Chris for Reddit upvotes.

how about these people put effort into hunting down criminals instead of harassing someone who is mentally ill and had a bad upbringing?

>19 years old
>High school dropout
>Worked at McDonald's, Walmart, and a fishing company out of Dutch harbor
>No real skills outside of handyman work and physical labor
>Have bench warrants for unpaid tickets
>Can't pay them off, dead broke
>Put applications and resumes in everywhere
>Never hear anything back

Should I just kill myself? Would it do any good to turn myself in for the bench warrants being that I have no money to give the court?

I don't where to go from here or how to lift myself out of this hole.
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I'm 19 too bro and I'm 3,000 dollars in debt. I can't pay it off either. Let's both make it through these struggles
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$3000 is doable, since I paid off $1500 in less then a year. You have to work full time and be agressive in paying it off. So $3000/12 = $250 a month. You can pay $250 and save $250 every month and in one year be debt free and have $3000 saved up. It'll be a bit more complicated if there's interest, but you get the gist hopefully.
Instead of killing yourself, try living innawoods.

Women don't owe you shit.
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And men don't owe women anything either.
No, and I don't owe roasties shit either.
Once again, "men" getting defensive because of their insecurities. Sad!

>tfw Chad is nice to you or calls you cute/pretty
>fall madly in love with him instantly
>ready to dedicate my entire life to pleasing him
>think about him constantly
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This but replace "is nice to you or calls you cute/pretty" with "looks at you"
Are you a biological female
yes, I have a vagina and womb

>stupid fucking faggot, get over here and suck me off, NOW.

what do?
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Guess I don't have a choice, OP
Pull out my katana and slice off her penis
Then probably masturbate or something
Complement you for your nice taste in art and call you a faggot

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Do you masturbate in public?
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I did once, into the town's water supply reservoir. It was very loud at home, so I decided to go for a bike ride, and I ended up getting pretty horny. I ended stopping on the side of the road and finding a little secluded spot right next to the water. I didn't think about the implication of jizzing in the water supply until now, pretty radical.
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But doesn't that mean you and your family are now drinking your own jizz?
i jerk it at work sometimes

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On /pol/, I like to say the Second Amendment is antiquated and post Elsa Jean pictures.
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I go on r9k and make up stories and get lots of (you)s
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>click on random board
>click on random thread
>click on random post
>type "are you fucking retarded?"
I respond to bait with massive walls of text destroying its position, basically treating the guy who's pretending to be an idiot like he's an actual idiot and thereby humiliating him

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>talk to a woman/girl/chick/female etc. for maybe half an hour while being witty and funny
>start subconsciously obsessing and daydreaming over her after basically one interaction

Why do I do this to myself?
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misplaced emotions
Not op but pls explain further since this also happens to me.
It's what the Youth Culture (tm) call "thirst." If you're baking in the desert with no hope of rescue you'll cling to every drop of water like it was manna from heaven. Likewise, you're in a position where you probably don't get a lot of attention from women, so every opportunity that you do get is much more valuable, more precious to you, than it would be to Chad, who has women on tap, hot and cold, triple filtered and imported from Fiji. Understand this, and you will have taken the first step towards liberation from the menstruating jew.

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Anyone else want to impregnate every thicc girl they see?
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well no because I'm not black
I want to bite that ass.
No not really because they'll turn into motor scooter riding fat pigs.
>Implying any women wants me anyway.

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What's the best sauce to use on tendies, /r9k/?
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Szechuan of course.

>god tier
>feces tier
Everything else
I bought some korean bbq sauce from trader joe's and it's godly

What would it be like if it invested in education?

Is the lack of education why there are so many diverse genders?
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To enrich private corporations and their shareholders.
our military power projection secures pathways for current and future economic interests and global stability

also, team america: world police

third, we're gay
(((Education))) itself is why there are so many diverse genders. They should never have gotten the foot in the door with free elementary school.

The saddest moment for humanity will be the end of the world, eventually it will burn up.

but its not that we all die. There will be space arks and only the top 0.4% will get to leave, the rich, the highly intelligent and important.

i know you nihilists don't care about others or yourselves that much but try to picture this. masses watching the ships leave knowing they are fucked, many trying to forcibly board, the american cityfolk going apeshit running around like monkeys, the masses crying and praying for god, screaming heard almost everywhere. But they all roast to death.

thats pretty fucked up.
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The human race will be wiped out from earth well before its destruction

It will take a very long time befofe the Earth is physically destroyed or otherwise becomes inhospitable by the Sun.

Much, much longer than probability says humans will be wiped out from Earth, at least.
>implying that humanity will last long enough to build ships like you described
Humanity will wipe itself out sooner than you think. Few will survive, and things will be back to as they should be.

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This man walks up to you and gives you this bouquet of flowers and tells you you're the most beautiful person he's ever seen.

How do you react?
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I mean if nobody saw I'd probably let him blow me
thanks buddy. how about a blowjob to prove that you really like me
Ask him to marry a non attractive/ugly female.

T. Thanks mang, no homo

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You guys know the drill

Tags: r9k r9komegle
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>tfw no one goes on just chat
Who tf wants to just chat? Show your robot pride
Sorry I'm not a /soc/ attention whore. I actually wanted to talk to anons

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>whats the matter anon I thought you liked me
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>liking a prostitute
even robots have standards.
id rather stay a virgin for eternity
even a dog has a cleaner asshole than this whore

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