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I've masturbated five times today. What's wrong with me?
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a sex drive, access to porn, no gf, no direction in life or avoiding work

typical white boy
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>pull pants down, look up porn
>starts masturbating
>5 minutes in realize i don't feel like doing this at all and the clean up will be tedious so i just quit
Niggers are subhumans and the laughingstock of humanity

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What does it feeI like to make skin-to-skin contact with a girl?
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First off, I've never touched a girl more than a hug, so keep in mind that I'm not an expert or anything. I'll list off some of the things I remember (haven't hugged a girl since high school)
>very warm (I swear, girls have a higher body temp than guys)
>soft and smooth skin, usually less bony and vascular than men and with less scars
>when it's a good hug, they pull you into them, it's like being held by the most comfortable pillow imaginable
>causes an inner warmth that causes even a stoic guy like me to smile, closest thing I've experienced to it is when LSD makes you feel giddy and forces you to smile like a lunatic
tfw I'll probably never be hugged by a girl ever again
It's incredible.

I miss her so much. Every day for years and I was just free weed for her.

It is true that there's nothing as soft?

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What are you looming forward to?
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something that's not good.
and the worst part is that it's right around the corner.
This made me chuckle
Thanks OP
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After tonight this is it - white bois are forever the slaves to BBC like their female counterparts.
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alpha af

alpha af

Previously stated, we enslaved you once, we can do it again
Implying you were part of it

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Is there shame in being a boy and also a cocksucker?

I'm just curious
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There is no shame in being a boy and also a cocksucker
Ofcourse not qt
R u guys sure? Bc I think my orientation might secretly be "submissive oral with anal tendencies"

Is that a real orientation?

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>symbol of human beauty
>owner of 80% earth resources while being less than 20% of earth's population

Can anyone explain me why some white people are so scared about extinction and oppression?
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>owner of 80% earth resources while being less than 20% of earth's population
imagine being a just and kind being surrounded by savage hordes
>Rape and pillage entire world to loot resources
>Somehow Whitey's are good guys

You can wipe them out with nukes desu

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>tfw short
>tfw small dick

out of all the things I'm upset about in my life these are probably the most upsetting.

Someone could probably make me breakdown crying just mentioning this to me.

I am a complete failures as a man.
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This is now a manlet feels thread. What's your height, anon?

it's not super short, but it is short.
Dude that average height.

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>24 years old
>haven't had a real friend since I was 10
>haven't had any social contact with people outside my family since I was 18
>kissless virgin, never even had a GF
>isolated so long that I don't even desire a GF anymore
>wasted countless years doing and accomplishing literally nothing
>have never had a job
>have never participated in clubs, programs, or any other activity with other humans
>don't even like video games or anime anymore, just play/watch them to waste time and make the days go by faster
>only humans I talk to anymore are immediate family and some people on the internet
>don't even enjoy either of those anymore
>no plans for the future at all
>no hopes at all
>going to be homeless in 6 months because no job
>already basically broke, only have a couple hundred dollars saved
What the fuck am I supposed to do guys?
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Start looking for work, any entry level position will do and if you can manage to get by at your job then things will get better. At the very least you won't become homeless and you'll buy yourself more time to turn things around. Godspeed anon.
If you're a guy and you're ugly you're fucked friend.

Feminism don't care about you, and feminism rules the world.

Ugly men will be the slave class of the future. Deal with it best you can, OP.
How the fuck do you get a job when you're 24 and have nothing to put on a resume? How do you even explain all the wasted years between now and high school during an interview?

I'm pretty average, looks aren't really a problem for me.

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Come wish me a happy birthday since no-one else is
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bah, what's so happy about it
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Happy birthday, just, without the happy part.
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Maybe this will be the year you die. I have big hopes for my 24th

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So how does one mastrubate under his bedsheets without making a huge mess?
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*snorts derisively*

Probably the exact same way you turn water into flawless gold bars.
Hold in your explosive diarrhea.
Get a blanket specifically for jacking off, wash it regularly

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>there are people out there right now touching girls boobies
>you're locked in your bedroom playing final fantasy on a poorly coded nintendo emulator
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>not being so into escapism that you don't even care anymore
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kim jong whoa.jpg
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>there are people right fucking NOW that are having sex
>there are people right fucking NOW that are doing things that we wouldn't even dream of doing
I honestly don't even care anymore, I am just amazed that this is real life and different things are happening right now for many other people and it is all real.
>there are people out there right now touching girls boobies
and what's worse is that they're probably doing it drunk too

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>one week in and already have spent $400 dollars on books
>tfw I could learn this shit online for free
Who else here fell for the world's biggest scam (college). Don't get jewed like me lads. I just want to be a comfy NEET
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Yeah, you shouldn't have done that.

I only went to school because my dad covered tuition. I still wasted a lot of money on books and shit, but constantly regret not just going to trade school.

In fact, I was thinking about doing that since I recently lost my shitty office job. Recommendations would be appreciated. Thinking about plumbing.

>Or just buying an RV and riding around the States until I run out of money
>Then just shoot myself.
did you check to see if you could pirate the books first? I didn't buy any books for my first year.
I looked on libgen but didn't see any of the ones I needed for classes. Not to mention half of these require so dumb web shit to go along with it

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>tfw no introverted heroin gf
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>heroin junky
>not a riddled with all kinds of STDs
pick one, anon
I dont care
As long as shes not a normie basic bitch harry potter reading stacy


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why do they kill everybody? why not just the ones that bullied/harrassed them?

i swear people would have a harder time condemning these people when you hear about some of the things that happened to some of them.
are they all simply just mentally ill? is that it?

>inb4 "schoolshootee" sympathizer
no, I sympathize with nobody.
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Hard question to answer. I don't know that anybody's looked into it all that much. My guess would be that it really doesn't matter who they kill because 1) the point is to be noticed, and really you just want to kill as many as possible for that, and 2) they've usually constructed huge persecution complexes that paint the entire world as rotten, not just specific parts of it, so again it doesn't matter who you shoot.

I think you're basically asking why they don't just identify the specific problems in their lives and target those, but I think if they were capable of that they probably would never feel the need to grab a gun and go on a shooting rampage to start with. Mass shootings are for people who don't have the knowledge or ability to identify their own problems, create plans to solve them, and then follow through with small, measurable steps until eventually the problem is solved. Kids that can make those steps will become successes. Kids who can't will wither away or fire randomly at the nebulous demons that fill their imaginations.
They hate normies so they gun them down, plus they get their name everywhere. It's the ultimate fuck-you
Just because you weren't slaughtering cattle with your own hands doesn't necessarily mean your hands clean if you still purchase meat. You have guilt by association for supporting the practices of that system. Someone who feels socially outcasted and who has been mistreated by people who are socially successful will see anyone who is within that social system, who enjoys it, who condones it, who is able to succeed in it, as guilty by association, just as a vegetarian would consider a meat eater responsible for killing animals just for buying a burger at McDonalds.

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I've been staying with my parents all week, and for some reason they like to wake me up at five in the morning.

When they wake me, I stare at their silhouette and start screaming. Sometimes I yell "who are you!?" I wear glasss so I typically can't see their faces (also my room is pitch black while the hallway light is on behind them)

They noticed this and think it's unhealthy. Why is this a problem for me? I usually wake up on my own at 5:30 in the morning so I'm probably just not used to being woken, but still. I don't want this to become a normal thing for me.
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>I stare at their silhouette and start screaming.
Interesting horror novel opener
I swear to God if I see that as a horror novel opening I'll personally rape the author's sister now.
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How old are you?
Your parents are just controlling, seems to happen to a lot of white boomer parents.
Remember, they don't want to help you, but controll you, but they pretend to act like they are helping, and get mad when you try to be your own adult.
But remember, they just want to keep you dependent. No matter what you do, it will be "wrong" and no matter what you do, "you need thier help". You what they say, it's wrong, you don't do what they says, it's wrong, it's all about fucking with you, and keeping you codependent.
It's sick and wrong, and it's a reason a lot of people become /robots/.

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