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Here's the biggest secret of the universe. The reddest of red-pills. The ultimate knowledge of the sages. The ultimate conclusion to philosophical debate:

Life isn't worth living

Buddhists know this. This is why their ultimate goal is to eradicate themselves from existence and cease the endless cycle of suffering within reincarnation. Heaven realms and hell realms are both very real, but temporary heaven is not worth going through the many layers of hell. Suicide is not the solution either, that will only take you to a lower hell realm than this one.
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This feels like an incomplete thought.
It's very simple. Realms of heaven and hell exist. We're in a realm right in the middle of the two, and look how hard it is here. Imagine the worst torment you possibly can, now understand that such a terrifying thought is just an image, and the reality is a millionfold worse, and far beyond the image you imagined.
So according to your pic related we will be born again after we die?

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>meet a girl from unfortunate circumstances through family
>make some vague offers of support with the intentions that i'll never need to go through with it
>she constantly rings me up to get me to do shit for her
>too awkward to say no
>think to myself that i must be some kind of turbo cuck
>she wants to always be with me even if we aren't doing anything
>seems to have gotten really attached to me
>one night she sleeps over
>have to share a bed
>tries to talk me into lewd stuff
>idk i don't really wanna
>she keeps me awake most of the night because she doesn't want to be without me
>this happens more than once

what have i gotten myself into?
does anyone know of any kind of exit strategy should it go sour/get too annoying?
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Kneecap her anon
Man just fuck'er right in the pussy.
why aren't you letting her suck your dick, anon? don't be so mean.

File: IMG_20170822_104058.jpg (151KB, 750x1334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw LITERALLY just got cucked

shaking tbqh, feel like I'm gonna vomit
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Learn from this, this is the true nature of women. Better you found out now then 10 years from now when your married, and you kill yourself or her.
From the way she speaks, it sounds like you should have known she was the type of girl to do this.

Tf is this, an Austin Powers movie? Smdh

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does anyone have info on vitamin b12 deficiency? I been taking pic related for months and know I'm still deficient. constant headaches and I know it's from b12 deficiency.

what's the best way to solve this? injections? I have no insurance is there any online pharmacy to order from? would like all info please
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bump with fap folder
File: 1466449674500.jpg (1MB, 2189x1642px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fap folder 002

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>He fantasized about travelling a post-apocalyptic wasteland with his crush as they struggle to survive and slowly fall in love
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>you come across another survivor
>it's Chad, barely clinging onto life
>your crush decides to share some of your scarce water
>after saving his life he joins you on your travels
>wake up in the middle of the night to waste-Chad fucking your crush

War... war never changes
>he fantasized about starting a band with his oneitis and running away somewhere far
>he fantasized about aliens invading earth while he and his crush are in the same class
>and of course just him gets the idea to be the hero and save himself and his crush
>while he saves them both, they are transported to the airship and all other Humans on that transportship get killed
>they both steal the guns from the aliens and take control of the ship
>so it's now him and his crush trying to survive in space and going on multiple space adventures together

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>most important blood vessel of the entire human body
>hidden under less than half a centimeter of muscle
How the fuck am I supposed to enjoy staying outside when literally anytime, literally anyone can end my life with just a fork?
Is evolution retarded?
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Evolution isnt always about only creating strengths, there are weaknesses to cull the weak. Sure accidents happen but are pretty necessary in population control.

Look what happened when man learned to manipulate and circumvent evolutions attempts.

We are now 7 billion "strong" and all the terrible shit that comes with it.
>criminals cutting good people throats is good for the gene pool?
is everything ok, tardie?
>he thinks evolution has any purpose or meaning behind its process
lol. Did you take high school biology?

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Anybody live in a commieblock?

What's it like? I'm very intrigued by commieblock life. Please tell me
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might be hard to answer you without internet
Lots of former communist countries still have commieblock left over. Those guys have internet now. Ive even seen a couple commieblock posters before
I live in one. If your neighbors aren't bydlo fags it's alright. Speaking on teamspeak/cs go at night might piss off the granny living below you though.

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Give me some courage lads.
There's a really cute girl, 8/10 who rides my bus (public transport) and sits in the same seat every day and she's two stops before mine. Should I sit in her seat today and see if she sits next to me? I talked to her a couple days back and I really wanna cuddle her. Will post results later.
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Its at least worth a try. Worst thing that could happen is shes taking another seat.
You're right anon I've got nothing to lose
And she probably wouldnt notice what you did. If you walk straight to a girl and ask her out she could destroy all hope just by a brief look. But if she just doesnt mind and sits somewhere else you can still plan other approaces if youre not that confident

>People always telling me to grow up and go outside when anime and video games are so much more enjoyable uses of my time

Why would anyone prefer the harshness of real life?
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>Why would anyone prefer the harshness of real life?
Not being exposed to anime and video games does that to you.
I pity those people
>Why would anyone prefer the harshness of real life?
Probably because it could lead to a better life. Too bad I either fuck up or get fucked every single time.

Anyone else misses the "old" yung lean? What where/are your favourite songs? Any other artists from cloud rap you prefer now? (German cloud rap for instance)
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Please don't remind me about this shit OP. I almost cry whenever I remember that 2012-14 lean will never come back
Let's mourn together friend. Please I need this :(
What were your fav. songs?
I like his song Crystal City, anon...

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how many friends do you have on facebook robots?
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I've never had a Facebook account.
l've never had a Facebook account.
I've never had a FB account.

enough with the stacies and chads
ITT we appreciate the efforts of our pets
have you got any pets robots?
have you ever got one ?
tell us your most /feel/ memories with your pets

>be me
>16 years old
>come home after a long day of being bullied
>no friends
>shit family relationship
>go to room , bring my kitten with me
>go to bed and cry myself out
>kitten keeps rubbing his face on my face
>starts licking my tears
>sleeps on my chest while purring
>does this everytime i'm sad

he died a year after
it has been 4 years now and he's still the best kitten i ever had

share your stories anons
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No chance here no fucking chance, normies and their failed normies cock suckers are gonna LASH OUT at you because you're not posting of how much you want to settle with a gf you don't even like, they are simply FUROIOUS waiting for you to say you don't need a gf that they're gonna lash out and call you a "virgin", go to wizardchan and abandon this shithole, they've taken it, normies and their huge population of failed normies slaves
i cut all interaction with people and never got close to anybody
my pets made me feel loved and appreciated, therefore i didn't need friends nor a gf..
my classmates started needing me by time since all i do is studying;so i'm good at some shit...
i never feel lonely
i'm a brainlet though..

ITT you post the local slang where you're from
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brb gotta let the aboriginals swim in the pool (i gotta take a shit)
>tfw no cute r9k bf to cuddle you while you trashpost at 2 am

elaborate bump

also here people say wierd stuff like "hey man get the jim" to mean literally anything
"Hey man, you want some meth?" = Would you like to consume methamphetamines with me.

Gotta love the Midwest baby

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Does jelqing work?

im 7.5 and I all I want is that extra .5. Heard some horror stories of people actually LOSING length but is that just because they tug on their johnsons so hard they fuck themselves up? Can you be safe doing this and get results?

don't lecture me that 7.5 is plenty, i dont care, I want to be 8, and if this method works and can be safe if done right, I see no reason to not gain the extra .5
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bumpin threado
Exact situation as op.
It's a great way to cause permanent nerve damage. Jelqing works by creating scar tissue.

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your chad brother.jpg
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How does it make you feel that your mom sees you as a disappointment?

That you never ended up becoming a Chad?

That she fantasizes about ditching you and meeting her long lost son who resembles pic related?
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Feels like Freud was right all along.
>he wants to fuck his own mom
Fuck OP get it together, just let your Dad fuck you or something.
>That you never ended up becoming a Chad?
I'm 177cm with 14cm penis. If anything, it's mom's fault that im not a chad

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