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What are your favorite animals, /r9k/?
For me it's snow monkeys, they're so cute and funny.
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ones that are dead :^)
who /cockatielmasterrace/ here?
I've loved tardigrades for years now, I want a giant one

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I sucked Chad's dick and now he is ignoring me
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I'll take 'things that could've been prevented' for 500 Alex.

Stupid roastie. Die
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tfw i didnt had to suck dick to be ignored
You deserve to be ignored.

Worthless whore.

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Do you pronounce anon as ey-non or ah-non?
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I dont because I dont say it IRL
>inv4 b-but you say it in your head
No fuck off

because its short for anonymous
Thanks for the contribution

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>Whats the NEET life like?
Is it actually enjoyable? Is it worth it?
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if you have enough money and don't have crippling depression that makes you unable to entertain yourself then it's worth it i guess
depends entirely on your personality

I've been a NEET for 6 years and I never get bored
In theory it sounds like a good time, but nobody actually uses it like they claim to, at least not on this board. Ragie-wagieposters always claim that since they don't work they can lead these cultured comfy lives, when most of the time they're just spending every day like the last one, watching anime/jerking off/possibly having a moment of clarity and getting really upset with themselves.

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This place is dead and completely overrun by normies. You can't make a thread without them coming in and spouting a bunch of shit.

What is the alternative? Wizchan is good and impervious to normie trickery due to strict rules, but it's also very slow and all discussion about women is banned there.
What should the new /r9k/ be, since this one is dead?
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Original, never seen before bump
>no answers
Sorry guess I'll have to wait until the sixteen trap threads reach bump limit or something
i also want to know


Give me your best/worst stories.
I know at least one of you fucked up today.
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>Asked a girl at the end of the date "Can I kiss you?"
>Her: "Uhhhh, if you had just done it I would have liked it. But because you asked I'm gonna have to say no"

Never got the second date with her
Good on you for asking for consent, anon!

Consent is sexy :D:D:D
At least you've been on a date

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FREE YOURSELF from the curse of sexuality.
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sexuality can be a burden, especially for men

I have looked for way out of sexual curse for 20 years still my search is futile.

Maybe we cant control ourself from chemicals that affect us to seek sex.
Maybe only solution is sex bot?
It's not a curse. God said to be fruitful and multiply. It's a balance. It's about knowing what is right and acting on it to bring about the most good on this Earth.

Heaven is within us all and can be manifested among us if we act in accordance with God's laws.

Don't reject your God given sexual nature. Temper it and embrace that which is good in it and the good that stems from it will be greater.

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I have a few pictures on /fit/ as of recently, see below

you are DYEL. you're well over 25% bf, fake confidence a child could see through, plus you're flooding the board with your ugly ass face. nobody gives a fuck that you think you're pretty except mommy.

what, are you trying to land a 4chan gf? kek

your high school class sees through your myspace angles, chin hardening angle pose, and instagram filters.

your 'lolumad' shows your summerfagging harder than before. google "logical fallacy"

assuming everyone on this board is uglier and fatter than you is a statistical anomoly. you should feel like a moron with your assumption

nice man tits gynolord

go post a shirtless pic on /fit/ and I'll link you to my pictures if you want

do everyone a favor- be an hero or go make a subreddit if you want to sell your panties faggot

making fatshit autists kill themselves is fun, there's no "lolumad" here

i won't read your response
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>sperging out so hard you write out an entire sperg-out post and then refuse to read the responses

lol, nothing to see here. just another angry autist
>Nothing to see here
Protecting that you don't want others to see this, huh? Dumb and ugly. Ez b8 m8. Let's see them titties, yeah?
>Nothing to see here
I could bump all day

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>tfw someone told me i was so beautiful that they absolutely insist on drawing me and even offered to pay me

>declined the money but spent an hour awkwardly posing and being drawn

an abstract feel if there ever was one
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Is that the guy who won Eurovision?
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nope, just me. she's pretty talented
>look at me I'm so handsome, surely this is an abstract feel on here right guys
Camwhoring belongs in /soc/.

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How come I get better advice from people on here versus people who are genuinely trying to help in real life?
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Because normies advice is only helpful for other normies
How come robots are unwilling to take good advice from past robots who made it?
They enjoy not having to do work.

Do girls like it when boys dress like this?
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I wish

Too bad they don't
>black dildo
Incase is a cuck
No. I'm bi and if I wanted a guy, I'd date a guy. And if I wanted a girl, I'd date a girl.

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>be me
>alone again another lonely night
>knock on the door
>highly unusual
>it's the neighbour girl
>she wants to know if I want to get drunk because all her friends are out of town
>I say well, I'll have a drink or two but I have to get to work
>so she comes in and we talk a while
>she mentions she lost her job and spent her last ten dollars on the bottle of cider she had with her
>she's actually pretty interesting for a girl
>we talk a while about anime and stuff and she actually keeps calling me a weeb irl especially after she saw my anime mug mug collection
>she mentions she's a prostitute now too
>I say I could give her advice in that department after she tells me about her first encounter with a john
>I backtrack after she seems eager for advice because I realized that it would have to be hands on
>anyway we browse escort ads and stuff and she asks me how much I would pay her
>and I tell her I wouldn't pay for something I can get for free
>and she says she'd never bang me for free, after giving my face a once-over, she says she'd only charge me a hundred books though
>already a kinda decent deal but I talk her into cleaning my house on top of it

I feel like I'm not truly even relating how interesting this conversation was. This is probably a bad idea because of her whole ex-boyfriend with cancer thinger but whatever who gives a fuck at this point.
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If I were you I'd totally do it.

But I'm not you so do whatever you want faggot.
Enh, I probably will, my house is seriously dirty. She might come over tomorrow to watch anime and x-files with me/bang me/clean my house. But she is kinda crazy, her last boyfriend strangled her, although I don't know who is at fault for that one. Lotta drama there. The boyfriend deffo has suspicions I was banging her when we spoke last but he was wrong until now. I doubt he'd try to attack me though, I'm not a weak girl.
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>a hundred books

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Where's my depression general thread

I want to kill myself but I'm also actually just desperate for human interaction. Every breath I exhale comes along with a hearth wrenching pang of something less than sadness, a heaviness within my body that makes me want to hyperventilate to make it go away, but it won't go away

I want to cry and scream and yell and never talk again, to run for miles and fall on the ground and never get up again. What even is the point of this

A constant downward spiral to nowhere, where is the bottom?
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oh boo hoo just go outside you self pitying faggot
I'm depressed, but I ordered some supplements online that are supposed to be a short acting anti-depressant.

Here's hoping they work well enough to get me into a better place in life.
How much did you spend on those sugar pills?

Finally got to go to Japan and it sucks now I'm just counting the days to go home

What big disappointments have you dealt with lately?
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It sucks because you suck, if you were fun it would be fun
What we're your expectations?
What is the reality like?
What sucks? Japan is my dream vacation. Get out of that hotel room right now and go for a walk, youre bound to find something interesting.

Does anyone else on here get vagina envy?

l don't think I really want to be a woman, per se, but l look at my dick and just wish l had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I wish l could have multiple orgasms. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much more pIeasurable for women it makes me deepIy depressed... lt feels like biology and my body have betrayed me.
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Do you think you'll ever get over your vagina envy, or are you just going to be here posting this thread every day for the rest of your life? Also, have you ever put your penis in one?
>Also, have you ever put your penis in one?
No, but I'm working on it :)
>your biggest concern in life is orgasm refractory period

God, you fucking suck OP. Fuck you.

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