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good looks, money, social skills developed at a young age because they had positive reinforcement and friends to help them along. they dont have mental health issues past the age of 20 and use the things their parents have taught them to succeed and be happy in life. most of what makes a normie is developed at a very young age and if you are a /r9k/ regular there is basically no hope for you. do what i do anon. smoke and drink until you pass out and repeat the process until released from this prison we call life

>tough pill to swallow
a life,man. A LIFE

I work in healthcare with 15 year old girls. I feel like it seems like I'm flirting with them. How do I act to not be a creep?
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Establish and mind clear boundaries, limit your compliments, and don't over-analyze things.
i have a weird unnatural attraction to mysterious women associated with the sea, i've felt this way my whole life.
every time i see art depicting a sort of unnamed or strange woman involved in something with the ocean i feel the need to seek them out and find them, although they're all fictional.
sorry for shitting your thread up OP, i just wanted to say that after a couple decades of this weird feeling
fuck the horny and slutty ones to get it out of your system.

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Lesbian tongue action is literally the best porn, I always cum in less than 2 minutes watching those videos
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The one on the right is a transbian, no?
let me get that sauce tho
It is extremely arousing indeed but I have this idea stuck in my head that people kissing just does not count as fap material, that there is something wrong with fapping to kissing videos.

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What are some things you do to make yourself seem smarter?

I use examples and analogies a lot because I'm not sure how to put certain things into words.
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I just be myself o
I would like some tips as well to fool others into thinking I"m intelligent.
I poop un my butt

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>tfw people on this board still use the word "normie" unironically

You niggers do realize that the correct terminology is "normalfag" right? The only people that use the word "normie" are "normies" themselves. Therefore, I request you normalfags to stop using the word "normie" in order to continue browsing this board. Thank you in advance.
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abnormalfag pls go
sure, okay.
Look at this fucking autie

What do you muppets think about posture? I think it really can make or break how people perceive you

I find it so interesting I made this video about it for a school project


Let me know what you think
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That was pretty funny. Good work. I feel inspired for some reason
you are correct, better posture makes you more confident, but also people see you as more confident and treat you better (or think twice before messing with you) and thus you also feel more confident by positive interactions or less bad interactions.

All of you should try weight training.
even femanons.
People worried about getting too bulky will never have to worry if they are natural and no steroids. People dedicate their lives to getting jacked and still have to resort to steroids, you won't get too bulky just lifting some weights a couple times a week.
that slumped shoulder palms turned forward look can be fixed by working on your rear deltoid.

That bulging stomach (not due to fat but posture) will be fixed when you have better mobility in your hips, and stronger core and glute muscles.

>blonde hair
>brown eyebrows

Is there a better combination? I think not.
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Death of God
le blacked girl
>Red hair
>Blue eyes

How can anything be prettier than that? It's the rarest combination.

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>tfw no belly gf to shove your face into
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Well? Anyone else?
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I know that feel my anonymous friend

And I express my sympathies originally
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Feedee GF.png
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I grant you the tummy gf.

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>tfw you thought it was different this time
>tfw you thought she wasn't like other girls
>tfw you fucked up like you always do
>tfw she's ignoring you because you humiliated her and watched her get bullied
>tfw you thought you had something special but you meant nothing to her

post your feels and a song

no one chooses to be a robot but maybe some of us can accept it

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>you humiliated her and watched her get bullied
Anon you can't expect girls to like you if you're going to sperg out at them and be too beta to defend them against bullies.
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>too beta to defend them against bullies
I was the bully...
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You sperged at the wrong moment anyone would be mad

what is on your mind r9k
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A lot of thoughts racing at once, thinking about everything from my future to my genetic shortcomings. So much that I can't really focus on anything and just let time slide by not realizing when another day is already gone.
skree skree
I never explained how weird i really am to anybody.
I have serious mental health issues and cant articulate that in a way a counsler will follow.
Or even care to listen.

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I can do fifty (50) sit ups now!
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Sit ups are a horrible exercise and actually really bad for your back.
I could probably do 500 situps

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>tfw dont enjoy anything anymore

wtf do i do, im just sitting here laying in my bed staring at the ceiling.
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Go outside. At least for a walk, a bike ride would be better. I feel you, I know that kind of boredom, I've fallen into cycles of passivity and there's nothing you can do but make a point of breaking them. Godspeed anon
you're at what i call the point of no return. the lifestyle doesn't reward you anymore.
I feel like this almost constantly. It's such a struggle to get over it and go to the gym. I feel like quitting every single workout day.

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Why is it that the hotter a guy is, the more of a jerk he is?

In fifteen plus years of experience, I swear there's a correlation between good looks and rude behaviour. Like almost always, the more attractive my past partners have been, the more inconsiderate and selfish they were. And not just to me, but people in general.

I never understood that. And after a while, you start to think good looking guys who are also sweet and innocent almost don't exist. The only times I've met an attractive nice guy resulted in them either being oblivious to my signals, disinterested, too introverted to give dating a chance, or deeply committed to some other girl. While most other dateable men in the market turn out to be awful people in the end.

No matter how you robots feel about yourselves and "Chads," you're at least ahead of them by not being rude jackasses (or at least you're better at keeping it yourselves).
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>"You're not hot, and so I consider you un-datable, but at least you're not a jerk"
Dumb bait. It's too bad girls are so retarded as to think this way in real life.
Because hot people are used to getting what they want and if everything isn't handed to them on a platter they go off. Stacies are just as cunty.
Calling bullshit.
I'm ugly as fuck and also a jerk.

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Who else goes on night walks?
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well why dont you just film it then, mr dubs
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I do but not so often now. From last year.
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Idk cuz I don't want to?

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Any femanons with BPD out there?
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At least let your first thread die before switching to another approach,fool.
That's not my thread you dumb whore
Found one op.

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