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I've been looking up a lot of "how to tell if your child has aspergers" things, along with symptoms and taking tests and I really do believe I have it now. For one I know I don't emphatize much.

When I was dating my first gf (my only one i've had) she would be really sad and cry but I never knew how to help her. I would just stand there emotionless, not even trying to hug her as I felt like I couldn't.

When anyone other than someone I love touches me, I get very irritated, even if its my parents.

I tend to follow/walk behind people I think are attractive, and I noticed one time I did that the girl noticed and seemed visibly weirded out and walked away quick.

I also have been accused of being an asshole many times, without me realizing what I said that was wrong. My parents also tend to constantly scold me on my manners towards other people and at the dinner table/at restaurants. I never think about my manners and I don't realize i'm coming off as mean.

I don't like it when people snap at me. When my dad would do it when I was a kid I would get extremely frustrated and sometimes cry. What pissed me off even more was that he would look at me with some kind of curious confusion and keep snapping like I was some kind of lab rat undergoing an experiment. That, and stomping on the floor (which my dad does a LOT for no reason even when he's not mad) also really really gets me going.

I have very poor social skills. I can never hold a conversation and I get extremely red faced and anxious around people I'd want to talk to, and I only tend to talk to and look at people I find attractive.

I don't like trying new things, and the thought of my parents moving out of town terrifies me even though I only have one friend in town that I barely see.

I have problems making eye contact with everyone, and I also failed most all of elementary school although doing well in things that I cared more about.

I have a problem with understanding sarcasm and I tend to take things
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very literally. Especially when it comes to joke insults.
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Wow haha your "really autistic" you fucking normalfag. I am diagnosed with autism, these were my results for the same quiz. Get out
aspergers =/= autism
im not saying I have a really high level of aspie but I know I have a significant amount of it.

stop being such an elitist muh "if you aren't literally fucking retarded gtfo out my board REEEE"

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>cum on chest
>rub into skin
>take shit
>dont wipe ass
>jack off again
>this time I finish in my mouth
>pee in kitchen sink since no one is around

Family's gone in Seattle for the entire weekend, so I'm living it up.
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subhuman, much?
you should try to migrate to africa or the middle east
I get pissing in the sink, since piss is sterile anyway and there is no sense touching the poopoo pot when all you gotta do is pee. That other stuff is gross though.
Even the sandniggers use bidets, holy fuck

I say OP should let loose in the nearest jungle

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Give me a reason to live or i'll blow my fucking brains out tonight
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Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His grace
This OP, there's no reason to feel bad when everything you can have will be lost, but Christ offers comfort to the weary. We are brother's in Christ.
To suffer. Life is about how much suffering you can endure.

>tfw nofap day 2
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>tfw can't get past 4 days
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Day 3 reporting in
Control your urges and become the man you were always meant to be
>tfw day 16

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Why is it that I cant find anyone who wants to be friends as much as I do? Nobody asks me shit about my life or starts a conversation with me etc.

I'm always starting the conversations, asking what their favorite shit is etc. Why does nobody care about me? Even after I ask them stuff like "what's your favorite movie" they dont ask me back... I don't understand especially when I have lots of interesting experiences and knowledge why nobody want to talk to me.

Is it just that all these people have so many friends i'm just insignificant to them?

I'm sick of carrying every conversation.
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lets be buds man, I have the same problem
[email protected]
You have the stench of vegetable about you.

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If you really love her and she's hinting that she loves you back.

Im a very private person usually, but this friday i did MDMA with my closest circle of friends. They found out i started dating this girl from college, but i say as little as i can about her when asked. Idk why. Anyway, on friday the atmosphere was so fucking beatiful. Music, love, dancing and bonding. One of the best nights in my life. Everyone was talkative and people were coming up to me and would ask me about stuff and the girl was the main subject.
So these two very close friend of mine who i've known all my life were asking me about her and we were talking about girls in general. Asking me this and that, and after i finally opened up about it, told them how im crazy about her and how we got together, whats she like and shit, the guy that had his arm around me asks me "do you love her?". I nod and say yes. He asks "does she love you?". Tell him that im pretty sure, because she hints it. He grabs my hand and shakes it with this joyful face and says "you have to tell her you love her" and he was genuenly happy to hear that. Now i never once in my life told someone i love them, because for some reason those words carry a big weight to me, but this girl i truily do love. The guy that told me i have to tell her that had a few longer lasting realtionships and he's in no way shape or form a malicious person. And he would never try to fuck me up by telling me to do something stupid. I thought about his words quite a bit and decided i really should tell her that.
Yesterday when i was with her i had the perfect opportunity, but i chickened out.

Do you guys have any stories of telling girls you love them?
How did it go? And how can you tell if a girl loves you?

Oh and also, im 21 yearold, former neet, college dropout virgin who fixed his life 7 months ago, around the time i met the girl. But we've only been dating for a month.
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Never. The moment you tell her you love her is the moment her pussy dries out.
This exactly. Never, ever tell a girl you love her before she says it to you. Even then, it's probably better to keep her guessing as long as you can.
I never have in a way that I've truly meant it. everyone has different views on what "I love you" means. To me it means something like "I want all of you. You can show me the absolute worst side of yourself and I will not run." to others it means "I like you a lot." No one can predict what will happen if you tell her you love her, you just have to find out.

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The year is half over. What steps have you taken to better yourself?
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A step back

Something's in the way again
>when life pisses on you, you can either hide from the piss, or finish getting pissed on
I put my Salami on my nipples, every single Friday

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Who else here /stupidname/?

My dad named me Banjo
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Chance, and it's worse than you probably think. it's pronounced "Chaunce".

I was named after a character in a Jean Claude Van Damme movie
>My dad named me Banjo

Say hi to Kazooie for me faggot.

Seriously though. That's possibly one of the worst names you could have. No wonder you're a robot.
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Not even after a cool game like that.
He just really loved playing the fucking banjo.
He'd even force me to to play it, and beat me if I wasn't good enough.

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>tfw hit my mom and told her to fuck off

im 22 230 lbs 5'11
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the only dank think will be your range ban nigger
Anon, please go apologize to your mom. I don't know what she did to make you angry, but she's your mom.
She loves you and wants whats best for you, so please try to say sorry.
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>hit my mom
wow you are beyond broken
get on your knees and beg her for forgiveness
if you can't do that kys scum

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Post your first GF.
I never had sex with her, but she was still my GF.
We were pure virgins, until Chad got her.
did i do good?
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No, you did shit. Why didn't you fuck her? How long were you together?
contacts on asian girls is fucking heinous.
How long did you guys date for?

Has a small dick hahahahahahahoriginal
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this isnt micheal jordan, micheal jordan is much older
It's Michael B Jordan. He's an actor.
wait a second, are you telling me that the black guys in porn hired specifically for their penis size aren't representative of the whole group

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i can all but guarantee he does not
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images (30).jpg
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He does. He had a dick slip on live TV and this pic is from his instagram.
I guess you're wrong then roastie nigger lover. I guess you haven't fucked enough black guys to know they're not all hung.

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Does natural selection apply to ants? Like, are there ants that know the dangers of an anti-ant human being's household, and they're like all wise and shit? What if there are ants who train themselves by going into the poison everyday, so they become more tolerant? What if there's an ant like that shit that's making an ant army? What the fuck do we do if there are trillions of ants eating all our food and shit and making a famine? The fuck are we gonna do then? What if it's like "Planet of The Ants" or some shit? The fuck do we do?
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ants are nice.

>very clean insects
>distribute and plant seeds
>aerate and till the soil
>kill other outdoor pests
ants work more as a whole organism along with the queen itself
since the queen births everything all evolution is together and not on an ant by ant basis

also god is real
>What if there are ants who train themselves by going into the poison everyday, so they become more tolerant?

Evolution takes place over tens of thousands of years. Colonies iwth a propensity for poison wouldn't last for that long.

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can tall people be robots

191cm / 6 foot 3

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>yes, khhv

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Is this our song?
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I just like the song, anon.
What music do you like?
originally excellent post

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