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When was the last time /r9k/ take a shower?
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about 30 minutes ago anon.
I shower about ten times a day
tfw OCD
Really? Do you live alone?
>I shower about ten times a day
Your skin must be fucked beyond repair. I shower twice a week, more if work gets sweaty. Going to take a shower in roughly half an hour.

Should I fall for the THICC meme? I found an easy catch.
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Pic is not thicc that's fat
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>tfw not big enough to satisfy a thicc bitch

Tfw 7 inch dick but fat with a FUPA so it swallows up like 2 inches and basically gives me a 4-5 inch baby dick.

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Have you ever been a victim of a crime?
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Being given birth to. Also witnessing this shit thread.
Just your bad posting.
I got my bike stolen by a dindu once

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Is a fleshlight any good?
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Yeah but onaholes are better
Incredible compared to your hands. The enveloping warm wetness and the thrusting makes is another experience entirely.
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I love mine.

>tfw can barely use it because still live with family.

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>tfw you will never do this with another anon in your life
why even live
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Where tf did their legs go
Whoa, op. This is hot as fuck, where do I sign up?
This looks massively uncomfortable... Not to mention sweaty as all hell.

Do you have a nice body? I wonder.
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I look okay not too fat or too skinny although the face is the problem
Chubby bordering average. Still got those love handles bleh.
this picture is cute

no not yet. i have weird bicep and back insertions too so when i get lean my legs and abs will be the best part. i have decent delts and traps though which are more important than biceps.

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My Snapshot_16.jpg
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She's not 4/10 and she's very photogenic.
Social media is cancer and has inflated the egos of women. A fat hambeast thinks she's entitled to a Chad now.
As a woman I've never met a female with natural beauty like I've with men. it's all about makeup. When I was young I always wondered why females wasted so much time and money in that.

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If you had to describe the gentleman in the pic in a few words what would you say about him?
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A teeny tiny manlet
Fat and baby faced. Probably has a small penis.
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Nu-male at it's best.

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hey /r9k/
how do you get over a crush on someone?
im too beta to talk to her so i just want the feels to stop.
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Time. There is no cheap way to get the feelings of liking someone in a romantic way off your chest. It will pass.
ive had this crush for 3 years now and it doesnt seem to be going anywhere
Then you are one of the more feminine men who act like women at this particular matter, meaning you won't just get over it. I'd say engange with other people, but since this is the board it is, there may be some problem with that one too.

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spongebob coffee.gif
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>Where do you live?

>Where do you want to live?

Arizona Desert
Somewhere cold with mild summers and snowy winters
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same except im moving to wisconsin next month
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Mom's Basement

I just want my room back anon

Just travelling the world bringing love and tidbits of wisdom. Finally settling down in a small country town in the U.K.

If not, California.

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Ever since I got redpilled, cucks and betas make me physically angry. Now I go out of my way to mock and bully them whenever I run into them. Weak men make me fucking sick now.

Am I wrong for this?
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N-No. I mean, do whatever you want, I can't stop you

So you bully yourself and punch yourself every time you see a mirror?
Take the blackpill instead. It's much better.

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Why is it so wrong to dedicate our lives to masturbation?
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slavemasaters think they're entitled to our sperm
to produce their next batch of yoked yokels
throw your yoke for waifu only in lewd revolt
ah nuts, that last 'yoke' should be 'yolk'
back to the whipping post for me
because people said so

what did you expect there to be some form of logic behind it? normies just hate what everyone else hates

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Do morbidly obese people disgust you?
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to be honest, yes they do disgust me anon. yes they do.
yes, they do
i saw this thread on fit

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>when you get this email that your neetbux arrived and want to rub it people's faces but forget to remove your email and then delete your thread but an anon saves it and then reposts it to r9k again
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oh noo an email address
who cares
what are you trying to achieve? just making a fellow robot feel even worse? you are no different from the normies and roasties. KYS
>when you sign up for neetbux with your wacky email from when you were 12

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>tfw had a dream where I had sex with my mom
>she enjoyed it and wanted me to cum inside her
>dad walks in when I'm fucking her and woke up just at the moment when he was starting to lose his shit (partly because my sub-consciousness was scared out of his mind)
anyone else had filthy incest dreams?
I don't even find my mom that attractive (I just fap to mom/son incest porn because of how taboo it is and I find older women attractive. I would never do anything with my own mother)
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I had a dream where I was training my mom in bdsm and she was my sub. I was shoving pool balls up her bag and squeezing her tits, and telling her she was a good girl for doing what I told her... was really fucked up
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my latest dream was transforming into a girl, getting dressed up in full thot attire to go to a party, and i ended up getting forced into a blacked bbc gangbang.

i don't know this dream means
if thats your mom I had a dream i fisted her to the elbow.

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