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Robots who actually talk to girls or have/had a gf report in.

How do you do it?
I'm sure most of us here have literally never even had a female friend let alone a gf.
I would much appreciate hearing your story
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>Robots who actually talk to girls or have/had a gf

Tinder has worked for me.
Otherwise just enter a conversation, be nice, be friendly.
Sometimes the right conditions have to be there though. If you have the balls you can approach someone you don't know in any situation and this can work. Otherwise it's easier if you go to a party and have a more natural setting. Just like if you went to a job interview you would prepare, be well dressed etc. and create the right conditions.
Read Bang by Roosh V. And do Starting Strength.
I've had girls who talked to me.
They felt sorry for me and I felt like a patient in a mental hospital.

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I seriously wish I had a Gazorpazorpian sexbot or something similar. Minus the incubation part of course. But just something sexy to dump my cum inside. Doesn't even need to move (just like a real woman, heyooo)
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they sell sex dolls now. they arent as expensive as you think.
only $1500-2000
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I seriously wish I could suck my own dick.



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What should I buy for my gf for our 1st anniversary?
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Just go out for dinner or get a nice dessert to share. No real reason to spend money on a gift.
A nice buII
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>buying gifts for a hole

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Is anyone else just a straight up terrible person?

I don't torture anything, but I'm generally a bitter person to my friends and family and for some reason they put up with it. I have the capacity to be nice but most of the time my autism takes over and I can be a real fucking asshole to my friends.

I don't want to feel this way but I feel "cringe" for opening up and being nice since I've gone this long with my "burn the world down" attitude. It's really autistic and I want to start fresh but it's so fucking hard.
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When I was in middle and high school, I did a lot of things to a lot of girls my age as well as a couple family members. Will never be able to think I'm a good person after doing said things and probably deserve all the bad hands I've been thrown in life.
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What did you do anon

I'd post but I don't want the normie police banging down my door. Also whenever I try to tell the tale no anons believe me.

What do you think of girls with small penises?
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simply perfection
That they're just men with deep psychological problems. That they try to compensate by becoming "female" in an attempt to maybe be accepted as a cocksleeve, but their life will almost certainly end at 30-35 when no amount of hormones can help them to continue looking female as time slowly peels away the mask of failure from their face and nothing but a failure of a man remains with a prolapsed ass as a bonus.
this describes women

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Robots you already know the source of your depression, so why don't you stop?
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>OP posts the "how to go maximum normalfag" chart yet again

Internet porn is less sad than my imaginations.
Gee willy whizz, anon! How could I have NEVER thought of THAT? Oh my God, you've completely opened my fucking eyes to a higher plane of existence. GENIUS ALERT, GENIUS ALERT! Someone get this man an award!!


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Hey anyone reading.

Are there any 25+ khv, asocial, neet/half-neet out there that actully do not have mental illness, depression or hatred for life? Also having some redpill in you and not being a total bluepill-slave?

I feel I cant relate to anyone on here or /r/incels or /r/virgins or wizchan. I can relate to some rare pepes around here and maybe more on wizchan, but those that post there are mainly too slow or too "bloggy".

I can talk with anyone IRL, no fear to even speak infront of many people (know this from school, being a musician and now recently community college for the second time).
I know some good solid truths about women/females but I dont bang my head over those redpills and I dont go overboard with the theories around that because I want to focus on myself and not the world around me too much.
I've never worked a job for even one day, been in highschool longer than most people (3 extra years) and then focused on trying to get into college of music in diffrent countries until after (3 more years) I did and it just wasnt what I hoped for.
During that sub-education or what you want to call it I have had like 1-2 friends that I kept from childhood and had regular IRL laughs with.
Today I havent met them for over 2 years I think.
In community college for 2 years again to certify myself as a PT and massagetherapeut. (most people on here wouldnt belive that to be a robotic job)
Trust me I dont like being around people and specially just talking for no good reason with them. Having a focus and accomplishing something together with only focus on the task ahead keeps me "normal", because I do or say things about things that I know well.

So yadi yadi yada.
>26 khhv
>live with dad in my childhood room
>never worked, no relationship exp, no dates, no friends
>dont hate life but got no one to relate to
>redpill minor is a sensible view

Anyone else?
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Me but I have a shit job I use to pay mom rent.
Actually I make a lot more than I spend.

But yeah
>no irl friends
>never been with a woman
>SOMEHOW have an optimistic outlook
>mostly dedicate myself to fitness and the small circle of internet people I've met and can relate to

I keep trying to identify ways to make progress, and beyond a decent career plan I've got nothing, idk how to meet relatable people.

Hey, thanks for replying.

It seems like you have to be 25+ to not be mad about these things in life.
But if you have had it worse than maybe both you and I have had it (maybe an abusive family) then we couldnt be here talking about it.

Maybe we have some luck in how our emotions land so we can have a more clear view of life no matter how shit it is compared to some others, or maybe its just an age thing after all.
I don't like to think it was luck because that's turbo blackpilled and spooky, that I could have easily ended up as a jerk or worse.
I like to think it's an age thing. Time heals all wounds.

Or maybe both.
We're lucky nothing really serious happened to us in that seven year gap between 18 and 25 where most people are forced to fend for themselves and end up making crippling mistakes because they couldn't see it coming.


The ultimate fucking an hero. Rest easy you mad lad.
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he doesn't actually do it, right? probalby a rick roll.
No, he does it it's pretty impressive.
Looks fake as fuck senpai. Pretty funny tho.

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>tfw maxed on RS3 and OSR
What do I do with my life now? I had a sense of purpose everyday, I imagine it's what successful people have but for jobs and shit, except for them there's always something more to grind towards and now for me it's over. What do?
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can you level my account
Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, or Ultimate Ironman. At least that's what I'm going to do.
Yeah I suppose. I guess i'll start at normal Ironman so I have something to move up to.

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my dick doesnt fucking work lads what do i do with my life
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that's good
the curse of libido has been lifted
use your free brain power now to conquer the world

holes have no power over you now
i still have libido my erections just are super weak
>the curse of libido has been lifted
Op never said that. I assume since hes worried about loss of function the desire is still there. Op didnt transcend some mythical mystical fetterence, he just lost life. RIP in potatoes op.
Pick two

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>traveling for work
>Too sick to go out on weekend
>Spend time NEETing out
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Where are you right now? I assume you're NEETING out on your work trip, but where?
Germany, is where i am, my 4chanian coposter
Cool beans. Well, tell you what. If you're sick, get off the Internet and get some well-needed rest. No questions. You'll feel better.

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>anticipate the upcoming weekend
>do nothing during the weekend, get sick of it
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where do you live op? whats the area like? all urban or are we talkin some foresty type shit nearby
Cornfields for as long as the human eye can see, occasionally broken by a small farm or hog confinement
So you're living relatively remote from the sounds. sounds like you live in the perfect spot for a little bit of /mischief/ if you ask me.

I had the same feel you do op, gotta work with what you got. In all honesty going out and aimlessly walking down the street to the forest near my place and starting small fires just sitting and thinking is comfy as fuck.

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This is the true robot game
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En garde faggot
Hellblade talks about problems we robots have, thus being superior
Just because you like a game don't become instantly a robot game.

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>do nofap
>balls are aching and red after 2 weeks
>cant concentrate on anything because im constantly thinking about my dick/masturbating
>constantly get erections which are annoying and distracting
>social anxiety is exactly the same
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This happened to me after one day of nofap because I was busy. Nofap is a meme, regardless of what the redditcucks say
>nofap provably, scientifically and medically bad for you
>r/MGTOW basically telling people to be unhealthy
Two weeks is too long. Four days, four days.

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is "loving" your own family just a meme?
I've never felt anything like love towards my family members even though we have a good relationship. it doesn't mean I dislike them though
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you are gonna go to hell
uh oh. I generally feel the same way.
The only people I can love are family, including sexually. Not even memeing, I don't think I could ever love a nonfamily member

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