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>fat girls more likely to be virgins and have lower standards
>get fat gf
>make sure she's loyal
>train with her to transform her from whale to human again
>goes from 4/10 to 7 or 8/10
>tfw qt3.14, fit, virgin gf
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I know someone here has those pictures of the fat girl leaving her beta bf after getting skinny.
Nice trips! Triple 3, now that's a nice one :)
>goes from 4/10 to 7 or 8/10
>tfw qt3.14, fit, virgin gf
>then she gains more confidence
>leaves your beta ass and fucks 20 chads to make up for lost time when she was a fat cunt

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Who else /incest/ here?
I've been in love with my cousin for as long as I can remember. I know it's wrong but I can't help it. I only see her every couple of years and my feelings never change.
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Stick your meatwhip wherever you want , just don't try to have kids
Pretty much my train of thought
But I'm 95% sure she's not into family members. Especially the ones with no personality me
>Incest relationship with kids
>They're all fine

As long as you don't make a practice of it over multiple generations, there's no problem.

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losing it.jpg
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Who here /murder fanatic/? All I do anymore is read about murders and murderers. I go throughout the web trying to get more of the scoop on them and find out all these obscure facts. I don't know what's wrong with me
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this is me but instead of reading about murderers i read about how to get away with it
i am obsessed with making the perfect plan
Where do you read about them, OP?
Got any favorites?
I'd like to start reading up on them, cause it really is interesting to see what goes on in their minds.
Sometimes I do this. I don't like to think about it too much.
Wikipedia is usually where I start, just to get a general understanding of them. Then I just dig into whatever sites I can find that display more info on them. Murderpedia is a favorite of mine though. If they have a manifesto, I immediately read that though.

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Would you agree with this photo ?

If you do, how the the bottom males fix themselves ?
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>how do the bottom males fix themselves?
They don't.
Draw lines from the bottom females as well and I'd agree. Chads will pump and dump even 1/10s now.

I am a straight edge,cosmic horror worshiping,deperessed loner. AMA.
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>cosmic "horror"
>can be defeated with a vacuum cleaner

what a horror
Do you have a job? H m m?
thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut82TDjciSg

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I'm looking to experience something profound. How can I?
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Drop acid?
I don't think that's the kind of thing that can be called up on demand.
Read something. Dawkins is great at writing biology for laymen. Then there's fictional prose that can really change your thinking. James Joyce is good for that.

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Do u boys like folk art?
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You're fucking terrible. Die.
it looks like the piece of one of those collage arts that liberals make for their blog.
Could look pretty creepy with some tweaking

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nip stare.jpg
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>a gaijin has entered the room
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Heroo~ Ching chong!
what are you fish-heads looking at?

File: CvS_r8KWEAEYSzo.jpg (109KB, 900x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This half-nigger,without a father, who is 5'6 and has literal head deformation can become a Chad,while you can't?
What's your excuse?
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they put the yamaka on too tight when he still had a soft spot
Tyler1 is a good example of ENTJ masterrace in action. He actually has a pretty autistic side due to his crippling stutter and height along with robot interests (league of legends and hes a computer science major). He gets laid but I dont think hes really chad.
I'm a whole nigger without a father with a literal head deformation.

I used to browse this site all the time, and since I stopped browsing this site and started spending more time doing things other than spending all day inside on my computer or playing vidya. I sort of got my start through nofap (which I failed many times over) which led to me gaining more motivation to diet and exercise. From that point I gained more confidence in myself and quit caring so much about what people around me thought, and I admitted to myself the weaknesses that I didn't want to realize like my social anxiety and my depression. I reached out to people online to talk to and made several long term friends who I talk to regularly by reaching out. I am now much more healthy, happy, and I don't let things depress me nearly as much as I used to. I wanted to post this on here because I remember spending long lonely hours browsing this board hating my life and wishing that I had more meaningful things to do. I want everyone that is depressed and feeling trapped to know that you can make positive improvements and I highly recommend that if you lack motivation you should start by getting off this site and quit watching porn.
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dont know bout the rest, but im a robot by choice
yeah i get that but don't you feel like there's more to life than being a robot all day everyday
That's fucking retarded. Surely some part of you wants to help yourself?

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Finally ending it guys, see you next time around.
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So long. Eternal blackness, an infinite solitude awaits
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Cya later, good luck in the afterlife. You sure you don't want someone to talk to though, before you do it?
good luck on the reroll

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She knows all your secrets and has complete control over you.
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Bumping out of intense interest. Is the therapist more a subdued subgenre of FemDom or a less taboo Mommy fetish type thing?

Who are the best therapists you've found?

>Larkin Love
>Tara Tainton
>Mistress T

I feel like I'm missing the truly talented therapists out there.
>have therapist fetish
>starts having depression
>starts going to therapy
>lose the fetish
Having any level of experience with a thing is a great way to never have a fetish for it. For example: I have two younger sisters, they're both disgusting and completely unattractive. No incest fetish to speak of. I can only imagine this is the case with almost everything else as well.

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>wasted two years of community college
is 20 too late to start a STEM degree? I don't think I can work and study engineering too.
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Nah. I know engineers that didn't start until 25. How many credits did you finish at the community college?
>How many credits did you finish at the community college?
None. That's why the time was wasted.
Do you have the money to get back into community college and does your community college offer engineering related 2 year degrees?

>Tfw your bf breaks up with you

You male robots think you have it hard. Fembots are literally the worse, my bf just broke up with me for wanting to have sex with another man, like seriously wtf it's just SEX!
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Very low quality b8.
why the fuck am i still alive
Fuck off you know nothing of the pain I'm in, you "male" bots know nothing of true suffering

>tfw my cat lets me pick her up and carry her around like a princess
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File: 1477619124396.jpg (494KB, 986x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Two of my cats let me pick them up. The fat one likes it when I drape him over my shoulder, and the thin one likes to headbut my chin until I pick him up and cradle him.
I want to be carried like I carry them
post pictures of your princess
File: 20170514_165120.jpg (2MB, 1504x2673px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1504x2673px
>tfw had to resize the image just to post it here
heckin file size caps

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