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>Lost my virginity
>Don't feel any different

Ummm. When does it take effect?
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You Are Now Level: 2

XP required for lvl 3: ERR
When you leave /r9k/
Also it can't be a hooker, which is the way any robot has sex, so, never
Nah.. I got a gf now.. I just don't feel like it has done anything.

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>be me
>10 years old
>no clue what sex is and barely know anything about girls
>mom's friend is an alcoholic and constantly dumps her daughter off at our house when she goes on dates and my mom is happy to look after her for some reason
>one night she asks me about me having a gf
>tell her no and that ive never had one
>she asks if she could be my girlfriend
>overwhelmed with emotions
>me being the autist that i am i couldnt process this emotion properly
>simply stand up and walk away without saying a word and ignore her
>later that night I go to brush my teeth
>I open the door to the bathroom and shes standing there with no bottoms on so i could see her bare little pussy clear as day
>say im sorry for barging in
no wait anon it's ok you can stay
>autism engages
>yell "GROOOOOOOS" as i slam my door shut and lock it.
>demand my mom the next morning that she cant stay over anymore becuase we got into a fight

im 27 and still a kissless virgin. who else here blew it?
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she was probably molested my dude
you were just acting like a normal kid

idgaf if she was a nigger point was that was my one opportunity of getting laid ever and i blew it.

Why are roasties so obsessed with Harley Quinn?
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well shes crazy enough about joker to the point she'll go through extreme physical and mental abuse and still love him

maybe they want to feel the same way about a guy?
yeah women are into emotional rides like that.
its probably something of a fantasy to them

too bad theyll never act it out, too much self respect and entitlement, every woman knows their mere existence is enough to captivate men to the point of obsession. probably has to do with jokers distant attitude, women love criminals

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>someone says, "how are you?"
>he responds with anything other than "good"
How can you be THIS autistic?
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>asking that without actually being interested in their well-being

Who's the real autist, huh?
File: 1492485666056.png (236KB, 470x556px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What's even the point in asking how someone is then? It sounds like you don't know how to have anything other than a surface level conversation with someone.

You might as well open up with "how about the weather huh" if you don't care
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Source for image pls

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Ok guys I've got a story:

>meet girl on tinder
>like her, keep meeting up
>things get intense
>find out she's been seeing someone
>get angry but keep seeing her
>don't hear from her for an entire day
>messages me at 6:00am thenext morning saying she took a bunch of sleeping pills and codeine
>make plans to hang out
>she messages saying she's having a massive panic attack, comes over later
>sleep with her
>next morning she' slistneing to a song called die young on her phone
>had plans tonight
>this morning she texts saying she was roofied the night before and just got out of hospital and is staying with a friend
>refuses to say anythign more
>i message her friend on facebook saying I htink she's suicidal and just wanted to pass along the information above
>haven't heard anything since

Did i do the right hting? I'm really not sure. I'm genuinely concerned about her though.
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Dude...You need to gtfo of there NOW. She's obviously bipolar or borderline...Not worth the effort and the mental stress.
that's called insanity and it should be avoided
there is nothing you can do to help her
she lives in her own world

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>tfw no kazakh bf
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Borat is looking for gf, I hear.
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>Tfw no tomoko gf to hug and touch
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cuss ache.png
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>tfw no gauze ankh gf

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>2017 is already more than halfway over
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I'm not gonna pretend for a second that this year wasn't long and drawn out so far. This year sucked.
It wasn't though. It was short as fuck.
>tfw graduated college in 2015
>tfw have not even gotten a job or accomplished a single thing ever since or improved myself
>tfw have no idea what to do

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and then people guess

>I have had a pistol held to my skull(not by myself)

>I've been raped
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I am in a happy homosexual relationship

I'm a top 500 widowmaker eu
deffo widowmaker no one is happy in a relationship least of all fags
happy relationship

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r9k rate my rap and beats all made and produced by me

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Dude that's sounds fucking amazing
are you the hacker known as zyionz
did you really make that? sounds dope

>Raised by a single mother
>He doesn't drink water
>fussy eater
>cargo pants, hoodie and autism shoes
>into anime
>snorts instead of laughs
>doesn't have his own car
>doesn't have his own apartment/home
>talks tough about world conflicts and MMA but is a complete pussy
>skinny fat
>Doesn't eat pussy
>mouth breather
>self diagnosed autistic or other mental health problems
>Actually diagnosed with autism or other mental health problems
>spouts memes irl
>likes faggot music like justin beiber or metal

I'm not even that fussy
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you got to clean up your act if you want this sweet vagina boys
This is bait do not reply and report it for unoriginality.

why don't you want to get your dick wet

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Woman pumping gas.png
2MB, 988x1487px
Just saw this on facebook. All I have to say is wow, especially in the comments sections. So many entitled roasties and simp faggots
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What if that's just her son?

Also if a woman wants to serve her dude, let her. That nigger is being awfully weird just taking a picture from a distance and just imagining the context. Fucking jew.
>let's treat each other like humans irrespective of gender or sex
>muh gender roles
When your ethos is inherently contradictory, you know there's something wrong with it. Braindead virtue-signalling idiots.
Let's just destroy western civilization and start over, it's clear that something went wrong somewhere.

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Is lifting a meme for gymcels?

From time to time I lurk on /fit/ and /bb/, amount of >tfw no gf thread is something bigger than here.

Most of gymcels seems to have robots in disdain, but it seem like most of them were robots back then and they are just simply trying to burn their history.
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Not face. Hottest things on a man in my opinion? Abs and back
>badly copy pasting a terrible pic of a balding cuckold onto a pic of someone who takes care of themself
>this is proof that face is everything
>implying his wife cheating on him has any impact on his physical appearances
>implying the average girl on tinder is going to notice it's photoshopped

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Do you pronounce gui "Gooey" or "Gee-you-eye"?
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'Useless Bloat'
it's an acronym
the only reason to pronounce it like it was a word was if it clearly was designed to be that way, like "GNU" - nobody is gonna say G N U when pronouncing GNU.

So yes I pronounce it G U I
It's always been pronounced gooey. If you said G U I in a programming class everyone would look at you like your autistic. Or they would be trying to figure out what your talking about.


I don't even like women now. I thought you guys were exaggerating. Eww.
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> 23 and 1
> score hidden

It's because they got downvoted, isn't it?

Yeah, /r/askwomen is a bunch of sluts pretending to be feminists.

The rule of thumb is to upvote the sluttiest behavior and downvote any non-slutty behaviour.

There is a slightly better subreddit called /r/redpillwomen, but those tend to be a bit nutty. But better than /r/askwomen.
Notice a lot of them only count PIV, so dick sucking and assfucking don't count?

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Ah, ah, ah. You know the rules, ragie-wagie.
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How do you NEETS like your coffee?

If you're not grinding your own beans and using a french press/moka pot to make your coffee, then you're missing out. Freshly ground beans have newly released oils and caffeine

Alao robusta > arabica beans, anyday. Robusta has nearly twice the caffeine content of the latter.
hello frogger
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*watches curiously as you humbly walk into the store to apply*

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