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What are your deal breakers for girls?

I.e., obese, tattoos, drug user
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Not being my oneitis is a major red flag.
Smokes more than socially
Dumb as a brick
Can you guys even afford to have deal breakers?

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What the fuck man i just find out this truth im 98kg

I have coke addiction and always eat fastfood

Realisticly if i start dieting and cut out junk food and coke how much weight i can lose in a month?

I'm willing to anything, except i don't go out
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Cutting out cocaine will make you even fatter, since it is a stimulant and appetite suppressant. You are basically fucked
yeah, keep the coke addiction and just start eating healthier.
Its cola

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Why do you robots get so upset when us normals call you out for being virgins? I've had sex 17 times and lost it at 15 like most people meanwhile your kind for whatever reason fails to meet expectations and develops psychological issues because you didn't go through the natural passages of life.

It's honestly sad, pathetic, and kind of disgusting to think that there are "men" out there that haven't had sex yet, let alone even held hands with a girl.


Know your place though, fr
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you're probably good looking. most people here are not/.

>It's honestly sad, pathetic, and kind of disgusting to think that there are "men" out there that haven't had sex yet, let alone even held hands with a girl.

Yeah they feel the same way. It's that kind of thinking that makes them depressed, the knowledge that people think of robots like this.
I smell bait.
Take it.
You could work on your bait better
If you're unironic I hope you get slashed in the neck with a rusty pen

>who titcow lover here?
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Jesus yes.

I have a huge dick, and all I want is paizuri.

It's gotten so bad that women average breasts are basically invisible to me now, but I can spot a big rack in a crowd of a hundred in half a fucking second.

My dick only reacts to stacked girls, and it reacts instantly and intensely.

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anyone else here into /weightgain/?
it has been my only real fetish since childhood. Post pics, general discussion welcome
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No, that's absolutely fucking stupid.
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this commment is origano
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cant help a fetish man

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As an asexual woman, what chances do I have with men?
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As much of a chance they have with you: zero.
None. If you don't put out don't expect to be anything other than "just friends".

Just get some asexual guy or someone with tanked sex drive, the older you get the more of them you'll find. Saged for soc-tier thread

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What are some good channels/podcasts?

Preferably in-depth, none of that ADD shit where they edit pointless bits of information down into a 4 minute video.

Examples of stuff I like

>Joe Rogan
>Sam Harris
>Jordan Peterson

Examples of stuff I don't like

>C.G.P. Grey
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northernlion. videos and streams are great.
how can you not like Hello Internet?

C.G.P is the ultimate high functioning robot
anything but Joe Rogan.

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I just had a talk with a psychologist who specialized with my disorders. I have been trying my hardest to become successful in life

He told me that by the time I turn 30 years old, I will have the appropriate social skills of a 20 year old and that no matter what I do I will always be behind other people my age, mentally, maturely and socially.

I will suffer and the best course of action is for me to learn to cope with this for the rest of my life.
Instead of being in denial and getting false hope I need to learn that I have mental issues and no amount of willpower will correct that.

He told me to give up on my dreams, they're impossible no matter how hard I try I will still be mentally ill.
I should stop trying to date women also because even if I got a girlfriend the relationship will eventually fall apart when she realizes something is wrong with me.

Having a psychologist tell me I'm retarded so directly is making me want to be an hero.
I thought I could do all the things normies can but here I am in my mid 20's and I can't even hold a fucking job.
I knew I had issues, but I thought what separated me from other people was I was willing to try to overcome my issues and be successful regardless.

I tried my best, and I'm still a loser. I tried my best, and I made 0 progress since 10 years ago.
When they first diagnosed me with mental issues 10 years ago, I felt I was wrongly diagnosed and tried to be a normie anyway.

Why the fuck is life so brutal. I still have a conscience, I can still think clearly. I have all this fucking knowledge that goes to waste.
He told me that no matter how much knowledge I get, the result will be the same. I will still not accomplish anything because I'm mentally ill.

I couldn't even argue with him, I felt he was right because I haven't accomplished anything yet with my life.
Why the fuck did he have to say it like this, why the fuck did he have to crash my world.
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Your counselor sounds like shit desu.

I went to a Christian one, and he was really nice and supportive.
Don't know what kind of fucker you went to, I'm sorry anon. What a asshole.
Go to someone differeent, someone that will help you instead of just take a shitty diarrhea dog lava dump on you.
Either you have fucking downsyndrome or your psychologist is wrong.

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Free edition.

1. Use a name in the namefield.
2. Share your problems, ask questions.
3. Be listened to and cared for.
4. Join the family.
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This isn't working, shall we tell Nick it's finally over?
apparently no one wants to. sorry OP

This. Everyone's fine here. We don't have psychological problems. Go home.

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>Anon, hey! I haven't seen you since high school! What have you been up to?
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shitposting on imageboards created for the discussion of Japanese children's cartoons
>sitting in emergency room at hospital
>"oh anon? Is that you?! Omg you look amazing"
>have lost 40kg since she last saw me
>despite being sick and looking like shit she flirts with me
>gives me her number
F-feels good man
Fucking your wife while you are at work.

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Okay guys I finally matched with a girl on tinder now what do i say
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You delete that shitty fucking app and look for girls in real life, because everyone on Tinder is a hedonistic degenerate without a single moral fiber in their body, and are partly responsible for the downfall and disappearance of true love and commitment in the west.
Tell her to shut the fuck up and come over
forget it, that app only works if you have natural confidence in talking to people.
>matched with 8 good looking girls and didn't message any of them because dk what to say.

This is it it's my time to become a normie I need help losing my virginity. Is there anything else I should say? What should I do Ive never had sex before please help me
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part 2 orginsal
pt3 help me
Reply with >#?

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>be european
>high school twice as hard as in standard US town
>some days are 8 AM - 4 PM straight
>philosophy, english literature, english geography & history take up extra time/work because special class
>have big tests coming up
>first one is in two days
>doesn't know shit because depression hit last year and crippled ability to learn
>can't look forward to any future
>no motivation & gave up everything I used to do
>completely isolated & oblivious
>repeating & downgrading classes is an option but extremely shameful
>family thinks I'm successful

Help. What do?
I can't into wageslave without a degree and NEETing is no choice.
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What's your country OP?
France, but I attend this bilingual school so the work just piles up and since that bout of dep, I've failed all along.
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>Invest in ethereum
>continue your shitty school thing
>finish it or re-try it
>you shouldnt fail a second time
>sell ethereum for big profit in max 3 years
t. 21 yr old euro who is finishing is last year barely
I'm not planning on working anywhere. If this + other stuff doesn't work out I'll just end it.

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failed males should just transition desu
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I'm too tall and too broad to ever make a convincing woman.
>failed man
>300lbs and hairy

heh great idea OP
That sucks that people actually have to buy their fem&m's online. My insurance would cover that shit.

I'm not a guy with gender dysphoria though lmao

>blue ranma

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Who's more likely to get laid
An ugly dumb manlet with a lot of confidence and social skills
A 7-8/10 smart tall boy but who suffers from aspergers and social awkwardness
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The latter. Though the former still has an average chance, he just has to pick his battles properly
Fucking aspies should never reproduce. Mother nature was wise making them unnaproachable.
The first. Guys with personality will always win, even if they just use the shotgun method.

The second has a good chance but won't be able to seal the deal because he won't take the initiative to approach girls, or he won't get the signals they give him, or he'll just sperg out.

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