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Can't you guys just turn off the computer and talk to girls for 1 day?
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Yeah, I'll just go outside, find some girl I've never spoken to in somewhere like a park, and just start a conversation. All while being ugly.
Why are you trying to get me arrested?
You're afraid of getting arrested for talking to people? Oh boy you're a fucking pussy.
lol such an obvious trolll gtfo

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Why do retarded burgers pronounce a word spelled "Arkansas" as "Arkansaw"?
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That's how it's pronounced you retard
It's probably French
>why do burgers pronounce burger names with burger grammar and burger accents

gee who knows

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How do I stop getting unironically triggered?
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by getting ironically triggered instead
I'm sorry for memeing I can't help it. I really just want to be content though.
Isn't it obvious? If you care about it this much then you have to go out and have sex

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Why do I feel physically envious of girls instead of guys even though I'm male

Instead of looking at guys who are more muscular than me, more masculine etc. I can't help but only compare myself to girls. My hands are bigger, my shoulders broader, etc. everything feels so fucking wrong about my body even though it's perfectly fine.

I don't find men attractive at all. I'm pretty sure I'm attracted to girls but I never think of them as sexy or get really aroused by them, instead I'm so focused on how inferior I feel to them physically. Why do I feel like a manly ugly girl instead of feeling like a man?

Is this a tranny thing? I don't envy girls or identify as anything and I'm not a very feminine person.
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>Why do I feel physically envious of girls
>I don't envy girls
Realized I contradicted myself here. What I meant is that I'm not envious of girls for the social benefits they have from being a girl. I'm envious because my body doesn't match with theirs.
>Is this a tranny thing?
Yes this is in fact a tranny thing.

It's caused by male brainwashing by the today's society in developed countries.

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rose bread come home rosebud
nothing fun ever happens edition
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i want to lick your perfect feet and feel your moans and trembles as i run my fingers across your smooth legs
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I wonder what my good friend epitome is up to.
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banging sluts, going to parties, being happy and successful. pretty soon we'll be the only ones left.

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>start new uni
>dropout 2 months later

who /fucked for life/ here?
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What are you gonna do with your life anon
Re-applying to college after the kicked me out for a year.
Whats killing me right now is that my readmission isnt guaranteed.
Im going to join the navy if they deny me i waited a whole fucking year for nothing
You should have just picked a an easy meme major like psychology or history.

A meme degree is better than no degree.

>in senior year of high school
>not underage for this board
>attend an alternative school because the normie school drove me off and almost made me drop out
>school is small as fuck
>I'm talking like, 30 people attending the school tops
>everybody knows each other, so the environment is usually pretty chill
>I chat up this new girl
>used to be a cheerleader, then stopped and put on a bit of weight
>abs covered by a bit of fat
>hnnnnnnnnnnggg too thicc qt 3.14
>after chatting with her a bit, ask her for her number
>school day ends, so we start walking towards the main entrance
>"Sure, I'll give it to you tomorrow."
>Field trip I didn't want to go on was that day, and students who didn't go just sat and did worksheets all day
>stayed home the day she was going to give me her number
>go to school the day after
>business as usual
>see her in the hall and remember
>Hey, can you hit me up with that number?
>"Sure, I'll give it to you later"
>Looks like it isn't one of those ghostie from the roastie episodes
>day goes by, and the lunch period rolls around
>she walks over to me and hands me a piece of paper
>has her number on it
>Thanks. I'll text you later.
>day keeps going by
>have to do community service because muh creditz
>learn that another one of my mom's rabbits died
>get home and bury it
>break shovel in the process with what I can only assume was retard strength
>whatever.jpg, that's unrelated.
>finish burying rabbit, then come inside and change
>text girl
>Hey, it's Anon
>lightning fast response.
>like right after I hit the fucking send button this reply comes flying back at me

Hitting text limit, do you guys want me to continue?
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bumping myself like a faggot
Wot was her reply?
Holy shit OP do you go to the cottage school

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chad plog.jpg
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how can looklets even compete?
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At least my hairline isn't receding
shut up its the lighting fuck you
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Do Americans actually find THAT attractive? If you looked like that in Europe you would be shit out of luck and most likely end up settling for butterface hamplanet.

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Are most of you so far down the economic ladder that this is meaningless?
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Meaningless. I've never had life insurance my entire life
t. 19 year old

good luck living past 40, once you hit 50 you go to the doctors at least twice a month and it just increases until you die
Yeah, meaningless. I don't give a fuck about some roasties birth control gonna cost them now, boohoo

And I'm a KHV, what the fuck is even the point of living?
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there is none, you either continue living in spite or go out like an hero
just be confident bro, you're gonna make it :)
For fun and entertainment of course. So happy birthday Anon.

Reminder if you don't resemble this at the very LEAST!...

You~ will never have a gf.
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>beta genetics
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aaaaand he's gone.
'twas easy
real story brother

>sister just sperged out and started punching her phone because it wasn't working fast enough
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stick it in her pooper

>You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.
proud of you boys keeping that meme alive
Make it work faster for her
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And? Would you have preferred if she started punching you?

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ITT: things people on /r9k/ say that you hate:
>tick tock wagie
>fembot/femanon here,
>most chads are good people
>I just want a qt fembot gf
>anything about boipucci, traps, or femboys
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Can't agree more, especially on the femanon and traps thing. Besides normalfags these two have ruined this board for me. I have some to add.
>how does sex feels.
>how does pucci feels.
>hey check out my loli.
>tfw when you can't get [insert thing]
>"how do you do fellow robots" - normalfag.
>threads that have porn in the thumbnail
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neandertal helper.png
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>what is a filter
cry more you pigeon
Anything discord, skype or any webcam shit. Drug threads are annoying because only normies have drug connections

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Who here /tragic genius/
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Depression is most prevalent at low IQ. You might think you're a genius but sadly you're not.
this. I'm a worthless idiot. Only good thing I could ever do is off myself.
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we have the makings of supervillainy
it is what the world needs, friend
a true common enemy that can give them a real challenge
we will bring peace to earth by trying to destroy it

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Alex "Supreme Gentleman Part 2 In Training" Layko tweeted a few hours ago: "I have a girlfriend and she's the most amazing person in the world."

So... what do you think, robots? Can he make it work or will it be over in a week like last time?

If the latter, what do you think will go wrong? Well he get all clingy and controlling like he did last time, or will she discover his YouTube channel?

What do you think she looks like? What do you think is wrong with her?
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For a "robot", he has a shitload of pictures of himself on the internet. I'm not talking about screenshots from videos, he actually has tons of pictures of himself.

Also, no robot posts on Twitter, the No.2 cancer of the Internet.

What happened the first time?
Wtf how did that happen? He of all people?

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