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I fucking hate trannies so much, they're like women but more egotistical and narcissistic.
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trannies are for protecting and cuddling anon they need love more than anyone else
t. virgin that has never met a tranny
I'm a tranny. I accept your hatred and I wish I was never born.

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who here balding and/or just completely fucked

>only 20
>clumps of hair (12-25 hairs) in shower drain with every shower for the last 2 years
>hair on top of head extremely thin already, visible bald spot likely within 2-3 years since brother is only 24 and already has a slightly visible one and very receded temples which for me are covered by my longer hair
>still have acne (unlike brother at this age)

I don't even know how it's possible to get so unlucky as having acne and balding simultaneously, most normies have a bit of acne like a few pimple for 2 or so years in their teens then are done, yet I've had cystic acne for 5 years now with no sign of stopping, plus normies usually don't start noticeable balding until their 30s yet here I am balding at 20. How the fuck is this even allowed? normies get 12+ years of bliss in between having 'acne' and balding, yet I have to deal with both at the same time now? fuck this earth, sorry for blogpost, just really pissed right now.
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I started balding and getting acne when I used steroids.

Maybe you have high test? Start going to the gym.
wouldn't going to the gym just make me sweat more and raise my test thus making my issues worst? sorry I just don't understand how that would help.
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I started balding at 18 and I'm 23 now with a completely bald, shaven head

Not much we can do other than suffer in silence

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>Blake Walsh isn't just Kevin's wife ' she is also the woman who saved his life.

>Kevin and Blake first met at summer camp when they were 13 years old. Even when they were younger, Kevin says that he though she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

>Though they in contact over instant messaging and phone calls in the following years, they eventually lost touch. After all, Kevin lived in Indianapolis and Blake lived in Michigan. But then, one year after they stopped talking, divine intervention led Blake to call Kevin out of the blue when they were 17 years old.

>Due to a string of events, Kevin says he was "seconds away" from taking his own life. He had already written out his suicide note and was about to do the deed when his phone vibrated in his pocket. It was Blake.

>As they spoke, Kevin told her that he had been planning on committing suicide. Shocked and mortified, Blake talked him down and made him promise that he would call her the next day.

>The two became even closer friends until they fell in love and started dating. Then, 10 years after that fateful phone call, Kevin proposed to her in 2015.

>During his proposal, Kevin reportedly told Blake: "I love you. Also, thanks for saving my life."


Don't give up, /r9k/. We're all going to make it.
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What do you think it's like to have her ride your cock?
She's a female cyborg. Literally. What the fuck am I looking at?
From a relational perspective they had it happening previously. I can't say I have.

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>play fps game
>ragequit every single time

How do I stop doing this?
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Change the difficulty setting
yout cant, fps multiplayer is literally unplayable if you have a short temper
Just power through and keep playing, tell yourself that it doesn't matter when you die. The only way to get better is to control your emotions, and the only way to do that is to expose yourself to those situations over and over. Stop telling yourself that you're better than everybody else and learn from your mistakes.

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Brush your teeth every morning and every night
Take a shower once a day
Exercise at least once a day (walking 20-30 minutes will work)
Drink lots of water
Avoid sugar, caffeine, junk food, and fast food
Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day
Focus on your hobbies in your spare time
Avoid negative websites and negative people
Don't dwell on the past, focus on the future
Set goals for yourself and work on them every day
Accept yourself

It's never too late. You can make your dreams come true.
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Thanks anon. Does this work for you?
Uh, yeah, no.
Doing these things won't make you happy, they are chores. They take effort and it's not fun, you will resist. But doing these things enables you to move forward, it will set you on the path to achieving happiness. It will set you on the path to breaking free.

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If you get a chance to kill somebody without any consequences who would it be (if any).

I would gladly fucking kill my bullies from high school, even though many years pass I sill remember what they did to me and wish them death. The most annoying thing in my life is the fact that even now they're more successful than me, some of them already have families and kids.
There is no God.
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Myself, desu.

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>If you got a chance to kill somebody without any consequences who would it be
Obligatory "myself".
The only person I ever had problems with died from getting a Van parked on top of him

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Do any of you support fascism? Why should anybody, including women especially have the right to vote?
What does voting do except give you the illusion of choice? You periodically get to choose between this referendum and that, this public politician and that public politician, but you still don't have any power.
Voting gives citizens the illusions of power and choice, and some people actually think that getting to vote is the reward for paying taxes. No, public services are the reward for paying taxes.
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i agree with alot of fascism, and i dont think anyone should really vote as it is useless.
Voting would be impactful if corporations didn't have a stranglehold on politics. Delete lobbying, crack down on corporate ties in politics and defend against other forms of bribery, and you may see laws proposed that'll actually help the individual or the family unit instead of Bergstein Banks.
Grande Primo de Rivera, como nos engano Franco, con lo que se podria haber hecho de Espana

Seriously I just can't. I'm surrounded by good-looking people all day everyday. The difference of judgement and appreciation is abysmal. I just fucking can't stand being unappealing compared to my peers.

I dropped out of college because of that shit, I was too underdevelopped to the point people started avoiding me.

I'm an ugly mutt, forced to compete with pic related.

I want to end myself. Being attractive is the be-all and end-all of life.
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You compensate with money, you dumb fuck. The worst thing is being ugly AND broke. Money is the greatest equalizer in the dating market With money you can get women Chad's could only dream of getting
No. You don't even do this.

You swear off women entirely, right NOW.

Ok. Good. Now you can just do what you want to do.

Want to play video games? Do it. Go out to eat? Go. Read a book? Go ahead. Etc

As a fellow undesirable, pursuing women is a COLLOSAL, EPIC waste of time. And yes, I did put in the effort.

Thank god I pulled on the brakes when I was just 19. I saved so much time.
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put on this and you'll be hot

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>Tfw when you will never March into cities with your friends who are closer than family and take it for yourself
>Tfw you will never rape and pillage
>Tfw when you will never shoot an RPG at a government building or storm a castle in the name of your king

Am I the only one?
>Inb4 chimps
They look like they are having actual fun.
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Yeah all that violence is primal. I totally agree with you op.

>watch Beasts of No Nation the other day
>figure since it's a white guilt movie I'll get to watch a bunch of niggers get slaughters
>instead come out wishing I was one of the niggers

I think I just want the curent world order to dissolve into anarchy. Modernity was a mistake desu.
I felt bad for Agu where he had to spend the night with the commandant. Other than that seems pretty legit

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uni thread: Weekend edition

How did the week go for you guys? Make any friends yet?
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My only friend is Calculus and my AVR
Why bother making friends when I'll just forget them like I usually do.
>Make any friends yet?
I don't see the point, every class I have is with different people from different majors, with different schedule's.

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>normal conservative dressed girl being lewd

More of this. So hot.
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>tfw my guitar hero guitar is broken and I'll never ber able to play again
That's pretty lewd. More of this threads theme originally please.
>If you can beat TTFAF on expert I'll let you lick my pooper, Anon!

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no bone.png
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Hey, I'm a NEET who lives with his parents. I'm fairly intelligent but completely incapable of self motivation. On a side note can 1200mg of extended release adderal kill a 230lb man>
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Killing yourself with adderall is retarded.
i dont have access to painkillers or anything, my other options are both antidepressants
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You can buy that online.
Overdosing on stims is extremely painful, will probably give you a severe panic attack and there's a good chance you only get permanent brain damage instead of dying.

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Are you afraid that you are wasting your youth away and before you notice, you will be 30+ years old already and regret not having enjoyed your 20s?
Because I fucking am
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What things are excluded from your thirties?
>Are you afraid that you are wasting your youth away

Not entirely excluded, but it's harder to befriend random lolis on the street.
The circle usually goes like this
1. dont do anything with your life
2. be afraid to have wasted your life
3. however if you dont think about it and dont actually try to do anything you wont have to face just how much youve wasted
4. go back to 1

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"Hello, I'm your forensic psychologist. How are you feeling?"
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P-pretty good, t-thanks for asking, madam
*takes a slip of beer and 180 virgin walks away*
tired, lonely, broken, hopeless, indifferent, insignificant, useless, pathetic, angry, sad
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Apparently you don't know what a forensic psychologist is, because you'd never be seeing one in that setting, nor would she be dressed like that or on her phone. Likely the only people on this board to ever see one of those are those who watch cheddar pizza.

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>woke up from another lucid dream
>had sex in it
>fucked a girl raw AND didn't pull out
>felt so fucking good
>also ate a cheese burger in it and it tasted like the best cheese burger in the world
>woke up about 15 mins ago
So robots how has your morning gone? And more importantly, how has your lucid life been ?
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I used it for flying around like superman last night.
you literally made this story up

fuck off
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>t. lucidlet
I wish I did brotha, I wish I did
Lucid dreaming pretty easy to achieve, I'd show you how if you apologize for being an ass hat.

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