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What is the ideal time for the length of sexual intercourse? 10 min? 30 min? 2 hours?

What about specifically non stop penetrative sex?
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0 seconds, humans are gross
That depends on both you and your partner.
I lasted with my ex-gf for about 3 consecutive hours once. We were almost deathly tired, but it was worth it.
Yes humans are mings
A hour if i think about football really hard.

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why people don't like glasses girl
glasses girls are important too
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Idk I dig chicks with glasses??
Because it's really easy to tell when they are wearing glasses for attention rather than for poor eyesight.

Actually whether they're wearing glasses or not ain't a dealbreaker at all.

tfw you take off their glasses.

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ITT: annoying people at uni

>the prick who argues every point he can with the lecturer thinking he knows more about the subject area than the lecturer
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what if it's a history class with a SJW professor?
>that faggot who asks if the material related to Russel's Paradox every goddamn lesson
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>pricks who sit in front of a computer but then take a laptop out and dont use the computer



that shit is my numer 1 pet peeve. i have to stop myself loosing it when i see one of these pricks

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Times when you were the most retarded you could've ever been

>Balls start to hurt
>Pain doesn't go away for days
>Visit a drop-in doctor
>Typical testicle fondling, says he can't find anything wrong with my balls
>Travel to shitty muslim ghetto to get my sack x-rayed
>Dude smears my nuts with this lube and puts a machine on my package
>Get compliments for my wonderful testicular blood circulation, aside from that he can't find a problem
>A sharp pain hit my groin that night
>Drive to the hospital, cringe in pain every time the road gets bumpy
>Had to wait 4 hours before a hairy persian guy fingers my prostate
>Still nothing
>Finally see an urologist
>He's doing the lube thing again, but he presses his little x-ray machine hard against my nuts
>Motherfucker even slaps my balls, hurt like hell
>Sit up from the pain
>He pushes me down in the chair and says with a thick Polish accent
>Clean myself up in the toilet after we're done
>Ignore the blood soaked paper towels lying in the bin from a previous patient
>"I have found problem"
>"You wear too small underwear"
>Feel like the biggest idiot in the world
>He puts his hands together and exlaims
>"Healthy young man!"

At this time it had been going on for more than two months. Didn't have to pay shit because socialist Europe, them tax rates to support idiots like me though
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Not that hurtful but similar:

>found small black dot on my teeth
>lets go to a free dentist
>inquire about when she sees patients
>go back 2 days later
>wait 2 hrs
>jump in seat, dentist checks it and says its totally fine just a little colorization (or what)
>say thank you and walk out awkwardly
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>Board a train
>Start looking for my seat
>I enter a passenger carriage but think I'm going the wrong way and turn back
>Walk up to a door, try to pull it open
>Try to slide it open
>Starting to get really nervous
>People by the door are staring
>I don't know what to do
>About to turn around when this qt 3.14 sitting next to the door looks up at me with her glimmering eyes of mercy
>She pushes the obvious button for the door on the side
>Walk out of the carriage
>At least I'll never have to see her again
>Find out I'm going the wrong way
>Have to pass through the same carriage to get to my spot
Not me but another autist back in high school had "do rhymes in other languages rhyme in english or in that language" in his google history.

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Is it hard for a black khv to find and Asian sugar baby
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>not a virgin
>not into Asian chicks to the point of obsessing over them or something

I like women. Of all varieties.
>sugar baby
If you're loaded ofcourse it isn't.
Who cares, you're a nigger.
please leave me alone

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anyone got a good guide for playing online sex games without having to sign up or pay anything
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>anyone got a good guide for playing online sex games without having to sign up or pay anything
Dude what? Why bother doing that at all when you know it's completely superficial. Use the Internet to better yourself.
im already pretty great hey, just want to fuck around for a laugh and what not.
>im already pretty great hey, just want to fuck around for a laugh and what not.
If you're already pretty great then you likely wouldn't be looking for online sex games in a manner akin to a cheap NEET, not that they have a choice to not be cheap.

Sex games are a waste of time and the free ones are flash based. If you need more than that then you aren't great, you're desperate for another form of media to placate your sexual desires. Go find a flesh and blood woman or man. At least you won't be stuck with your load afterwards.

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>be gay
>want to post on /lgbt/
>it's literally full of ancaps

I'm okay with this.
Anyone else notice this?
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I noticed it too famalam

Kill all commies.
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Because only a culturless/soulless ideology would allow faggots to exist.

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Should non-virgins be allowed on /r9k/?
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I mean they already are...
How exactly would you dissallow them?
non-virgin here. I was pressured into sex by a female who had some kind of mental issue. I still feel like a robot so never left.

If you were to wake up in a room with another person.
You are both strapped to chairs.

A man enters and says nothing.
He walks to the other man and breaks all of his fingers.
Gouges his eyes.
And cuts out his tongue before bashing in his skull with a hammer.

Before he exits he points at a button on the chair.
He tells you it kills you if you press it.
He then exits after telling you he will do the same routine with you as the other man in 30 minutes.

Do you press that button?
If not, why?
If so, when?
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Why would you not press the button?
Can I just have the button right now without the extra shit.
That's it, thread's over guys, we can go home, digits say so

Who else here could've been someone important, rich, famous, found love, be Chad or happy but failed because of shit like lacking will power, making shitty decisions, butterfly effect, laziness, etc.? I feel if someone elses soul took my body, they would've done alot better at life. There's infants who have died of birth yet here we fucking are wasting human life like it's something you have another chance of.
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>I feel if someone elses soul took my body, they would've done alot better at life.
That doesn't even make sense. You are nothing but your body and the things it has experienced: nature and nurture. You can't separate your talents and your potential from your flaws and your drawbacks. It's all a big tangled up ball known as 'you.'
If you arent dead theres still a chance.
I would've been great if my dad had shown even an iota of interest in me. He doesn't care about me and I in turn don't care about anyone or anything. I tried to change but it progressed into disdain for others then hate.

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Do therapists help? I genuinely want to end my life, but i'm scared that if I tell them what is going on in my brain they will send me to a psych ward or something. Anyone got experiences/advice?
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If you pose no threat to yourself or others, you can spill it out to therapist.
What if I do? Is that where they will do something?
It sounds like you're worried about a psych ward being on your record. So what's more important TO YOU? Your mental health or job prospects?

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time for wagey stories

>be me
>customer wants something and is whispering to me
>ask customer to repeat
>customer repeats louder but starts to mumble
>ask customer to repeat one more time
>customer gets upset and talks to manager complaining about me

>customer was a fat welfare bitch
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Just repeat the part that you heard back to her and leave it in the open for her to fill in the rest. You need to baby people if you're in customer service.
Why are you bragging about being needlessly hostile to someone with a developmental disability?
hostile? i asked her politely to repeat what she said. Well, maybe the hostility came up when she complained, also i doubt she had any disabilities aside from being unable to take care of herself
this could be great advice

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tfw no cute female butthole to lick
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if its females butthole its cute and sweet

if its guy butthole its gross, disgusting, degenerate

You people are your own worst enemy
I really, really want a butthole gf.
Do fembots have sensitive buttholes?

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elliot was a spoilt brat. i dont get his "popularity" here
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he an hero
It's been explained dozens of times already, and you must've read all of those explanations. So why did you really start this thread?

New song made of Elliot I just found:

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muh elliot.jpg
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Me neither. didn't even achieve anything, really.


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>at college
>being around so many normies makes me want to go deaf
>sleep schedule is nonexistent
>most likely will drop out before next semester
>the stress is turning my brain to mush
>sit down at laptop
>earbuds in
>listen to music from anime OSTs and such
>mind clears
>feel happier
>unconscious smile sometimes forms on my face

Why is anime music so soothing? It does a great job at calming me down
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Basically it's because of autism.
Everyone needs their feel good head space. Yours happen to result from listening to weirdo music. It's all good.
This song had became my uni prep song, calms me down and transitions me into normie mode


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