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Life sucks enough without having to think about the political turmoil going on. Many of us (me included) suffer from high stress and thinking about what Trump is doing is giving me panic attacks.

So whether positive or negative lets keep Trump to /pol/
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Awww your poor little baby... is the big bad man giving you "high stress"? Life must be very difficult for you.

OP is a faggot but I agree keep politics to the politics board. You wouldn't make a >tfw no gf bread on /pol/.
I wanna pick up an ak and smoke rightists
You're the only one spamming you stupid shill. Who pays you to post on /r9k/? It's not even the right board to post your shit

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Who /Kratom/ here?

Just dosed 2.0 grams of Maeng Da Kratom powder I bought from a smoke shop. I've never tried it before.

Interested to see what happens
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You're gonna have a good time, had 1.5 heaping tablespoons tonight. Be sure to combine it with weed if you can, makes it 100x better. And booze if you're into that.
Kratom is the jenkem juice of drugs
I will definitely smoke a joint then, not sure if I feel anything yet

How do you figure

*blocks your semen's path*
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How is she blocking it? It's just going up her cunt.
Sauce is Nadia Jay
>Sauce is Nadia Jay

>tfw I will never get blacked

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listening to music with good headphones is only one of the few things left that makes me happy.
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smoking some black water i grew last winter

It's what I do every weekend.
Smoking some kush and listening to new order's substance. Thinking about the universe and shit senpai

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> be 30 year old homosexual
> English major with over 40k student loan debt
> no jobs in my area hiring relating to my major
> supported by my boyfriend but he barely makes enough for the both of us
> forced me to get a retail job
> recently quit my job at target after a month due to stress and bad back
> no sex drive due to weight issues
> losing hope that I will have my dream of opening a bookstore/coffee shop
> thinking of returning to college and taking another loan to pay for it

going to school is all i know but my boyfriend says it is a waste of time and I need to get another job. How can he be so cruel?
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>how can he be so cruel?
because he doesn't wanna financially support your lazy gay ass. you picked a shit major and you're a burden on your boyfriend. look for another job and stop bitching on a Himalayan ox shearing forum
stop making homosexuals look bad faggot, this is why people hate us

for the record, average lgbt couple has a higher income than straight couples

Op is just a worthless loser
Kill yourself fucking faggot, I wish people like you would just die out.

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>tfw no one wants to talk to me beyond smalltalk
>tfw even that is hard to come by for me

I just want friends. That's impossible for me if even anything beyond a "hello" requires effort
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Maybe people don't want to talk to you because you're redundant
Normalfags have nothing good to say. Don't bother
>you're redundant

What did you mean by that

>I-I did what you wanted anon, n-now please delete the photos of me cheating on Tyrone with Chad.
>Tyrone will kill me if he finds out.
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Femanon here, the concept of cheating on Tyrone with Chad or vice versa sounds very hot to me.
Not so fast

The final step

You have to let me lick your cute feet
No. Now we're doing it again. Roll over.

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Remember, you're anonymous.

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>There are already members picking <=14

Fuck I meant "memers"

The curse of phoneposting
I answered honestly. Did you?

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>tfw first day as a 9-5 office wage-drone

w-wish me luck bots...

spent the past 4 hours getting prepared and grooming myself, so i could fake the looks as /fit/ told me 'fake it till you make it', now pretty sure no one will be able to tell that i was basically a neet for the past 5 years.

any tips would be helpful.

it's a restaurant office btw
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What is a restaurant office?
the office in the back for a restaurant probably
ya that
it's a big restaurant with a party/meetings hall so it has it's very own office.

Who /transcended/ here?
>disgusting roastie comes up to me the other day
>asks me if I "want to get coffee or something"
>sternly say no and get back to my work
I have transcended women. The only company I need from the female race is from my dakimakura.
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Huehue nice bait
>t. instinct slave
No bait here lad. Women are irrelevant in 2017 and are going to get more and more irrelevant. The moment you realize that women are unimportant is the moment you are truly free
>roastie approaches anon
>"want to get coffee or something?"
>Anon looks at her with a nervous look as if he is about to wet himself
>Anon 'sternly' said "n-no... baka."
>Then he made this shitty thread on how he "/transceded/"

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Overheard a stacy say "I'd like to talk to anon more, but he's so awkward and unapproachable

What do they mean by this?
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It just means that she wants to get to know to you. Stop reading too much into things anon. Youre scaring all the pussy away.
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she wants to be your sex slave.
If you don't take this opportunity you are a faggot.
Just approach her and tell her how you want it.
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I'm an autist. I overthink everything

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ITT just be friendly and decent

We're all probably lonely and hurting so maybe some positive interaction would help. Talk to me about anything, ask for help with your problems, meet a friend.
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Op are you still rhere?
Wil give a (you) dont die buddy
How are you doing tonight OP
Hey this is my first time posting on /r9k/

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anri-okita-1 (1).jpg
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so I FINALLY got a girlfriend for the first time in my life, we're engaged and going to get married in the future, AND she's a virgin ( a few years younger than me). On top of that, I haven't changed any of my misogynistic sexist /r9k/ views.

So I thought all the roasties and normies said this would never happen, that I would never find a virgin and I would never find a gf unless i changed my misogynistic views?
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Things that never happened for 200 please
Got pics? I'm sure there's some 1/10 ogre virgins that are technically female.
Well, normies are not Muslims, so all their women are sluts and they need to be feminists in order to not be socially ostracized

I am hardcore "misogynist" and will marry a pretty Syrian girl, insha allah

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Why don't you own a motorcycle, anon?
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>Why don't you own a motorcycle, anon?
Dad says they are dangerous

I really like the design of the chiang Jiang 750 all black
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Cannot safely transport doggos on motorcycle
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I don't know actually.... they seem kind fun.

I'll look into it.

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So just now I thought of this fun game/thought experiment:

You are put in a coma for the combined amount of hours in all of your steam games play times. How fucked are you?
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Not very. If it were WoW time though I would be severely fucked.
Just for example, what's your WoW playtime?
Easily 4 years

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