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>see two anons in an argument
>pretend to be one of them and admit defeat
>other anon smugly leaves the thread victoriously
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>see thread about something I don't like
>samefag to create the illusion of 3-4 different posters with opposing viewpoints engaging in discussion
>gradually veer away from the proper topic of discussion and get into heated argument about something only vaguely related
>other anons side with the viewpoints of my various puppets and begin to argue amongst themselves
>thread is now completely derailed
>sit back and watch anons do all the work for me in crashing the thread with no survivors
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>see that anon hasn't replied to the guy replying to him
>most likely left the thread or simply forgot
>start larping in his place
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>see two people in argument
>pretend to be one of them
>use a lot of ad hom to discredit his argument

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Since you are the "girls are evil" experts, tell me if this girl genuinely likes me or just wants to fuck with me.
>Match with her on Tinder.
>She seems overly interested in me.
>Next day she asks me what are my plans for the night, i tell her im free after classes.
>After classes i send her a text: "Hey lets meet up at x"
>She doesnt reply. I wait for 20 minutes and just head back home.
>Two hours later she sends me a text apologizing, since she was "sick" and in bed and fell asleep. I tell her she is okay but she owes me 20 minutes of her time, she flirts, i flirt, she tells me "You are scary, but i dont know why im really into you".

Now. Is she fucking with me? Im not bad looking but im pretty autistic and she might just be doing this for shit and giggles. What do you guys think?

Right now the conversation with her died because im unsure as to what to do.
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Either way she sounds sort of weird, and not in a quirky way.
probably has more mental issues than a womans weekly magazine.
would avoid at all costs, but hey, if you're alone and have been a long time, a little extra pain when it all falls to shit is the only price you're gonna have to pay
Yes. Thats the feeling i have. Like if she is not fucking with me then she is insane anyways.

Is she waifu material?
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>Cooks meals for the family every day
>Doesn't have a narrow uterus
>Boggle champion
>Can beat up almost any other woman
>Nick juicy titties
>Only had 2 sexual partners in her entire life
>Earns money for the house
>Substitute teacher of the year 3 times in a row
>Would allow me to drink beer and hang out with friends every day
>Respects intellectualism
>Is her own person

Yes. Peggy is nearly perfect. Her only fault is she hates video games.
>I would not let a stranger, let alone my own son think for one second that they can get away with showing any disrespect towards the man that I love! You do that, and you have to deal with Peggy Hill!
Seriously how can other "women" compete?
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I just started watching KotH a few days ago
>mfw thinking there was a time I would ignore it in favor of family guy on AS when I was younger

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get bwotha to ctwl+f fo me
no fren thwed

frens i need yo solidarity now moa dan evuw
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i if yu p post en my thwed yo can play wif my toys okay
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helo dakness my ol fren
i'm here at last! harrah!

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I'm thinking of joining my college's marching band. What should I expect?
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Meh I join marching band in high school because I was depressed and need something to keep me busy.

There is a different marching band culture. Like there own inside jokes and shit.

In my experience most of the kids there were the cringy nerdy kids who didnt play a sport. There where a few kids in there I liked but eh it really wasnt my thing

Practice is long and hard. You have you memorize all you sets and music and on top of that music for like when the football team scores and stuff.

If your into music stuff you will probably like it
I wouldn't recommend it at all, you should be focusing on academics. It would be a huge effort, and you shouldn't do it lightly.

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>one shot at life
>born a white male in a 1st world country

Feels good being at the top of the world's social hierarchy.
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>one shot at life
>white male, 6 feet tall, first world, upper middle class
>autist without life goals
>one shot at life
>born white, first world, 6'2
>born in 2017 so I will live long enough to see my wife and daughters raped and my sons killed in front of my eyes before I too am tortured and killed




>tfw not white
>Not going to do anything to white women

This entire website is a ripoff of a japanese cartoon forum anyway

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Is his ugliness an act? He looks like someone who owns a calculator watch and smells faintly like urine
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He's just Anglo

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If you could, would you want to be reborn a pudgy Chadbro?
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No I want to be reborn as a girl
>Oh hey Chad who's this guy he looks.... funny.... ahaa i bet you have the best jokes
>Oh yeah Stacy this is Tim, he's just the funniest ahaa
You cant be Chad if you're pudgy, you're Brad

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Should I cop? Only 96$ but I feel like everyone has NMDs now and I don't want to follow trends. Are they really comfy? I stand on my feet for a long time and I need shoes that take away the pain.
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Buy a shoe you personally like, all you need to care about desu

Timberlands are good for standing in.
It's a stylish pair of shoes and it's cheaper than retail I'd buy them for that price

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Which computer should I buy lads? My budget is 800$, need to make beats and photoshop with it.
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Build one, it's a lot of fun.
>uncle found the pound mound???
oh no mr robotos, im in 4 it
I can try to put a build together for you OP, lot more fun than buying one outright and better bang for your buck

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>at fastfood cuck job
>group of giggling 12 year olds come in
>"Hey we'd like to order a butt"
>want to tell them to fuck off but boss is near by
>"S-sir, it has to be on the menu"
>"Anon! What did I say about the costumer always being right."
>"b-but they said they wanted to order a butt"
>"I don't see the problem anon. Give them a butt... your butt."
>tfw had to give up my butt
>tfw will never poop again
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original high-quality content
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brb gonna ask the nearest mcwagie for a butt
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That's what the fuck you get for being a wagecuck for one of the most Jew-tier corporations in the world you scumbag

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Is this originally bad guys?
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Wow, you're a bad person.
>You don't have autism, anon. You're just lazy
>tfw too lazy to care about other people, let alone myself

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is chewing tobacco once a day relatively safe? especially if you dont smoke? i dont care about anything other than cancer how people say it can lead to heart attacks i find that hard to believe since you dont get much nicotine from it
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No, chewing tobacco isn't really safe, and it makes you super gross.
No too addictive.
I did it for years. Then noticed gum problems and quit immediately.
>> gums kept receding
>> have to get $ 3k gum graft now
oh shit

what wouldve happened if youd not got the skin graft

were the doctors mean about it

>randomly mixing real life memories with dreams
>cant remember what anyone says no matter how important or trivial unless i write it on my note pad
>going on a mall to buy something, come back home emptyhanded wondering why i went out in the first place
>this just happened yesterday yet i completely forgot about it, if it werent for my note pad
Am I finally losing it boys
Is my end near?
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This has been me for a while. I've added in a benzo dependency/addiction, and my brain is absolutely fucked.

Everything feels like a dream, and I can barely remember any details or major events in the last few months. I'm not sure if X memory happened in reality or in a dream.
Some people i told my story did ask me if i use drugs. the weird thing is ive never even seen one, ive never smoked or drink my entire life too
Early onset dementia? I've done a few of those things not on drugs. Only the first two ever happens, the third thing feels pretty bad, especially if it's not just absent-minded-forgetfulness and it's you legitimately coming home and forgetting what you had been doing.

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>Just realized ive been refreshing /r9k/ for four hours and /a/ for 2 before that.
Just fucking kill me already.
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I do nothing but refresh 4chan all day every day. I want to die.
could have spent that time masturbating. time wasted desu.
Hey anon I was meaning to watch a movie so I won't spend the next 2 hours refreshing 4chan. I will watch only yesterday. Watch it too! Then you can pretend we're watching together. It's okay if you stop in the middle, I won't be mad. Bye.

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