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I hung out with my aunt for a few hours the day before last. We talked about a lot of deep subjects, as we always do, one of those being that in 1988 she cheated on her husband and had an affair for the better part of the year before breaking things off. She still feels guilty to this day.

Should I tell her husband? He doesn't know. On one hand, she's family. On the other, I make it a point to always alert the other party if I learn of infidelity.
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Blackmail her and make her let you stick it in her ass
What's the going to do besides destroy your aunt's trust in you and bring needless drama to their marriage?
I just think it would be fair for him to know the truth.

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Time to get out of bed, wagecuck. You're not breaking your pledge, are you?
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Ok i forgot about it fs
fuck you NEET :)
pls gibs the autismbux already
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Quiet, NEET. I haven't finished my coffee yet

I just want another anon to ejaculate in my dick. Just press the tip of your dick on mine with the entrance of our urethras aligned and fill my bladder with your cum please. If you could also kick me in the balls really hard after filling me with your superior cum it would be nice desu.
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I just want you to lose weight and move out of your mom's house
I'm 105lbs for 5'4" and live alone, what else?
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ok anon that sounds really good, where do u want 2 meet?

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Sorry wagie looks like Stacey still only wants buff Chads even if they don't make money.
Too bad you'll never get a awkward Neet gf because you are to busy at work to browse for them
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A NEET girlfriend is just a housewife.
I wanna fug that smug
this is one of the more stupid wage bait threads nice try mr autism neet loser

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>INTP is the second most compatible type
Is this some kind of sick joke?
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>matching with other INFPs
lel no, an INFPxINFP relationship is fucking depressing because all you do is wallow in feels and compete over whose feels are worse
Yeah I can pretty much be friends with anyone
Why are ExTJ ideal matches for INTP?
Extroverted people stress me out

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What the hell is wrong with me?
When I'm really turned on I can get off to the thought of my boyfriend having sex with someone else and forcing me to watch. And I just regret it right after cumming, how can I stop thinking about it? I don't want him to think a disgusting cuck.
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Don't worry, anon, wanting this is completely natural.
When you really think about it, cuckoldry is THE intellectual man's fetish.
Fuck off. I know it'll cause trouble because I'm not usually fine with someone cheating on me.
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How about not regretting it. You don't have to tell him anything about it. But you can't just stop thinking about something. The way to get over it is to embrace the thought in your head in all its depravity until it no longer bothers you. Also, you could find out how he feels about it by bringing it up subtly, as in, talking about somebody else.

how do you feel about benzos?
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phenibut > benzos
Took 20 .5 mg k-pins once and blacked out.
Cut off from my Valium recently, I'm fucking pissed

For all the small dicked losers like me, this should be the only way you masturbate.
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Fuck off with this faggotery.
no, anon. fuck ON
Sure. Are you gonna buy me all that shit tho

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>Be me 19
>In college
>All my friends are off last period
>Im on my own sitting next to 2 girls (one of them is a qt)
>We start talking about Tv shows
>We start talking about 13 reasons why
>I talk about what annoyed me the most about the series
>They start talking about what characters they found the most attractive
>They tell me they found clay kinda attractive (Idk why he looks average af) and that I kinda look like him
>They say I'm actually quite good looking
>They ask me If I think they're good looking
>Say I don't know because I'm gay (I'm not)
>They look shocked
>Next day they tell everyone I'm gay
>tfw everyone thinks I'm gay
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thanks for the laff OP. you fucked up. but try try again
pack up and move to mexico
just shrug it off and say you said it cause you wanted to let them down lightly cause they were ugly bitches

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Is PUBG the objective game of the year?
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Post this on /v/ I don't wanna see your gay video game shit
Markiplier tier trash. If you buy early access games you should be killed.
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v gets triggered because it's roughly 1000x more popular than whatever weebshits getting shilled 24/7. Literally one post is all it takes.

Who Chad here?
parameters to join:
>must have been called cute or handsome by at-least 4 women other than your mother of course
>Must have had strangers (female) start conversation with you
>must get looks from qt when you swagger down the street
>Must be '511''+
>must have some killer abs
>must rock a sweet cut
>must not give a shit
>must have a 7+ hard cock
>must have atleast 12 tinder matches
>must "want your space"
>must smell like pinewood and dirt
>must wear the hottest fasion
>must have some colones in your closet
>must be the talk of the town
>must swagger like your hot and you know it

If you do not meet the criteria there is no need to apply
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am i only chad if i tick ALL the boxes? cause i got the majority but i dont want to be chad
he has such dry skin

His hair looks like a bunch of poopsicles

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How come I can't feel emotions for other beings easily? Like when my dog dies it's sort of 'meh', a vague sadness, but there are more dogs in the sea. I'm not a psychopath and I don't like to see people or animals getting hurt but at the same time I feel more emotions watching a sad movie than I do for anything else.
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It's normal for most men, only cucks and utter betas would cry or feel sad over such worthless things. I felt more emotions when at some point I wasn't turned on by porn anymore.
Maybe you're a narcissist? The defining feature of narcissism is a lack of empathy.
I feel like a dog dying should trigger some pretty strong emotions though? Maybe.
No, I get anxious and when I'm wrong I apologise to people. Just never seem to be to get too invested in them.

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>tfw too shy to post art online
i can't even make friends online ;_;
do any artfags here know this feel
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Sounds like a rough life
Is that yours?
Meh i've seen better, but don't give up ok?
Smile and the force will alway be with you.
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>tfw stream my drawing every day for past week
>still get nervous when someone pops their head in

i have no idea how to go about it either

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Please stop asking for petty things.
We are not going to be friends
you use suicide to get attention. Wasted energy but it seems like you still have some
If you really wanted to kill yourself you would have done it already
Don't mention me either when you're humoring yourself on r9k. It's inconvenient for me
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also stop bothering people
just kill yourself
Have a happy and original birthday!
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p-please keep bullying me desu~

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anyone wanna make a fake skype profile and pretend o be a grill so i can show it to my brother so the claims im not 25 khv will hold water?

you can say things like "had a great time with you at the movies" or that "sunset was beautiful" so him and my stepdad leave me the fuck alone?
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i'll do it if you pay me. $25 per hour. i can get my sister in on it so its a real voice.
25$? kinda steep dontcha think?
I might be able to do that for you

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