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whats the first video on youtube that shows up when you type your birthdate

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good stuff

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[Spoiler]Comfy at Sundown
>Post photography, art, music and feels.
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It's much less comfy when I fuck up the spoiler.
will delete
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try to convince me that Darnassus isn't the comfiest WoW city
Knock knock. It's the United States.

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Your age and job
>Janitorial duties at a large McDonald's

Fucking kill me
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>guest services manager at a hotel
Shit feels good desu
>server at a restaurant
I have a degree god damn it.
>Sports masseuse

I get to help masculine guys relieve stress desu :3

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bigger bubbles 2.jpg
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Have you ever tired learning another language? How did it go?
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I learned English and Russian and I'm learning German
Trying to learn Japanese.
Obviously it's going pretty bad
learned english, worked out fine. learning japanese and its still to easy.

Warum wuerde man so etwas Dummes machen?

ITT: Images that always make you laugh.
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Mathis hang up the caaaaall
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I think these threads are fun, and hopefully someone lives near me who likes fishing. lease talk to me about fishing
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here is the template for anyone who wants to fill it out
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I'll keep bumping this thread until people start posting
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Time for another bump I guess

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Any other richfags here?

>23 years old
>Never had a job
>Living in nice apartment
>Rich parents pay for all my expenses and give me a monthly $3,000 allowance
>Spends all my time playing video games, watching anime and getting stoned
>Will never have to work a day in my life

feels good man
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Have fun on Pleasure Island, jackass
$3000 a month isn't much at all. Are your parents rich enough that their inheritance will cover you the rest of your life?
>3000 a month isn't much at all
LMAO. That's like a teacher's salary after taxes.

Is it also the same for guys? Pic related
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its true also for boys. but its obviously not 100%
accurate. im kind of afraid of getting that skin colour my dad has. its like honestly on all of his body and not because of sunburn like really really red. its fucking red. but like dark brownish red but read. and looking at pics where hes like 18 he doesnt have it but now.. just fucking red.
well there's lots of science to change that anon but i can't imagine how bad that red skin is going to be. do you have any pics?

>tfw dad was handsome chad as fuck up until 30
>became red faced tomato frogfaced man later in life

I mean, he wasn't the most attractive guy later in life but he was charismatic and charming as fuck so he could easily slay puss if he felt like it and wasn't 100% loyal to mom.

>tfw dad had a porn star dick and you end up with an average wangulous

It's not fair man, it just ain't fair.

Yesterday a cousin of mine asked me if he could stay at my place because he needed to get on an early flight and my house is much closer to the airport.

I said yes, as anyone would, but the thing is that yesterday night I was supposed to meet up with a friend, couldn't reschedule or anything. So I told my cousin that I was gonna be out, but that he could stay over and chill, so I gave him keys and went on my way.

Today I woke up in my room, really hungover, and my cousin had already left, which was to be expected.

I just turned on my pc monitor and I noticed there is an icon on my desktop that reads "recent places". I hadn't noticed, but it's basically an option beneath favorites when opening windows' file explorer. It's used to check the last places you visited on you computer.

I've googled it, and basically that icon appears commonly when people use that "recent places" tab. When you click on it, somehow, windows decides to make a shortcut on your desktop to make it easier next time. People don't really notice it until they see the shortcut, it's not intentional is what I'm trying to say.

So basically, from checking my web browsers history, I can only see like 4 webpages which are quite common, which doesn't seem to me like the online-activity of a guy when alone for an entire night in front of a computer.

In conclussion, I think my cousin used the recent places tab, accidentaly created a shortcut in my desktop and then erased the entire content of the recent places tab (As if I hadn't accessed any files in the past months, not knowing they were being registered in that tab)

There's nothing relevant in my PC, just the usual, porn and some pics I was sent by random girls from tinder in the past year or so. It's not that I'm worried about what he saw, I just feel betrayed I guess.

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Don't feed ducks bread, feed them oats instead.
Bread is has bad nutritional value and it swells up instead of them
Kick his fucking ass.

He violated your privacy, you violate his colon with your foot.
This is a lesson to be learned though OP, put a password on your shit. If you had some incriminating shit, you would be in a holding cell right now.
Seems like a pretty boring story.

There might be logs left somewhere, like on your router, showing what sites were visited when - which you could cross-reference with the time you think he was on your computer to see what he saw... but if there's nothing illegal what do you have to worry about?

I'm assuming your cousin is underaged like yourself? Kids are curious and violating other people's sense of privacy is something that comes easily, and it's hard for them to appreciate how violated someone could feel until it happens to them.

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>inb4 fembot
I am not a fembot, but I do see a lot of woman hate threads. I wanted to get a male hate thread going. I want to hear what you guys hate about your fellow man.
Fembots feel free to participate, but don't post dumb meme answers. Like "all men only want a stacey". It is obviously not true.
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I hate that men talk down to you once they learn you are a virgin. Not that I'm going around advertising it or anything.
First comment and the attention whores are already crawling out the woodwork
>second comment
>best comment

Father, I pray that you give these people strength and endurance, and your loving hand to guide them to the right path. Amen.
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How do you think Jesus was on a personal level? Super nice guy?
Original sin
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K, I'm sure he'll get right on that

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>tfw 5'5 dicklet
it hurts knowing i will never make a girl cum that hard she lose consciousness
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>tfw 4 inch thin diclet
im to afraid to show my erect penis to a girl
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Who cares about dick size when none of us is gonna use ours on a girl anyway?
If you want to make a woman cum then foreplay is the biggest factor. Big dicks don't really work by themselves.

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pic related is the most comfy cat you can ever have
>thick silk smooth fur
>bigger than your average dog
>they like being with you
>excellent rodent catchers
you have no excuse to not have one!
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>not a siberian
get out of here

they're the same except that a siberian is good with people who have allergies to cats/cat fur as well.
I will use your thread to tell to everyone THAT DUBS DECIDE MY FUTURE TRIPFAG NAME !
The average price is like one thousand quid mate fuck off I'd rather buy a Doggy, since they meet all those categories except rodent-hunting which is good because I'd rather not find a dead vole stuffed up me arse at 2 in the morning.

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Which internet browser do you use and why, /r9k/?
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Firedoggo Mozzarella
Google chromium
Mostly because its what NASA uses
Internet Explorer because I'm a LOOSER

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Goodbye anons
I hope you all get what you want in life
I hope that one day all your problems come to an end, unlike mine
I hope you live long enough to reach true happiness
I hope you all get qt gfs that are into whatever shit you are into
I hope the normies leave 4chan and r9k so you can have home again
And lastly, I hope you read this

In a few minutes ill be free and i have never felt so much better.
Im not streaming anything and im not posting confirmation, but all i want you to know is that even through all the shit you guys put me through i still love you unconditionally, forever and always.
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Where are you going that you can't open /r9k/?

Also, thanks! I love you too.
best of luck anon. i'll be joining you soon
Where are you guys going? I want to go too!

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