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>tfw a girl likes me
>tfw she's black
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Is she pretty?

Original comment
why are you posting this shit? fuck off u autist
Better run away. She will trick you into something and at worst you get black dick up the ass or a knife to your back. A literal knife.

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Be honest, what's your first impression of me /r9k/?

Pic is me
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You litterally just grabbed this off of b faggot.

"The single life is better."

t. repressive mindset
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ok well look, no it's fine because
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Single life? But what about that long dick anon
>never has had long anything
>single as fuck
>makes sad ironic post

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pobrane (4).jpg
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Who would win?

Chivalrious european knight
Or autistic chinese samurai
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some more knights.png
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Chivalrous European Knight, every single time, without fail.
europeans had armor made out of carbon steel, the weak shitty katana wouldn't even scratch europeans armor
>be chink
>cutting weapon won't do anything to armoured knight
>war pick goes through my bamboo armour like cheese

>saw a girl tie her hair up today
How the fuck do you even do that shit? All this braiding and tying and bullshit, how the fuck is it even possible?
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she probably got one of her friends to do it then they got drunk and had lesbian sex
it's cute how you call it 'tying'

original question blox

>tfw we are slowly becoming brainlets
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Just say "No" to depression and b ureself. Its as easy as that.
Wow I didn't know I just had to say 'no,' thanks Russia Today, I never thought of that. Must be because my brain shrunk so much!
>scientists prove
Where are those proofs?

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I haven't left my house since 2015. AMA.
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Post a pic of your room w/ time stamp i on't believe you
How do you do it anon? do you ever go in your back yard? look out the window?
Break the streak tonight. Live stream it!

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What are some fun things a NEET with no money can do?
I've played all the vidya and watched all the animu already. Now what?

>inb4 get a job
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conquer the internet
How do I do that?

hard to say

i'm thinking a lot of shitposting should do the job

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>mom said that i can get some inches
is she lying
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You continue to grow until you are 26. Don't worry.
You might as well start practicing your dick sucking skills now.
You'll prob hit 5'6, you can reach 5'7 (relatively normal, on the shorter end) with the right shoes.

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If you feel like killing yourself, don't.
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Y-you're not hitting on me are you, OP?
No, of course not. :)
But anon, everything I do doesn't matter if everything's going to end anyway. We are born to die, anon, what is given must be taken away.

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>be 23 virgin NEET for 6 years
>do nothing but anime, game and shitpost all day
>family goes on vacation to our background country
>it's a somewhat 3rd world country
>every single day I'm getting up at 6 am instead of 3 pm
>hasn't played a game or watched anime instead I'm doing physical activities
>despite all this I'm having fun and surrounded by tons of family and friends
>even lots of girls are trying to hook up with me
It's been 2 days since I came back and all I've done was nothing and didn't leave my house, I'm actually thinking of going to college and getting my first job I don't want to live the NEET life anymore it's horrible but then I realized I live in Canada and socializing with those people is like having cancer, I'm not sure if it's worth it now.
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What country it was?
From the Caribbean
Consider traveling, you could study in another country. Just realize that people are generally pretty bad.

I notice small changes in shit. Anyone notice the default font changes on Amazon.com and Twitter.com over the last couple of days?

I think it's Gotham font, or some variation. Sucks ass too.
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Twitter changed too, but now I think it's just a smaller size font, I'm not sure though.

original bumperinoo totino roll
no one notices? for real?

am I going crazy? : (

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>tfw no castellan bf
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>tfw castellan bf
>tfw castellan
>tfw no llama caste gf

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i just made 2 dozen hard-boiled eggs because nostalgia for easter and also i like them, i just ate 4 of them and could eat a lot more, but should i limit myself?
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Just keep eating as much as you want until you feel sick
I'd stop at 4. There's a very sudden regret point with hardboiled eggs and you do not want to cross it.
you have to eat all of them

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>Spying on your sister
>See this
Your reaction?
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Ask myself why there's a logo on the bottom right of my vision then consider that I've been watching too much porn and what I'm viewing may not actually be occurring, but is instead a wishful hallucination.
start masturbating. This is the only option unless you're a massive faggot.
Become visibly confused because I am Asian and my sister doesn't look like either of those men

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