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>just eat more bro
>just lift bro
why do normies think gaining weight is so easy? I eat all day and still don't gain a fucking pound. Lifting won't work unless you gain weight. I wouldn't be nearly as self hating if it wasn't for my skinniness
t. 5'10 130lbs
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Than go die in a ditch you useless cunt


You will regret it. If you want to look good, the single most important thing is to be lean. A lean, defined face and a skinny-ish body look better than bloated muscles and a similarly bloated face.
Being fat is way worse kid

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We must ruin Eggman's life
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>again with this guy

Why are robots infatuated with him?
how many fucking times are you little shits seriously going to try that?

speaking of eggman what happened to the blonde girl that use to ironically do the eye rolls and say she's trying to steal all your attention and get beta orbiters and then had that video about her breaking down in tears and crying about how she's not waifu material and just wants all the attention and beta orbiters?

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What's the point in getting a gf if she'll never look like pic related?
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Bullshit, you could kidnap someone that looks like them to the t if you were dedicated enough. Then dress them up and have Stockholm syndrome take over. Sounds like a solid plan for a robot desu
>Looks are the only important thing about a relationship
Looks matter. I've been told that by women several times because I'm ugly. Why lower my standards if I've already got no chance normally?

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>tfw been dicked 6 times by 4 different dude's in the past 2 years
Am I a slut (male)?
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how was it?

It was good except for one guy
No you're just a fudge packer my dude, get used to it.

What do fembots think about knotting?
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I'm almost 100% sure that's what they do they pretend not to be degenerats but we all know they are they do it in secret and try to get Chas later but chad doesn't fuck ugly ppl sorry ur it is low or that ur autistic
> But your just a failed Stacey and Stacey's can only fail at birth because all they need is to look average and not be mentally retarded life on easy mode
But you'll never be a real robot because you can just get a wage Vick to pay for all your stupid shit and accept your degeneracy
> I really hate you pls die
Ps I'm gonna be wage duck and I know you monsters take advantage of us most
Chad not Chas
had an ex who fucked my german shep. her idea, not mine. in fact i was against it at first

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Lost my virginity to a prostitute that looks like a thinner Mandy Muse smaller ass obviously
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how was it op? im interested in this too
I was in Australia. I told her that I was a virgin so she gave me more of a GFE. I never knew how much I liked being kissed or feeling/hearing someone's breath
do you regret it? my biggest fears is the regret

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>Yes anon, I'm sorry you do have anus cancer. Please go to the front desk to schedule a follow up where we will discuss your options. Wait... not so fast assclown where's my tip?

Wat do
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Your threads are pathetic
Of course it's a woman doctor asking for a tip. Damn roasties will never be satisfied until they take every man's cash
Fuck you, roastie whore. I'm going to Chaddoctor. At least he doesn't ask for tips.

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>I'm ready to settle down with you, anon..

What do?
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Lick it off and ask permission to stroke my small willy while she tells me about her upcoming date with Tyrone and Jamal
Lick the cum off of her titties while she jerks me off
Strange that neither of you pictured it as your own cum all over her chest.

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ITT: Black people feels

>tfwyn have sex with a white woman
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I know that feeling too senpai, and I'm not even black.
does anyone else have the need to pick cotton sometimes? i think my black Egyptian genes are acting up again
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>TFW loosing interest in women and increased interest in business,career, and personal development.

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so /r9k/ im posting this thread to get ur wisdom
so i have a friend that goes almost everyday to 9gag whats should i do ???
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>MLG nopes away
9gag is pretty funny what's the problem?
not care about the sites that your friends use and let him be.

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My oneitis is dating a guy that's 100 pounds overweight. Seriously, he's 270 pounds and she's tiny. I thought looks matter? I lift and that hasn't helped me at all.
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She's probably ontop riding his dick while stuffing food into his mouth as he pants and moans and squirts into her cunny.
that guy probably has a massive cock
>I thought looks matter

Yes, but not in the way people think. Just like not every man wants a bimbo, not every woman wants a 6'3 chad with abs

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>Two steaming hot pies for you! He hee! That'll be $25.99, thank you sir....hey wait a minute you forgot the tip, jerkoff!!!!

Wat do
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"Here's a tip; stop being a faggot!"
Tell him "hey you big smell boy, I'm not obligated to tip you so go SCRAM ya BIG DUMMY ASS!"
>grab pizzas
>open box
>shit on pizza
>grab a poopy pizza slice
>eat it and chew it
>wait till he leaves
>enjoy poopy pizza in peace

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>get rated 9/10
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This guy has really demonstrated to me the power of the mere exposure effect.

I used to hate Stanley threads. But then I just kept seeing his face again, and again, and again.

Now it's grown on me.

Conditioned response.
I just saw his face posted on /soc/ and he got almost all 6/10s or 6.5/10s.
Thanks for attention whoring for me, i enjoy the attention. I never got it in real life you know.

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>tfw only a 7" penis
>tfw 6'1" tall so it looks even smaller my body

Anyone else know this feel? I don't even know what to do about it, like from what I hear the reasons pornstars look like they have huge dicks is because they are all manlets and fuck women under 5ft tall, but I don't have that advantage.
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You're in the top 5% of men, stop complaining

Also pretty sure porn stars are around average height for American women (5'5")
you're fucked m8. just LDAR (lay down and rot)
>Only a 7 incher
Literally like the top 6% of men. You're going to be fine, stop being so insecure.

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Fembots, why don't you exchange sexual services for money?
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Do you have any idea how hard it is to sell your fucking body when you have crippling social anxiety

I can barely sell a big mac
Because that's pretty gross desu
But I am OP.
I give my orbiters some attention and some lewds in exchange for donations and gifts.

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