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>tfw you're completely removed from the human experience and cannot relate to a single person

Whom here has experienced this? Please share your experiences and maybe you can find a friend who is like you.
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>Never had a gf
>0 friends
>Have a job but too anxious to socialize with co-workers
>Too ankward to even make friends online
Reporting in.
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>0 friends
>unable to take things seriously
>developmentally delayed
>disconnected from birth culture
>literally a messenger of god
H-hi this is me >>39607398
Be friends?

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>just signed away my last friends

One step closer to finally being able to die in peace.
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>just signed away my last friends

what did he mean by this?
>Die in peace
You cant die in peace anon, it will be a shitty experience no matter what.
Either do it or dont, if you linger you might just go insane.
Are you retarded? Dying is peace. How is it shitty if you lose consciousness?

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>be 26 year old virgin
>got out of the military not too long ago
>going to college again
>be outgoing on the first day
>try to get to know people in my classes
>tons of girls on campus
>even see a few that smile in my general direction sometimes
>ive talked to some of the girls in my class
>but I can't relate to them at all.
>its akward and forced
>I wish I had died on my last deployment so I wouldn't have to deal with this shit
>have to start from scratch because my military training doesn't qualify me to do shit
>spend alot of time working out and smoking weed
>thought college was going to be awesome but I really just want to die
>no end in sight
>i honestly don't even know what to do with my life

I wish I was dead
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At least you did something great with your life. If you're strong enough to get through the military you're strong enough to get through people's bullshit.
Join a PMC bro fuck that college shit
You fell for the college meme, its only awesome if you're really outgoing and being conformist.

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>be me, catholic
>in an attempt to cure social anxiety, accept nihilism
>remain very religious
>live has no meaning other than being a passage into the afterlife
I'm not even sure you can call it nihilism at this point, maybe pseudo-nihilism?
>mum finds out because of a slip of the tongue
>she gets triggered, thinking I've turned away from God
>but I didn't tho
>tells me we've got an serious talk ahead of us

I just don't believe in the normie ways. There's no point for me to go out of my way to emulate one, it truly doesn't matter to me anymore. Still believe in God/afterlife/morality, though.
What do I do in this situation, /r9k/? Also, you're welcome to turn this into a blackpill thread, haven't seen any of those recently.
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Bump. This is a blackpill thread now, I'm desperate for replies.
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try to find what gives you pleasure in life instead of seeking a deeper meaning, takes some pointers from the mapo tofu priest.

alternatively stop using bargain bin normie tier nihilism and read some of Nietzsche's work (assuming you already have read other relevant philosophical works) and cure yourself of such incessant faggotry
This post is radiating honesty, it feels like. I'm going to need to look more deeply into philosophy, you're on point about me being shallow on that front. Keep in mind, I'm not trying to deny God, only to deny norms. I'm already pursuing what gives me happiness, and trying my hardest to not let other's judgment influence me.

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Hey, do you want to be my gf?
Hey if you wanna post your discord me and my trap gf will talk to you :3 (we're in an open relationship)
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Idk. I made all my friends in high school. Maybe do some GED classes? Or find a local call of duty team.

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>tfw i think im ready to kill myself
>tfw too lazy to go outside and find a high building without the door blocked
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it's only a temporary solution to your problems, and also the chances of exactly you being born is above billions. just don't do it., life is worth it.
It's not like you'll care once dead.
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>and also the chances of exactly you being born is above billions.

Do you got any viable proof or theory about that?

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Want to create a new language,r9k?
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No, but if you waant to challenge your autism, I'll give you a task that could make you internet famous:
base a language on pictures of anime girls. Specific girls could be roots, and their actions, positions, hair, could all be indicators of meaning, and the background could be an extra layer.
Remember not to just make it an English clone. I would recommend, using those features, going off of either an agglutinative style (like Hungarian), or a very high context style (like Chinese or Japanese).
You know,I might actually start to do this.
See you in several years.
Good luck, anon.
I will try to learn it, should you succeed.

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>best friend told me he has feelings for me
>not gay but still considering it
Would it be a bad idea to fill that void of loneliness?
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if he is cute, yes, if not, no.
you gotta be sexually attracted, or else it will go to the shitter soon
Just take into consideration that you could lose your best friend if it goes south. I would probably not but I've gotten numb to my loneliness
>>best friend told me he has feelings for me
>>not gay but still considering it
>Would it be a bad idea to fill that void of loneliness?
Dumb sissy anime boi.

>"Portion of chicken balls, right?"
>"Uhh yeah, heh"

I'm never going back there again. So what if I order the same thing all the time, the fuck business is it of yours you smirking fuck?
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>not understanding what being a regular implies
>800ad + 1217
>not enjoying the pork roast buttholes
I want to be treated like a customer, not their friend.

If you mean pork balls I tried them once and they're horrible

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I am bored and want some human interaction simulation
>ITT we post anything we want and see where thread goes.
I'll start: How are you today anon and what are you up to?
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Looking for a gf.
How about you Anon, wanna be my gf?
Still devastated from my bike being stolen last night
It's a downward spiral from here
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on september 11 ill meet my new class
i know absolutely no one and someone will have to sit near me
the anxiety's kickin' in

You can create 100kg of regular(not antimatter, composed of stable isotopes) matter. What would it be?
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A bunch of onaholes and lube.
Literally money. Are you fucking dense?
pretty much this. it would be enough to pay for all the lentils I can eat

well well well, look wot we got here, what say you be in the box?
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Probably batteries

Nop, issa mac
Nice, clean new lappytoppy

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what youtubers do you watch robots?
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Is this post stronger than those Chesterfields?
share your /stevememes/ lads
Lets get this out on the tray.


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What do you do when you're really sad?
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I try to stay distracted, I play some game or watch anime. Do you have series you like, anon ?

Sometimes when I'm too sad I write down my troubles on the computer, it helps to vent in some way.
Thanks for the advice, I guess I'll try to find something to watch then
Be my gf, then we can be sad together and maybe turn it into happiness.

I have a fetish for men crying. it's my only fetish. AMA
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You must be fun at Funerals
I also have this fetish, but I prefer it when the crying is caused by emotional pain/depression rather than physical
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Holy shit you boring faggot, fucking tell us something, anything, that could make the thread the least interesting. Fuck these placeholder threads.
0/10 would not sob.

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