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Who /unconcious troll/ here?

>Just shitpost randomly and say stupid shit that gets guaranteed (You's).
>Dont even think about it, I just do, I type bullshit so fast I sometimes surprise myself with it

I dont know why I do it really, it's just fun to say retarded shit on purpose or it entertains me or brings me joy somehow
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Hmmw ell i guess im the only one

I should maybe do less internet

>less internet

never post again in fact preferably kill yourself and go back to 9faggot or whatever fucking retarded site you came from. fuck off and die
But i've been here for years

dont bully me :(

why people can't mind their own buisness?

>be me
>take a walk outside at completely random times
>try to avoid people as possible
>neighbor tells my dad about my walk patterns

why can't people mind their own fucking business? i hate this fucking normie world
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>tfw can't wait for a smug qt patootie smug femboi to belittle me and screech BAZONGA as I burrow my nose in his tight boipucci

I'll be ready for the premiere
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Will they let me bring my Gaming PC into the afterlife?
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Yeah the other day I smoked DMT and I talked to the Gravity Guardians who decide where you go when you die and they said you can bring your rig with you.
You can bring 3 things only man idk

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>tfw always, always late
>no matter what, where or with who
>last one ready
>last one out the door
>last one to clock in
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It's been my dream to dj at a party or club. What exactly do they do?
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They act busy and like they are doing complicated shit.

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Is anyone else here self-dependent? As in, living on your own and earning your own money?
Do you have fears about running out of it? What would you do in such a situation? What's one supposed to do when that happens and you have no one for support? Is it difficult constantly trying to make ends meet or refraining from buying things you might want or need?

I have a fear of that because I have never earned my own money and now I might find myself in that situation.
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being self dependent, self reliant was one of the better choices I made. I'd rather live on my own terms than burden family, friends and society.

I don't fear running out of money, I don't fear missing the rent payments, it is difficult to make ends meet but only because i'm lazy and haven't tried to hustle in other ways on top of my boring wageslave nine to fiver.

Adopting and developing a sense of personal responsibility pays me dividends in ways that I could never understand when I was living the self loathing neet lifestyle.

to anyone out there looking for a shred of hope for the future, let me tell you that this is it. This is the glimmer of hope you were holding onto. I made it out of the molasses and I don't regret a single thing about it now that I'm here.

You're gonna have to trust me on that and just decide you want to become better than what you were yesterday. Or not, I'm not your dad.

I understand that it might make me feel good.
How does one learn to do all of that? Paying taxes, paying your utilities and other things seems complicated.

you don't learn all of it at once. Make a lot of mistakes, own them and don't blame anyone but yourself. I'd be lying if I said I executed a flawless plan to get here, it's been a constant road of failure, detours, pain and frustration, and it's still worth it.

I'd also like to dispel the illusion that it's anything worth fighting for, in the long term. At the end of the day you have to discover the terms at which you wish to live your life on.

The number one tip I can say is look for when you are spinning your tires in the mud... just perpetuating your frustration upon yourself. Then pick one thing that you want to do to change your life for the better. One thing that will make you more rounded as a human being. And try it out... if it clicks, it becomes part of your life, if it doesn't, you're okay, you didn't lose anything, but at least you didn't spend another day doing nothing here with us.

The majority of these fuckers are toxic, and they don't want to help themselves. Accept them for who they are, and distinguish yourself by acquiring hobbies through persistence... I try not to judge bots too harshly, I'm mostly projecting frustration towards my younger self... but since I was more or less the epitome of this culture for a while, and seeing how this board never really changes... it may touch a few nerves.

Life is really easy, the thoughts you obsess over about life are far from easy. If it has to be done, do it. Don't talk yourself out of it.

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Anyone out there who actually feels happy after attempting suicide

Laying in a hospital bed right now and I only have today with my phone before they take it away when they send me to some psych hospital in another town
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mans gotta live his life

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>Stacey rides cock carousel
>still somehow makes it out alive and well in the end

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You go to see the new Black Panther movie and this guy sits next to you.

What do
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I'm asking for it if I go to see Black Panther.

Black black black black numbuhh oohhnnnee
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Heyyy petaaahhh where u goin with that axe in your hand.
Im gunna kill my babyy!!!!
Peter Chad Steele

Had all the Staceys at his feet. He was depressive as fuck. Kept roiding. Died of heart attack.
My nigga tho so cringe but so dirty and awesome.never gave a fuck

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Hey Remo
its Aya
i just got naked for you
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Whole hymen or bust, roastie.

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>tfw no abusive gf to get in physical fights with
Anyone know this feel? It seems like it would be fun, every night would be like payperview
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I wouldn't want to get into physical fights light serious punching and kicking. But play fighting, slapping, wrestling, hair pulling, those things that add to the intensity of the sex you're about to have.

I wouldn't mind a more aggressive gf
>tfw you're that psychotic violent gf
why would you want this in your life?

Is Swans the most robot band?

>Antisocial as fuck
>Normie repellent
>Michael Gira is definitely a robot
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>Normie repellent


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How do I date girls from the comfort of my NEETcave?
Would you like to be my girlfriend?
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be handsome or atleas /fit/ neet
too much work actually why do you want a gf anyways man its too much work( or so i heard) im neet also but i don't want a gf.
I'm very bored and would like some company

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