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>tfw you sabotage your few chances of becoming friends with people you might actually get along with
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Care to elaborate, OP?
This is my face when I sabotage actual friendships with people I get along with
This is my face when cia says the new bogpill is a suppository

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Who /math/ here?
Reminder if you can identify with any of these statements, you're a fucking retarded normie who doesn't belong here.
>"I hate math."
>"Math's never been my strong suit..."
>"Ugh why the fuck is math even useful? Why are we even learning this shit?"
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post maths
start from the top
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Who else here majoring in Mathematics? And if a specific concentration, what kind?
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what kind of concentrations are there?

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>"I'll just do it tomorrow"
>*Doesn't do it tomorrow*
how long until you pay the piper, anon?
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Don't do it
Do something worthy of you going out
Vote for Trump before you go at least
Well taxes are most certainly due tomorrow, so tomorrow I will pay the piper.
kek anon I wasn't speaking in terms of suicide although I often think about it and looking back on my post I can see how that is what you thought.

I am the worst procrastinator on Earth, I promise. I will be late to my own funeral

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Does anybody else feel as though they are quite literally losing their mind?
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I don't know about losing my mind, but my mind has been going downhill ever since after high-school.
Ya, been having extreme anxiety over the week while trying to figure out what separates intrusive thoughts from regular ones.

now I'm only getting more powerful

Why are women so easy and predictable? I talk to this girl for about one day and it's already getting sexual. All it takes is a little bit of prodding and it comes out in buckets. Why are they so much filthier than men?
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>Why are they so much filthier than men?
In during "It's all they're good for."
The markets flooded with pussy, women need to up the ante to be able to get any dick. If you devalue pussy, not the woman, you make her more willing to obtain sexual value
Because women are vastly more sexual creatures with the ability to pick and choose their mates at a whim. The idea that men want sex more is false, men just come off that way because they actually have to work for it.

Because of that women have significantly more sexual experience.
Not true. The Market is flooded with dick, and women are able to pick the one they want most.

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>Jerked off to the thought of being Lusamine's shameful brown islander foot worshipping slave cuteboi assistant again

Fuck my life
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>tfw anon posts something that makes me want to jerk off again but I'm trying so hard to not do it
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Lusamine-sama's feet or my fantasy? Why don't you wanna touch yourself, anon?
>falling for the nofap meme

Retard. You should just gap bby

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I just lost my last 4 friends. Does this mean I'm one of you now?
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>last 4
How can you lose 4 people at once?
Where'd you lose them

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If Pajeet can do it, why can't you?
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That's a Thai women retard. They will literally fuck anything
>tfw not even thai girls want to fuck you
Race doesn't matter when picking up women most of the time, it's all about your mental state. Robots and most westernized Indians happen to be fucked mentally.

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Why did crop tops catch on again? Just today, my 19-year-old friend was wearing one of these. I'd never seen her dress like this before, but she would just stand there, talking to me like I'm not supposed to notice her tummy is showing. She was dressed so hot and slutty, I just wanted to grab her by her pretty brownish-red hair, and shove my dick into her mouth. She's got low self-esteem, she probably would like to be fucked rough like that. I happen to know she's a virgin, but why on earth would you dress like this?
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my theory is that over time women are wearing less and less clothes
at some point the curve will bottom out and it will be fashionable to wear clothes again
I worry that things may get worse before they get better
It's just comfortable you creep! Turn off the fucking air conditioner you sexist pigs!
I can't stand women wearing jeans up to and past their fucking belly buttons, stop that shit it looks fucking awful.

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What do I do if I get perma b&'d on a single board
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Use Your phone you dings
Go outside. You might as well burn up in the sun and turn to ash because you have no other purpose
Restart your router. Original lel

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Why is it so hard to find a guy who isn't a pervert these days? I'm a traditionalist and will be waiting until marriage like God intended but all these guys who act like they are so against slutiness turn out to be jacking off to weird porn all day and seem to be completely obsessed with sex. Why is it so hard to find a traditionalist guy who isn't a closet porn addict pervert?
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You're asking the right people, guys are perverts by nature, since women aren't slutty enough yet and men aren't open enough to date slutty women they get addicted to porn. If you want one who's not a pervert some guys have low libido from low testosterone, but that's not attractive.
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Flattened Pepe.jpg
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Because once you try it once you're addicted forever. I also just want a traditional life with no sex until marriage, but even I can't curb my porn addiction. I'm at least not obsessed with sex, but unfortunately I just can't seem to go without masturbation.
this, guys cant act out their sluttiness because we have to "respect" you while also being turned on by your own sluttiness, so the only option is to find an outlet with no hassle, hence porn. I would give porn up on day 1 if I could get away with a fraction of the sexual freedom women have, bitches motorboating each other and shit, yeah I'd have a real hard time looking at a screen if I was able to do shit like that freely.

tfw only 5 inch penis
what size do the rest of you anons have?
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Tfw six inches

Massively overstated issue imo.
>Massively overstated issue imo.
what? post pics
7x6. Still a virgin. Masturbating is nice, though.

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What is the point of posting on this board? Why not just use /b/?
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/b/ is not serious enough and is full of nasty images i would rather not look at.
not interested in porn or ylyl

r9k aint much better but lets face it, porn killed /b/
cause its original content


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>tfw everyone here is trying to get girlfriends
>tfw you just want a female friend to send lewd images to and play videogames games with

relationships are too boring desu
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>tfw want the same thing
>tfw will never get it
I do have that, but I also really wanna fuck her.
see, you even have competition here. is life as a male a meme or what

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Ask a former robot anything

Also, here's some generic advice to all current robots:
1) Cut all soy out of your diet, and reduce your exposure to BPAs are much as impossible; both of these affect your hormones, and your low testosterone is probably part of why you're a robot
2) Stop drinking soda: it's just liquid calories and sugar, with no nutritional value, and the cans are probably exposing you to BPAs. And yes, you are probably addicted to sugar, and when you quit, you will feel withdrawal cravings
3) Exercise. You've heard this before, and it's easier said than done, so I won't bother going into detail
4) Get on social media. Facebook and Tinder are your friends. Normies are frightened by people without Facebook. And Tinder offers free practice talking to girls. Only use profile pictures taken in soft outdoor lighting. If you can, get someone else to take photos of you. Men always look terrible in selfies
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Why am I on this board?
Continuing the unsolicited advice:

5) Try to consume the same entertainment as normies. This typically means whatever is trending on Netflix. In the current culture, people often define themselves by the entertainment they consume. By consuming separate entertainment, you are unknowingly making yourself apart from them. It's not a coincidence that losers like anime.

6) If you have money to spare, try therapy. Be prepared to go through multiple therapists though. For robots, it can be difficult to find a good fit. The majority of therapists are only good at treating vaguely dissatisfied housewives. The average therapist simply doesn't know where to begin when treating a reclusive virgin NEET shut-in. That said, there are some exceptional therapists out there who can do wonderful things.

7) This is highly subjective, but I recommend reading Stoic philosophy. Start with 'Letters from a Stoic' by Seneca. It is practical philosophy, meant to help the reader improve himself and better endure life's struggles.
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Party NEETs.jpg
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Fuck off normalfag. I'm here to give REAL ROBOT ADVICE

1. Be a NEET. It's comfy and life affirming. Wagecucks have to strain themselves with labor and socialization! total hell! be a NEET
2. Get NEETbux. Self-explanatory
3. Tell normalfags to fuck off r9k.
4. Ignore women. They will string you along until they find another Chad to fuck.

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