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I got no hymen, can I still get a diamond?
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What do you think

You can marry, but no diamond
No blood diamonds, hymen or not.

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Does /r9k/ have a discord?
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Several, in fact. But I don't have any links.
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Not specifically an /r9k/ discord, but since you're asking.


>higgus is not invited.
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Discord is full of faggots that need to eat a bullet sandwich. Having one or being in one is a great way to inflate an artificial ego that is backed by nothing.

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mfw i open this closet faggot infested board. Why are robots obsessed with traps??
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Because they are cute. It seems dumb to not fuck a guy off of principle, if a guy can be just as cute as a girl, why not? Though I doubt reality lives up to the fantasy, I'd rather fuck a THICC desu.
Robots are also obsessed with cocks such as this one
this place is filled with desperate and deprived men. long-term isolation can turn one prison gay.

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who do you vote originally for in the next election?
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Hillary Clinton. Hear that, datamining bots? Go get her to run again, it'll be funny!
The sad thing is that Kayne will probably win just because of his fanbase and chaos voters who think it'd be funny to vote for Kayne.

I mean that's basically why Trump won. (That and Hillary was an awful candidate), but if Kayne runs as a democrat and has someone competent run his campaign he might actually look like a better choice.
big clothes guy

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How do I stop thinking people are stalking me robots?
Everytime someone makes eye contact with me I think they are part of some shady organization of people who are being paid to gangstalk me to make sure I don't step out of line.

I've started to believe that all of us "outliers" (non-normies to use your lingo) are being stalked and all of our activities monitored to make sure we don't "step out of line".

>inb4 the "you're not that important" argument
they don't stalk one person at a time, all the agents know all of the targets in the area and keep an eye on all of us.

I'm not kidding, this is a real problem with me. Please I just want this fixed and none of the therapists take me seriously and I'm on the verge of blowing my brains out.

Help me
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watch Mr. Robot
This sounds like literal mental illness.
Paranoia like this doesn't sound healthy
I'd consult a professional desu (but sounds like you wouldn't trust one to begin with all things considered)
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>I think they are part of some shady organization
Who says they aren't? Trust no one.

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>watching cow gifs on leddit
>think they are cute
>suddenly rememer thousands of pages of vegan agenda pushed by everyone around me
>have hamburger for lunch
>dont feel like eating
>threw away the hamburger

did i fall for the meme lads? how do i recover?
redpill me on veganism
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Eat seafood if you can't stomach eating cute things.
>>watching cow gifs
just why?
you dont, stay vegan, its a better diet for anyone. the reason most people arent vegan is just because meat is delicious but overcame the first hurdle so good luck desu

i myself am not vegan

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Have you ever been bullied for being fat?
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yes, at school
but i stabbed the kid who did it after school, never got suspended because it was after school time and outside it, and my father made up a bullshit reason about me being mentally ill and such so no legal problems happened

>tfw became /fit/
I got bullied for being autistic. Also nobody really gives a crap about "fat shaming" unless its directed towards women
Yes I got bullied nearly every day in middle school for being fat. They nicknamed me Pillsbury Doughboy. Kids would like my belly and wouldn't stop until I said "woohoo!"

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>tfw you won't live long enough to see humanity conquer the galaxies and unveil the deepest secrets of the universe
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Humanity already has. It's called Christianity and Judaism. And you won't be able to ascend and be accepted into the "universe" unless humanity changes themselves. And learn to be civilized and moral and righteous like God wants us too. But when you women saying there is nothing wrong with getting a 12 year old girl a vibrator like in that other thread. humanity will never reach the galaxies. Actually, all the undesirable people will be forced beneath the Earth in hell where there is magma, fire and suffering while righteous people who are worthy will live on Earth and in heaven on other planets that God created green and beautiful because only he can make life. He will take away the law of death which works on this planet just like the law of gravity. He will take away the law of decay and death that is created through sin.
>iktf bro
Inb4 the greatest secret in the universe is there is no secret
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cosmic feels.png
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>tfw no brotherly feeling among humans in the great galactic society

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Just please, look at this fucking cunt and his video, fucking cancer
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Judging by your recommended videos, I would say you have no problem with cancer.
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He pays to make youtube advertise him. i don't watch cancer
>all of his videos are 10 minutes for that AD money

shaking my head truuuuuu 100
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shakin my head in dem tits
If you were really a robot the image on the right would be blank
and the left would be 2d

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I can't help but think of the turds here when it comes to this 'thing'

Some of you are going to end up like this in a few years, hahaha XD
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He's very cute tho
I could never be a rapist.
1. I don't want to be raped, so I won't rape anyone else.
2. Sounds like it takes a lot of energy
3. I can't nut unless the girl audibly wants to be defiled.
Literally looks like one of those japanese orcs from those elf rape doujins

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Why is it that when blacks do bad things, it's "black culture" but when whites do bad things, it's "white trash" or "redneck" culture? Why is it that gangsta rap is seen as the official music genre of the black race but country music that talks about pretty much the same things isn't the official music genre of the white race? Why do we like to act as if a lot of the negative aspects of black culture don't come from Scottish and Irish-American culture? Why do we watch tv, see negative portrayals of black people, and act as if black culture revolves completely around violence and drugs? Why don't we watch TV shows like "A Different World"? Why don't we watch movies like "House Party"? Why don't we listen to Chuck Berry and Bell Biv Devoe or Kendrick Lamar and early 2000s Kanye West and build our interpretation of black culture from that? Why do we insist on looking at Chief Keef and his gang of killers in the shit city of Chicago as the ambassadors of black culture? Why do we blame Detroit's downfall on blacks when the city has been failing for decades because of the outsourcing of factory jobs? Why don't we look at the affluent black communities in Atlanta and LA and South Dallas County? Why?
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because white people do not do hive mentality
What do you mean by this? Why do you think black people have a hive mentality?
>Why is it that gangsta rap is seen as the official music genre of the black race but country music that talks about pretty much the same things isn't the official music genre of the white race?

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>drop 80lbs
>go from 250lb to 170lb

>literally nothing in life changes
>still ugly
>still weak
>still KHV
>still fatigued constantly
>still socially retarded

>starting to gain weight again
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"Maybe you just need to find a job, son."
>drop 100lbs
>go from 300lbs to 200lbs
>everyone treats me better
>I feel better
Worked for me tbqh but too bad it can't fix my social akwardness
has anyone asked you to be their gf yet?

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If tumblr is a sjw echo chamber then what is /r9k/?
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A bunch of sad hikkes arguing about anything/everything and the bottom of the normie barrel who want to laugh at the only members of society weaker than them, who pretend they're fighting against the "injustices" of really mentally ill people so they don't have to recognize that they're scum.
Why do you ask?
The echo chamber of autism
Tumblr isn't really an echo chamber since it's generally unmoderated. It's just infested with SJW and progressive nuts like /r9k/ is infested with feelers.

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>tfw people always call you anorexic because you don't like to eat a lot
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>tfw you eat a shitload of food but people still call you anorexic because you're 6' and can't ever surpass 135 lbs
HAHA YOU'RE A JEW, is something i hear a lot
>"Do you ever eat?"

I'm not even that skinny 5'8" 147lbs

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